9 years and counting

Happy 9th anniversary to Emerge Fitness Training!

Thank you to all of our clients, present and past!

And thank you to the stellar staff that has made Emerge what it is today!

It’s been an amazing, beautiful 9 years. We look forward to serving you for the next 50 years to come.

It’s your turn. Emerge.

Al is hitting goals

Another awesome success story! Al texted me right before Memorial Day stating he wanted to try and accomplish the bench press, dead lift, and squat and reach 1,200lbs on all three lifts combined. I was up for the challenge and told him we would test after the holiday weekend. Well to both our surprises he tested on all three lifts that following week and sure enough hit 1,200lbs!! I stated to him “well, looks like we have a new goal”. We have only had 3 short weeks to work on his lifts to shoot for 1,300lbs minimum working off percentages each week due to him leaving for vacation. Therefore it’s easily stated he had his work cut out for him. What’s amazing is we tested this week starting with the squat, which we both believed to be the most impressive. We worked off a projected max of 450lbs on his squat, after he accomplished 400lbs on his test day! Not only did Al improve, he crushed it by hitting 520lbs on his squat!!! With the other two lifts we were able to reach 1,360lbs. Can’t tell you enough how much this pumps me up as his trainer/coach! Very proud of you my man!
Tyler M.

Different Thoughts on a Close Finish

“The great barrier is the mental hurdle.”
– Roger Bannister, first to run a sub 4 minute mile.

According to a South African scientist, if you don’t win, you’ve simply decided to lose.

Some interesting, but largely unproven, research by Tim Noakes basically says that fatigue is “governed” by the brain. It is nothing more than an emotion. An ILLUSION constructed by your mind.

Basically, fatigue and weakness are mindsets, and they can be overcome by deciding that these things do not exist.

Noakes says that,

“My unproven hypothesis is it is that in the case of a close finish, physiology does not determine who wins. Rather somewhere in the final section of the race, the brains of the second, and lower placed finishers accept their respective finishing positions and no longer choose to challenge for a higher finish.
According to this model, the winning athlete is the one whose illusionary symptoms interfere the least with the actual performance.

The winner is the athlete for whom defeat is the LEAST ACCEPTABLE rationalization.”

What do you think?

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Mike Is Ready To Rock And Roll

Want to give a special shout out to my client Mike! Mike is easily one of the hardest working people I have met and have the privilege of training. Every time we train I ask him how he feels and he is always feeling great and smiling; ready to rock and roll for our workout. When I ask him if he feels if he could add weight to a particular exercise, his response is always the same, “if you think I can do it I will do it!” Not only has Mike completely changed his lifestyle but I have had the honor of having his little girl on a couple Saturdays train with us, and from what I see she is a future personal trainer! She always pushes her dad to do more! It’s amazing seeing him turn to fitness and how it has reflected into his family! Even though there are obstacles in our way or things that may want to hold you back Mike has kept pushing and he is winning! He has dropped 30lbs and most impressive an overall 10% decrease in body fat percentage! WOW! Truly amazing! He never says no, and he always strives to accomplish more. I feel that the picture of him pulling and pushing the sleds indicate how hard he has worked to achieve his success! Honored to be called your trainer!
Tyler M.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame, but Leave the Calories at the Stadium

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in August, 2010 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.


If the song Take Me Out to the Ballgame was written today, it may sound like:

“Take me out to the ball game,

Take me out with the crowd.

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jack… and a hot dog, and loaded nachos, and a pretzel, and a beer, and ice cream”



Finger Licking Ballpark Foods: The Dieter’s Nightmare

Busch Stadium may truly be a dieter’s nightmare in disguise. You can have the intention of going to the game and sticking to your diet, getting nothing but a bottle of water, but we all know that this kind of willpower is rare.

Before the game, ballpark food may not even sound that appealing.

But suddenly, it happens:

You are overcome with uncontrollable cravings for greasy ballpark food… Something draws you to the concession stand, despite knowing that this choice is going to throw your diet out the window for the day.

You’re in line looking at your best “healthy” option, justifying what you’re going to order. The next thing you know, you’re walking away with the loaded nachos and a beer (at least you sprung for low cal).


The Ugly Truth: The Reality of How Quickly Those Ballpark Calories Can Add Up

So, my plan is to prepare (or guilt) you into what not to eat at the stadium. Below are the cold hard facts, the nutritional facts on your favorite baseball stadium foods.  I’m not going to say “eat this, not that”, because frankly, you’re adults, you can choose what you want. HOWEVER, don’t come crying to us when all of a sudden your jeans are a little tighter (and don’t blame it on the dryer, it didn’t shrink them).


