Inside Emerge: Meet Keelin!

Inside Emerge: Meet Keelin!
*Name: Keelin Baine-Russell (pronounced Kay-lin)
*Job Position: Personal Trainer, Coach
*Hometown: Lake St. Louis, MO
*How Long Have You Worked at Emerge: November, 2014
*Favorite Exercise: Sprinting
*Least Favorite Exercise: Anything Bicep
*Biggest Gym Pet Peeve: Not wearing the proper shoes. Running in Converse 🙁
*Best Part About Working at Emerge: Always learning and having fun
*Most Memorable Thing That Happened at Emerge: How fast everyone welcomed me into the Emerge family.
*Favorite Healthy Meal: Chicken Fajitas
*Something Random About Me: I’m in the Guinness Book of World Records for being part of the largest group of people dressed as “Where’s Waldo” in one place. Dublin, 2011!


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