Angie Pirtle's Guide to a Fit Pregnancy

I am back blogging  and sharing the  journey of my second pregnancy.   Today is day 119 of my pregnancy which puts me at exactly 17 weeks.  I wanted to wait until I was far enough along before I started blogging and today is day  one. As like my first pregnancy  this also has been a great experience so far and I want to share.    There is never enough information out there on how to have the best healthy pregnancy possible.  To give a little history about myself my daughter Charley was born June 30, 2010 and I  had the best experience  from beginning to end.  I gained very little weight, had great energy, exercised the entire pregnancy, and worked up until the day I had her.   After I had Charley I thought I was going to be so motivated to get back to exercising  and loose the baby weight and that was completely opposite.   I struggled to find the time and energy to even do 20 min of cardio a day.  I only gained 22lbs with Charley so the weight I had to loose was very little but it was still hard work and keep in mind I am a personal trainer and have all the tools and knowledge at my fingertips.   By the time Charley was 8 months I was finally down to my goal weight of 126 and on a consistent strength training/cardio program.  This took me  8 months.  My advice to the moms out there that say they are just gonna take it easy and enjoy being pregnant and eat what they want and worry about  losing  the weight after the baby is born, good luck.

I was lucky to get my body back to where I wanted it before getting pregnant the second time.  I started this pregnancy out at 126lbs and as of today I have gained 5 lbs.  My goal is 20lbs.  I had a major appetite increase the first trimester and could not get enough calories.  The overly tired and constant hunger was a struggle but I made it through and it only lasted 12 weeks.  The one thing I did different this time is I did not change my exercise program.  My first pregnancy as like others I was very unsure and did not know what to expect and always had the fear of overdoing it and harming the baby.  I went into this pregnancy this time with a different outlook and wanted to continue everything I was doing and not make any modifications.  I love to run and when I got pregnant with Charley  I quit running for the first 12 weeks and started a walking program on the treadmill.   This time I did not do that.  I have continued my interval running just at a less speed while keeping my heart rate at 150.  I run 4-5x a week for 20 min and continue my core and strength training program 3x a week with no modifications.   I get about 3 runs a week outside so my body can stay acclimated to the heat.

I keep my calories around 1800 a day making sure I get plenty of protein  and eat every three hours to keep my blood sugars level.   My carbohydrates come mainly from fruits, vegetables, Ezekiel bread, and brown rice.  My protein comes   from chicken, fish and on occasion a lean red meat.  I use a protein powder supplement that is  free of sweeteners.  I have also added acupuncture with Dr. Marcy Cooper once a week.  This keeps my body in line and significantly helps my energy levels.

Just like my first pregnancy I feel great everyday and most of the time forget that I am pregnant.  I am very fortunate not to feel all the awful pregnancy symptoms that women go through but I know it’s all about my diet,  exercise and taking care of my body.  I will keep you posted weekly with how I am progressing with my diet and exercise followed by pictures.

17 Weeks Pregnant

17 Weeks Pregnant

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Angie Pirtle

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