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Today I have been a professional coach/ trainer for 14 years. So has my wife, Angie.

In fact, I met her the first day on the job.

On that note, Emerge has 4 trainers with 10+ years experience (of actually training clients).

The average years of training experience at Emerge is 7.

That’s about 6 years longer than the average in the personal training industry.

We are learning from each other every day.

Come see what the Emerge difference FEELS like.

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Albert einstein saying

Keep It Up Rickie!

Rickie has been working hard for her upcoming basketball tryouts at Incarnate Word Academy.

If you’re from St. Louis and you’re familiar with basketball then you know that IWA is the powerhouse of basketball.

Throughout Rickie’s training over the years we would occasionally discuss what her goals are and how she was going to achieve them. We both agreed that it would take hard work, dedication, commitment, and sacrifice.

Rickie has done all of those things and more.

To attend and play for IWA has always been one of her goals. The amount of pride I have for her cannot be put into words. I know Rickie is going to do amazing things on and off the court with her nitty-gritty work ethic.

Awesome job, Rickie! ‪#‎emergestrong‬

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– Kathryn BS, CSCS, CES, PNL1, USAWL-L1

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rickie IWA basketball

Come Eat to Support!

Hello everyone!

I am happy to say that there will be another Dine to Donate this October at Texas Roadhouse in Saint Charles off of Fifth Street and next to Bass Pro Shop. Come eat anytime between 3:30-10:00pm Thursday, October 22 and while you are enjoying some delicious food you can know that 10% of your bill will be going to a great cause. 10% of sales that evening will be going to my mom to help her with her medical bills as well as treatment expenses. If anybody doesn’t know what I’m referring to then please message me for details. Last year was a HUGE success and we look forward to another great evening. Please share this with any and everybody you know who loves Texas Roadhouse and donating to great local causes.

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Smartfit Buddy Edition!

This Saturday, October 17th, at 9 AM, grab your favorite workout partner and join us for SmartFit: Partner Edition!

This special strength and conditioning class is only $25 per duo and is open to people of ALL fitness levels.

See you Saturday!

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smartfit bring a buddy

Special Shout Out to Eric!

Just like his shirt says, Eric never gave up and persevered through another contest preparation. He will be competing in his second physique competition this Saturday!

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Eric Physique

Ladies Night!!

Have an injury and still want to join a class? We work around various injuries in the ladies small groups on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

5:00pm tonight! Come and join us!

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Jess Small Group

Come See Kathryn for Some Fun Work!

Looking for an affordable and fun workout? Grab some friends and come see me at Emerge!

– Kathryn BS, CSCS, CES, PNL1, USAW-L1

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kathryn smartfit

Preseason Gains!

Danny’s preseason strength and vertical test day. Successfully increased bench press, deadlift, back squat, and vertical.

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Keep Up the Great Work Jackie!

Client Jackie Kauffmann has Emerged! She has successfully completed a new Personal Record on her deadlift and will continue to strive for more! Keep up the hard work Jackie!

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jackie kauffmann