Emerge Welcomes New Trainer Julie Hamilton

Julie came to Emerge from Lifetime Fitness in Chesterfield.   Julie has a an extensive resume with lots of experience and education in the field.  The Emerge staff is excited for her to join our team of trainers.

Julie Hamilton

Julie Hamilton









 B.S. in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from the University of Missouri-Columbia

Strength and Conditioning Coach for all University of Missouri-Columbia Athletes, 2007

Strength and Conditioning Coach for UMSL- Men’s Golf, 2011-2012

NASM CES Certified Personal Trainer

ACE certified personal trainer

CPR and AED certified

Kettle Bell America- Kettle Bell Certified

BOSU certified

Core Fundamentals Academy- Power Plate Certified

Pre/Post Natal certified

6 years experience personal training

Gymnast for 11 years and Swimmer for 6 years

Ran Chicago Marathon in 2008 and have run several Half Marathons, 2006-2008

3rd Place NPC, Missouri State Bodybuilding- Figure Class- B, July 2011

Training for October 1st, 2011 Gateway Naturals Figure Competition

 I live, eat and breathe nutrition and fitness. It fascinates me to see how different ways of training affect the body to produce such different results. I have trained for competitive swimming, gymnastics, marathons, weight loss, gaining muscle and most recently for figure competitions. I enjoy researching and experimenting with different avenues of training to see what it takes mentally and physically to reach those goals.

 My career in the fitness industry started at the Boxing Gym in 2005, the instructor did not show up for class and being that I went 5 times a week the owner asked if I would step in and teach the class. I did and I absolutely loved it! I began teaching a few of my own classes there and decided to go to the University of Missouri-Columbia for my Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. My first semester at Mizzou, I got my ACE certification and became a personal trainer at the Recreation Center. In 2007, I started strength and conditioning coaching for all the athletes at Mizzou. I can not begin to explain how much I learned from both aspects of training whether it was coaching a team through workouts or working with an individual to reach their goals. I also taught 3 semesters of an in house ACE certification course for students that wanted to become personal trainers at our Rec center. Upon graduation, I moved to Dallas, Texas where I helped open an Equinox. I was the highest level trainer, allowing me to work with special populations and number 1 trainer at the gym for production. There I continued my education and became pre and post-natal, power-plate and kettle bell certified as well as completed their extensive in house EFTI training. After almost 3 years of being in Dallas I moved back to St. Louis to be close to family and worked for Lifetime Fitness for a year where I completed my NASM corrective exercise specialist certification. A friend of mine introduced me to Matt and Angie Pirtle, owners of Emerge Fitness. It could not have been at a better time, I was fed up with the “corporate” gyms only caring about how much revenue I was bringing in and not on my clients and if they were happy and reaching their goals. I am so glad to be at Emerge and be in an atmosphere where the trainers are all here for the right reasons- to do whatever it takes to see their clients succeed! Whether your goals are to improve athletic performance or just being able to function and have energy for everyday life, I am here to motivate, guide and implement a program to reach those goals.

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