What does Fitness look like?

So many people have their opinions of how you should look because you workout. We are constantly shown by the media what is considered healthy.

I’m here to tell you exactly what fitness looks like. It looks like a soccer mom, a grandma, an athlete chasing after their dream, someone who still has 100 lbs to go but has already lost 50, the person using the gym to help their mind become healthy, a dad, a quilter, a chemist, a computer guru, a nurse…..

Fitness and health have so many different shapes, sizes, genders, body types, careers, and ages.
THE BEST PART?!?! YOU fit in. You are a part of something awesome, no matter what your journey is!

Moral of the story: never judge a person who is trying to better themselves! You are all awesome! And I’m so proud!

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Hiring a Fitness Professional?

Considering hiring a fitness professional to assist you in achieving your goals?

I have been in the fitness training business for 15 years both as a trainer and as a training manager. Ive found that the most successful trainers have some things in common.

When searching for a trainer, be sure to consider these things.

1) Does the person LOVE fitness? Is fitness their career choice, not just a “for now” job.

2) Does the trainer live the brand? They don’t have to be a professional runner or Mr. Olympia, but if you’re hiring a professional mentor, fitness should be a huge part of their own lifestyle.

3) Does the trainer map out a plan for you and explain the “why” for that plan? Every good plan (and exercise selection, really) should have a solid “why”. Otherwise it’s just arbitrary movement that will only burn a few calories at best.

4) Is your trainer on time and accountable to your scheduled time with them? A trainer must be INVESTED in your goal, and a true professional is reliable and dependable.

5) Is the trainer well-rounded? Most trainers will have specialities, but every trainer should be well educated in basic nutrition, program design for a variety of goals, and exercise modifications for a diverse clientele.

6) Does your trainer get excited for you and put energy into your session? Enthusiastic service shows the trainer is pumped for you and your progress.

This is not an exhaustive list, but as a trainer and a person who his hired and developed some of the best, I have seen these things in common in the most successful fitness pros.

I hope this list helps when searching for and choosing a trainer.


Matt Pirtle MA CSCS
Emerge Fitness Training


Shout out to Robert!!

I wanted to give some much needed recognition to my client Robert C. Robert came to me several months ago looking for someone to help him continue and progress his already very successful weight loss journey. The first day Robert and I met he looked me in the eyes and said there were two goals that he wanted to accomplish. One was that he wanted to be able to dance with his wife again. The second was to be able to play golf again. He wanted to accomplish both of these and get rid of the pain and discomfort that his body was experiencing. I told him as long as he listened to exactly what I told him that he would be able to walk out of this place and do anything that he wanted. As he continued to lose more weight you could definitely see the excitement with the way he composed himself and walked. Robert began to get leaner, quicker, faster, stronger, toner. His balance improved, mobility improved, stability improved. When he finally came back in the gym one day and told me he was moving all over the dance floor and that he felt great playing golf, I knew that I had done my job and he had done his job as well. To date Robert is now down 150 pounds. Robert you have been an absolutely phenomenal student of the gym and I have much respect for your accomplishments. You have been so much fun to train and I can’t wait to see what your future has in store for you and your wife. You inspire me and many others. Great job!

-Taylor D. CPT, CES, PES

Congratulations Kasey!!

Meet Kasey, she has been training with me for a little under 2 years and last spring she came in with wonderful news that they were expecting baby #2!!
We continued her program with a shift in focus, get as strong as we can to make delivery as easy as possible. She stayed with it until 3 weeks before her due date, and I can assure you she was glad she did!

Labor was a breeze (well as much as it can be). From the first contraction to meeting little Leighton it was just under 3 hours!!! The crazy part? Due to how strong she stayed,Kasey only had to do 2 rounds of pushing that lasted only 4 1/2 minutes!!!

Kasey looks better than ever and we are back at it, gaining strength and endurance to be able to chase these 2 little ones around and to help keep all of us protected as a police officer!

Amazing job Kasey! I’m more than impressed with you, and cannot wait to see where we can go from here!! Congrats again!


15 minutes a Day

People who exercise as little as 15 minutes a day have a 14 percent lower mortality risk than people who don’t exercise at all.

That statistic covers all causes of death, which translates at age 30 to a three-year increase in life expectancy. When it comes to cancer, those who work out 15 minutes daily are 10 percent less likely to die of it than those who don’t exercise at all.

Every additional 15 minutes of daily exercise reduces the all-cause mortality risk by another 4 percent and the cancer mortality risk by another 1 percent.

C. P. Wen et al., “Minimum Amount of Physical Activity for Reduced Mortality and Extended Life Expectancy.” The Lancet, 2011, doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(11)60749

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One Step at a Time

Sometimes, you celebrate walking 4 feet.

Especially if you do it less than a month after major hip surgery.

Lindsay is on her way to lunging across the turf, check back VERY soon.

Emerge (and their clients) do some pretty amazing strength and reconditioning on a variety of injuries.

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Keep Going Sarah!

I want to give a shout out to one of my clients, Sarah Riley. We have been training for over a year and a half, during that time she has dropped 65 lbs and countless inches, but not only has she gotten smaller physically, she has also become so much stronger mentally. Starting off she was afraid to get out of the pool for aqua and now we are powerlifting. She has since been promoted and is just all around a stronger person. She has thanked me many times for her success, but every time I remind her it’s not me it’s HER.

I tell her all the time all I am is the road map that tells her how to get where she is going on her journey, but she’s the one driving the car. There may be detours on the way and sometimes you may get lost, but all you have to do is look at the map and it will steer you back in the right direction.

Sarah I’m proud of everything you have accomplished, and I know with your NO LIMITS outlook you can do anything you set you mind too. -James

It’s your turn.


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Thinking of making a change to a healthier lifestyle?

The task can seem daunting at first, and it’s tough to know where to begin. Some become paralyzed with indecision about where to start.

Maybe you need to severely overhaul your nutrition, and you haven’t strength trained in 5 years, but you HAVE been good about taking walks every night.

This is the time to focus on what IS working, and figure out how you can do MORE of it.

Make your ten minute walks 15 minutes.

If your nutrition hasn’t been perfect but you’ve found time (and maybe even enjoyed) short cardio sessions, be determined to do that without fail.

Focus on a BRIGHT spot.

Make it a habit.

Then focus on ONE more bright spot.

It’s the first step in effecting a long term change.

Matt Pirtle MA CSCS

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Meet Shelli!

These pictures are just over a year apart. When Shelli came in she was the classic case of the more time I workout the smaller I will get. Suffering from RA she was waking up every morning in pain. We immediately pulled her back and taught her how to maximize her time in the gym so she would not only shrink and get stronger but also she has more time to spend with her 2 sweet kids and to spend on her wedding planner business! Mornings are getting easier, and while the RA is not gone it is more manageable!
I’m so proud of you and all that you have accomplished!! Great work!


Drew and Carter Mize prepare for the baseball season

Meet Drew and Carter. Both brothers who play baseball for Zumwalt West. They both play for great organizations during summer ball as well. Drew plays for the Gamers and Carter for the Prospects! Both came to me looking for strength and power. Drew has trained just about 2 months longer than his brother but both have had extremely great results. Drew has put on 16lbs and has decreased his time in his 40 yard sprint. Carter has put on 12 lbs and also has decreased his 40 yard sprint as well. Drew being 15 years old is competing with players at the 17u level with his bat speed and Carter has been scouted by several colleges in his Jr year, being asked to attend different showcases. With several sessions under our belt together we have definitely made headway going into their upcoming try outs and season for high school. I love seeing results and the intensity from these student athletes! Keep up the great work guys!