Nothing Tastes Better Than Success Feels!

I made it through another week…just barely!  Whew!
The lesson for this week:  Even if you avoid girl scouts and don’t buy their cookies…they’ll find you!  Ever seen Children of the Corn?…Yeah, they’re like that, only cuter.  None the less…they’re evil!  Just kidding lil ladies:) but not really…
I’m doing good so far.  Holdin’ my ground!…except for a tiny indiscretion involving chicken.  Who knew friendly little feathered people could be so delightful when fried?…Surprises me every time!  Matt forgave me…again.  However, he’s creating an alliance at my job…more like a gestapo! LOL!  In other words, I’ll be tackled and handcuffed to a treadmill, at my job’s fitness facility, if I’m caught in the act again!  It’s gonna be weird eating in a bathroom stall…
Seriously though, Matt’s a miracle worker!  I tell him my goal, he puts together the perfect program, and bing bang boom…I’m in a bikini!  The thing I like most is that I can really trust him.  I can be honest with him about my diet and he will find a way to work with me and help me maximize my time outside of training.  He doesn’t make me feel guilty or shame me, instead, he finds a way for me to overcome.  He motivates me and reminds me that Nothing Tastes Better Than Success Feels!…Then he kicks my butt on the workout floor; reminding me why I should fear girl scouts!  Side note: There have been ALOT of girl scout cookies at work!  I haven’t had one…I promise!  However, I am going to need a new keyboard for my computer, as I have drooled excessively on it and damaged the circuit…What!…like you’ve never done that?!…
Still on track…always excited about the road ahead…and thankful for the support along the way:)
A special thanks to Matt for always being my biggest cheerleader!  As he says: It’s All For The Cause!
Video excerpt of session (CLICK):  Emerge (Maria/trained by Matt) 03/12/10

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