Comfortable, Healthy, and Pregnant


Today is day 273 of being pregnant and just 1 week left.  Being pregnant for the the last 39 weeks has been a wonderful experience for me.  I have always had the fear of being pregnant because of all the horror stories that I have been told or read about as far as weight gain, sickness & nausia, food cravings, the lack of energy, discomfort and swelling. 

The list goes on  but these are the big ones that always stuck out to me because of my job and not knowing if I would be able to do both.   I have a very demanding job I am on my feet 8-10 hours a day, always engaged with clients (which can be mentally exhausting), and not to mention the strenuous activity that goes along with being a personal trainer.  When I found I was pregnant I made a decission to make the next 40 weeks as easy as possible on my body and not become a victim to pregnancy.  Guess what? I did it!  At 39 weeks I am still working my normal work-load, running our business and planning the move of our business for August  1.  I do sit a lot more while training during the day just trying to conserve energy and I took a break from working out about 4 weeks ago and now just keep a strict diet.  I  still get the amount of calories I need its just discipline with right kind of calories.  I find myself very busy during the day with training and working with the construction and the move of our knew facility so any extra time I have is spent getting a quick nap.  I worked really hard the first 7-8 months of the pregnancy with diet and exercise and now I feel I can pull back and just enjoy the last month.  As of 4 weeks ago I have only gained 20lbs and maintain that today.  My doctor told me I would not gain much weight the last 4 weeks and if I did  it would just be swelling or water weight.  So to counteract the swelling and water retention I drink about 150 oz of water a day.  Guess what drinking lots of water does help with water retention!  The swelling that I am suppose to be experiencing right now is very minimal and have not gained anymore weight the last 4 weeks. 

With all of this said I hope the actual laboring of this pregnancy is as smooth as the pregnancy.  Wish me luck and I will keep you posted.


Angie Pirlte

Emerge Fitness

Personal Training Saint Charles, MO

4 thoughts on “Comfortable, Healthy, and Pregnant

  1. Way to go Angie! You are glowing, and I cannot wait to meet this baby – he/she will be so loved 🙂 I think you are so right about eating, drinking nutritiously and exercising during pregnancy. I loved being pregnant like you because these things. I did a 5 mile run 4 days before Sam was born!!! Anyways, great job mama; you’re beautiful!

  2. Reading this just gave me chills! Angie Pirtle should be the “poster woman” for pregnancy. I’ve never seen a more beautiful pregnant woman and I’m so proud that you are showing your beautfil belly in which you and your husband are creating a life. Being a mother of two beautiful sons, you will see that this is the most rewarding experience that life will ever bring you.

  3. You look simply stunning…..

    As someone who took advantage of all of your advice AFTER my first pregnancy and DURING my second, I can testify to the power of taking care of yourself during the process. I gained 36 pounds while pregnant with Delaney (without working with you) and only 18 with Cooper (while working with you)

    You kept me on track and CLEARLY you are practicing what you preach.

    I am so truly thrilled for you – can’t wait to see that baby bear.

    And congrats on the move too!


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