Inside Emerge: Meet Adam!

*Name: Adam Kulp
*Job Position: Personal Trainer
*Hometown: Lake St. Louis, MO
*How Long Have You Worked at Emerge: 6 years
*Favorite Exercise: Walking lunges
*Least Favorite Exercise: Chin ups
*Biggest Gym Pet Peeve: Weights left on barbells
*Best Part About Working at Emerge: The people-both clients and staff
*Most Memorable Thing That Happened at Emerge: When the balloon lady that worked below the original Emerge location came up yelling obscenities about the gym making too much noise.
*Favorite Healthy Meal: Chicken Fajita salad- See me for details.
*Something Random About Me: A couple of years ago, my wife and I spend 3 weeks living out of backpacks traveling through Europe


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