A Word From Matt P

Just a quick comment or two and some random thoughts from me…

Congrats to:

Nicole Lafser- Returning from a trip to California andnot gaining a pound and looking leaner every day.

Shannon Johnson- The fittest pregnant woman I’ve ever known!

Beth Pirtle- Has found her training stride.  The diet is documented and the weight continues to drop.

Leah Price- Had a great swim meet where she PR’d both events she swam.

Bridget Maroney- For someone who “couldn’t gain weight,” you are sure fooling me with those new guns. 🙂

Kimberly Renoud- One of my most determined clients. Literally drives herself into the ground EVERY SET.

Sarah Massey- Is dialed into her 8 week fitness goal and is sticking to a rigorous, competition- like diet.

Scott Gietl- Continues to amaze me with his athleticism and sheer strength.

Matt Estlund- Finishing 2nd at state in the 3200m run and 4th in the 1600.

There are a myriad of fitness goals and aspirations that drive the aforementioned clients.  The underlying common denominator is a commitment to prioritize their fitness goals.  Their success speaks for itself.

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