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The overriding Emerge training philosophy revolves around functional i.e. “use-able” training.  From multi-planar movements to core oriented exercises, Emerge Fitness prides itself on training with a smart, scientifically driven approach to bettering the human body and it’s movement.

The Barbell Deadlift

The Barbell Deadlift

There is a place, however, for feats of strength at Emerge.  Well coordinated, perfectly formed feats of power.

This is a list, hopefully ever-changing, of record lifts performed by Emerge clients.  These 1RM’s (one rep maximum) lifts have been carefully monitored, with clients progressing slowly to avoid injury and to avoid developing faulty movement patterns by recruiting the wrong sequence of muscle when performing these lifts.

AKA, they are done, and done CORRECTLY.

The Bench Press

The Bench Press

With that said, the four lifts of note are:

Barbell Deadlift- Female– Kimberly Renoud- 200lbs.  Male

Barbell Chest PressFemale–                                                  Male– Scott Gietl- 315lbs.

Barbell Squat-  Female– Nicole Lafser- 240lbs.                Male

Pull-up (this is for bodyweight repetitions) Female–       Male

We have officially begun documenting these lifts this week, so only one record high has yet been established, Kimberly Renoud’s (trainer Kim) very impressive 200 lb. barbell deadlift.

We will update this record board whenever it is appropriate.

Remember, lift correctly and have a spotter whenever attempting a 1RM!

Have fun.

Emerge Fitness Training Staff

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