A special shout out to Emerge client Alyce!

After memberships at several other gyms failed to produce results, and a hectic work schedule made fitness and nutrition control difficult, Alyce decided to start personal training at Emerge about two months ago. Starting with 30 minute sessions to help build up her stamina, Alyce has been working hard, always with a smile on her face and never a complaint. When something is difficult, she always says, “I can’t give up, I know the end result will be worth it.”

Two weeks ago the results started to become obvious. She no longer craves fast food, she feels stronger, she’s happier, and she’s doing things she never thought she could (Running!). Most importantly, for the first time in her history of working out, she wakes up in the morning excited to get back to the gym and get her workout in! The inches she’s losing no longer matter to her. She’s in love with how she feels, not with a certain number on a scale or a particular clothing size.

Thank you so much Alyce for reminding us that health and fitness is a lifestyle, not a number! Can’t wait to see what you accomplish next!

~Coach Keelin

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Just another day for the viper

Normally, if you were looking at this, you’d be seconds away from being pinned by Randy Orton.
At Emerge, it’s just another day of training for the Viper.

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Tyler Martin!

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to the Emerge trainer team!

Welcome Tyler Martin!

“Being involved in athletics my entire life, exercise and health started to become more than just what you read in a magazine or what you pull up on YouTube – it became a lifestyle. I always believed that athletics and being part of a team atmosphere can help you grow and develop in many different aspects of life. Sports played an intricate part in my life growing up – I played many sports throughout my childhood and continued to grow and develop as I got older. Baseball became my true passion and I played throughout high school and worked hard to continue playing in college, where I was a starting pitcher and scholarship athlete.

Not only did athletics help me focus on my physical health, but playing sports also allowed me great success in the classroom. After graduating from Quincy University with a BS in Physical Education and an emphasis in kinesiology, exercise physiology, and athletic training, I started my journey as a personal trainer with 24 Hour Fitness in St. Louis.

With 24 Hour Fitness, I moved through the ranks very fast and was a full time trainer within my first three months. In 2012 I was the top trainer in the Midwest region. After having great success as a trainer I then turned my attention into management and became a Fitness Manager for 15 months, in which I was accepted into the CMT program (Club Manager in Training). I then was promoted again to Club Manager at the Arnold location. During my time being the Club manager I came to realize that I missed my passion for training, my reason for entering the Fitness industry in the first place, and I decided I wanted to get back into training one-on-on to help people accomplish anything they set their minds to. I also knew I wanted a change in environment and that I wanted to focus on a professional setting in Fitness Training with Emerge!

My experience playing sports through the years sparked my interest in helping others accomplish a goal or change their life. Through personal training, I have been able to encourage many people over the years through accomplishing goals they had set out to achieve for years, sometimes their entire lives. I have serviced over 5,000 sessions from athletes to weight loss clients. Focusing on personal goals and achievements and living the values of a healthy lifestyle helps me get my clients to their goals, no matter if they have been working out for years or are just starting out. My main focus is to continue to push people to reach new heights in their personal day to day lives. No matter what goal they set, we can work together to accomplish anything!”

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Golden Gate Planks

If planks were bridges this one would be the Golden Gate!
That’s 6’7″ of stable plank, folks, and it’s dynamic!
Fantastic core stability demonstrated by Orlando Pace.

It’s Your Turn. Emerge.

Emerge Running & Triathlon Team

So excited to announce that the official Emerge Running and Triathlon Training Team will launch this June!!!!

The team is designed for all of our Emerge runners and triathletes, from the experienced racers to the very beginners, to have an environment where you can train, meet, and race with people of similar minds. We will have scheduled group runs, meet at the track for speed work, and have various clinics with your top notch Emerge Fitness trainers to help you not only race, but race healthy and have a good time!

Anyone who is interested in a customized training program for whatever style race you have as a goal, please contact Coach Keelin Russell, who will meet with you and help you develop the right training plan for YOU! As summer races pile up and training for fall races begins soon, be sure to schedule your consultation today!

Stay tuned to the Emerge Facebook page as updates for the team are posted! LET’S GO TEAM EMERGE!

-Coach Kee Russell11008638_10153313718234824_5422528664407790969_n

Think Positive!

“One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.”

Happy Wednesday Morning!

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All about the balance

It is so important to have balance in your workouts! No matter how strong and powerful you are, you need to have control, stability, and coordination.

Chris has been introducing core control exercises into his workouts that have improved his overall strength and performance. This was his first attempt at a TRX exercise for improving core control in headstands and shoulder stands! So impressed!

-Coach Kee


Saturday SmartFit!

8am Saturday morning SmartFit. Where you at?! These ladies started their weekends off with a bang!! Today was a lung burning workout designed to wake the entire body up!!!! Make sure to check out the SmartFit schedule so you don’t miss our next class.

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It’s not always about the scale

This is the difference only 8lbs can make. Picture #1 was taken at our fido event in December, picture #2 was last night at small group training. Many times people focus so hard on the scale to see/feel results of hard work and cleaner eating. Kristen is a walking example not to forget non-scale victories as simple as comparing 2 photos or how your clothes fit. She’s now not only stronger and healthier, but is needing to buy new clothes (according to her, none of pants fit)! Kristen, you are an absolute joy to train and have in small group! Keep it up! -Jess