Fat Leaving the Body is Painful!

So, this past week I happened to catch the show “Losing it with Jillian Michaels”.  As I watched her work with one of the families, I found myself asking a question…  Why do people have to cry before they lose weight?  I noticed the correlation of the breakdown of the clients, followed by the beginning stages of weight loss.  I actually texted this question to a friend of mine as the question occurred to me; her answer, “Because fat leaving the body is painful!”  LOL!  So true!  That isn’t the complete answer, however.  Personally, I find that an extra pound represents a period of time where I wasn’t performing at my best.  It could be for a number of reasons; I could’ve been overloaded with homework, I may have gotten sick, probably performed at less than 75% on one or more workouts, let a few extra calories past my lips, or I didn’t plan well.  No matter the reason, it takes a bunch of those reasons added up to equal a pound.  To me, that just lets me know that I am not setting aside enough “me” time.  The extra time it takes to plan my meals for the week…that’s “me” time.  The time I spend working out…that’s “me” time.  The time I spend on rest, rejuvenation, and recreation…that’s “me” time.  It is so important to schedule that time.  If not, I find that I am led by external circumstances.  Personally, I like being the one in control of my day! 🙂

In the end, I realized that the crying was a result of facing the summation of these little instances.  Before, they might have been a tiny indiscretion here and there or a stressful period of time, but added up, they equaled a mountain that seemed impossible to overcome, so instead they succumbed; being faced with the reality of it feels overwhelming.  The ability to work past that takes courage and resolve.  At the very moment that the reality and resolve collide, came the clarity and the emotional out pouring. 

So here’s my resolve…I am going to start my day off the right way every morning.  Lately, I have been getting my first workout in around noon.  I found that I perform better throughout the day if I workout first thing in the morning.  This week, I am going to run for 30 minutes every morning to start my habit of morning workouts again.  I will also continue with the Insanity workout, after work, four days a week.  And, I will always train with Matt twice a week…that’s a given! 

Unfortunately, the Crossfit group that I meet with three times a week has been cancelled until further notice.  The instructors had a personal tragedy.  Please pray for them…

Well, here I go!  Off to conquer another week!…

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