Hot Dog (6.4 oz)

Calories: 464

Total Fat: 21g

Sat. Fat: 7g

Cholesterol: 45mg

Total Carbs: 50

Dietary Fiber: 2g

Sugar: 7g

Protein: 16g


Small Popcorn (9 cups)

Calories: 573

Total Fat: 35g

Carbs: 56g

Protein: 8.6g


Large Popcorn (15 cups)

Calories: 951

Total Fat: 58g

Total Carbs: 93g

Protein: 14.3g


Soft Pretzel (5.5 oz, no cheese)

Calories: 488

Total Fat: 3.4g

Sat. Fat: 1g

Sodium: 557mg

Carbs: 101g

Dietary Fiber: 5.5g

Sugar: 30.2g

Protein: 12.4g


Cheeseburger: (8.3 oz) (not the Angus burgers from Hardee’s)

Calories: 450

Total Fat: 23g

Sat. Fat: 7g

Cholesterol: 40mg

Sodium: 1250mg

Total Carbs: 33g

Dietary Fiber: 2g

Sugar: 7g

Protein: 23g


Nachos (40 chips, 4oz cheese)

Calories: 1101

Total Fat: 59g

Sat. Fat: 18.5g

Cholesterol: 58mg

Sodium: 1580mg

Total Carbs: 131.5

Dietary Fiber: 7.5g

Sugars 1g

Protein: 23.6


Peanuts with shell (4 cups)

Calories: 1280

Total Fat: 96g

Sat. Fat: 16g

Sodium: 1680mg

Total Carbs: 56g

Dietary Fiber: 24g

Sugar: 7g

Protein 7g


How Can You Avoid the Dieter’s Disaster at the Ballpark?

My best advice to avoid this disaster, is to come to the ballgame prepared:

Bring your own healthy food and drinks in a soft back cooler. It will be easier to combat those cravings if you aren’t starving. Plus, you’ll save a lot of money this way.


*Nutritional information from www.calorieking.com

**The nutritional information is based on the average ballpark food and isn’t necessarily an exact reflection of the food at Busch Stadium


~ Kimberly, Emerge Fitness


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After 6 weeks

At 6.5 weeks out of major hip surgery, we’ve found a new use for Jen’s crutch.

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Meet Carin

She tries every task at hand with a smile! Suffering from pretty severe arthritis in pretty much in every joint, she is able to move with less pain and stiffness because of her workouts!

As always, keep it up Carin!


Why are you box jumping, exactly?

If you’re jumping on tall boxes to be better at jumping on tall boxes, keep doing what you’re doing and enjoy being a skin donor from time to time.

If you’re jumping on boxes to improve athletic performance, you should follow these simple tips.

1) What matters most is the movement of the center of mass, not the height of the box. All you’ll need is a few 18, 24, and MAYBE 30 inch boxes.

2) The rule is simple. Jimmy Radcliffe said it best; “jump and land from the same position”. This means that take off and landing should look identical. If you jump from a ½ squat, land in a half squat.

3) If you’re jumping to a very high box, all you’re really doing is testing how fast you can lift your feet up (hip flexion). The point of a box jump is to test explosive hip extension. Your knees should be only SLIGHTLY bent upon landing.

Know what you’re actually accomplishing when jumping to a box.

Easy as that.

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Emerge Athletes Raising the Bar

A huge round of applause to Emerge athletes Rachel Beaudoin, Aimee Freiner, and Mary Freiner for proving how hard work in the offseason leads to championship level results!

All three girls trained with me in the off and preseasons to make sure their senior year of track was their best and all of them represented Christian High School this weekend at the Missouri State Track and Field Championships.

Rachel earned All-State honors in the 100m, 4x100m relay, and the 4x400m relay. Mary and Aimee were also part of the 4x100m relay and Mary joined Rachel in the 4×400.

In addition to their All-State honors, the girls finished their final high school season with many school records: Rachel with the indoor 55 and 60m, and the outdoor 100m and 200m, Aimee with the 300m hurdles, all three on the 4x100m relay team, and Rachel and Mary on the 4×400!

I am beyond proud of the level of dedication each of these girls had to improving themselves and contributing to their team and it was an honor to watch them at State!

USATF-1, USAW-1, Head Cross Country and Track and Field coach, Speed and Agility Specialist


Elmer Is Just Getting Started

I want to give a shout out to one of my clients Elmer. Elmer’s hard work and dedication has given him not only results on the scale and body fat percentage but also his strength and overall energy levels through his day to day routine! Elmer has dropped 13lbs in just 6 weeks! In addition to his weight loss he has also dropped 4% body fat! Numbers are great to see change, but the major change I see in him is his ability to continue to improve each workout! Nice work Elmer!

Tyler M.