What does foam rolling actually do for you?

Like stretching, there is a lot of ambiguity surrounding the use and efficacy of foam rolling as a fitness tool.

So, what exactly does foam rolling do?

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Before a workout, foam rolling can:

TEMPORARILY inhibit a muscle by stimulating an autogenic inhibition of the rolled muscle. That means, for a short period of time, the muscle being rolled will be “on vacation”, allowing fo the more effective strengthening of the surrounding and opposing muscles. So, for this cause, roll your OVERACATIVE, shortened muscle.

Break up surface level adhesion (scar tissue) allowing greater extensibility (stretch) and contractability (shortening). Again, this is a reflexive response, giving you a relatively short amount of time to enjoy the greater function of the muscle.

For these benefits, it is important to know that foam rolling should really be called foam smashing. When you roll onto a spot of discomfort, the idea is to pause on that spot for 30-60 seconds EACH for the desired inhibition to take effect.

After a workout, foam rolling can:

Relax shortened muscle tissue.

Increase circulation to the tissue.

Increase venous and lymphatic drainage,

AKA make you feel good.

Something to remember, foam rolling as a corrective exercise tool is NOT AN END IN ITSELF. It is a necessary step in helping the ensuing strengthening exercises work better.

Foam rolling causes changes in the muscle tissue that are REFLEXIVE, aka TEMPORARY. Its your strengthening exercises that really do the correcting.

If you are foam rolling to “release” muscle tissue and trigger points, you’re largely wasting your time. Do yourself a favor and find a good soft tissue professional. You’ll notice a huge difference in your range of motion and strength.

Emerge and FIT4ME Foods team up!

best of saint charlesTwo of the Best in Health and Fitness team up at Emerge!  Come to Emerge to find varied weekly selections of these delicious, healthy meals.

Emerge and FIT4ME foods were both voted “Best in St. Charles”for fitness facilities and health foods, respectively.


SmartFit now has 6 classes
throughout the week, including a much asked for Saturday 9AM class.

Strength, conditioning, and camaraderie.

Led by USAW certified strength coaches.

It’s your Turn.

M/W/F: 6am
T: 7am
W: 7pm
Sat: 9amtire flip

Congrats Rachel!!

Congratulations to Emerge athlete Rachel Beaudoin who officially signed to run for Missouri Baptist University next year!

Rachel has been training with Keelin since this summer to prepare her for her senior year of track and moving on to the college level. Her training improved her skills in basketball this winter and during the indoor track season she has set a new personal record in the 60 meter!

Rachel is going into the spring track season ranked in the Top 10 100 Meter runners and we cannot wait to see how she performs! Way to go Rachel!!!

Man’s Best Workout Buddy!

Emerge participated at Purina Farms’s Pooch Play date yesterday and it was a blast!

Leading the Fitness Bootcamp, Keelin and Dan showed people how easy it is to stay fit and healthy with your dog.

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Great Job Alyce!!

Shout out to Alyce! In the past nine months Alyce has lost close to 30 pounds, 30% body fat, more than 30 inches total over her body, has gained muscle, strength, and energy, and has learned so much in how to make healthy choices outside of the gym!

Alyce is a fantastic example of someone who understands that health is a lifetime of dedication and we are constantly learning what works best for her in her busy lifestyle. With a whole new set of goals for 2016, I cannot wait to see where her success has taken her in another nine months!
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Quest Products are Restocked!!

Restocked! Stop by Emerge to pick up your favorite Quest Bars! Also check out our newest product, Quest Protein Powder! (Available in canisters and individual packs)

quest bars quest protein powder

Teaching the Young Ones about Fitness!

Emerge in the community. Emerge was at Borromeo Catholic grade school educating about nutrition and fitness today. Emerge trainer Sefton Hale delivered an interactive presentation.

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Way to Go Susan!!

The journey to health and fitness is not always a smooth path. Many start out the new year with a goal or resolution, convincing themselves that “this will be the year I make it happen.” But shortly, they find the old habits of every day life reeling them back in.

Here is a piece by Susan Reschetz Gordon; evidence that with the right mindset, you can make it happen.

-“Being overweight since high school, I’ve tried many different programs and after a small amount of success with weightloss, I would find a way to sabotage my progress and ultimately gain it all back.

After my son started seeing Sefton for rehabbing a knee, I took a huge step and asked if he also worked with clients on weight loss. He sure did!
I was skeptical and nervous if he could actually help me get further than my past attempts, but am proof that Hard Work, Determination, and a great trainer can make it happen. Sefton’s my teacher, cheerleader, therapist and friend, always pushing me further than I thought I could go – and laughing with me on the way.

When I hit a plateau for over a month it would have been easy to stop with the success I had thus far. Sefton helped me understand that it’s not all about the scale and provided ideas for food and exercise to move me past that hump.

While I still have a ways to go to reach my goal, I now have life changing habits and truly feel that I can accomplish anything I set out to do!

THANKS SEFTON for always being there to push me further.”

susan gordon

Kids Camp Returns!!

You asked for it! We’ve had such a positive response from our Kids Camps, so this February, Emerge will be offering a 4 week class that will be held every Saturday at 9am. The cost is $40 for all 4 weeks.

Parents, don’t feel left out, because while the kids are doing their thing, we are offering our SmartFit class to you at the same time!

What better way to start your weekend off with a family workout! Cost is $100 for one parent and one kid for the entire month!

Contact Kimberly@EmergeTraining.com for more information

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