Shame on “Shamers”

There has been quite the buzz about an incident involving a trainer at a St. Louis fitness facility. He was sitting behind a woman at a Cardinals game and decided that because of her size, he should exploit her and do some “fat shaming” on social media. The remarks he made were soon followed by more comments defending his thoughts. This has caused quite the uproar across the nation.

Soon after, the woman who was in the photo spoke up. In such a classy way, she wrote about how she is actually in the process of losing weight. She had started at weighing 400lbs. She was finally fed up with her weight and she began to take steps in the right direction to change. She began eating cleaner food, walking more, and even hired a trainer. She is currently down 150 lbs. and she’s very proud of her progress (as she should be!) and she’s as determined as ever to continue her journey.

Conclusion: Woman-1, Fat Shamer-0.

I heard a lot of talk about this in the gym this morning. Even my clients as well as my coworkers engaged in conversation about it. And we all had the same question: “Why?”
Why does “shaming” of anyone have to happen? We hear people fat shaming, hating on thin girls, hating on people with too much muscle, hating on people with not much muscle. Frankly, it seems exhausting and time consuming. Most of the time when we come across these type of comments, we can generalize that the person saying them has some sort of self-conscious issues and they “shame” to make themselves feel better.

In this case, the guy is just a prick.

He calls himself a trainer and he’s in the fitness industry? Why? Why would you have a profession where your NUMBER ONE objective is to HELP PEOPLE ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS and yet you put down the very people who need you the most?
When we sit down with a potential weight loss client the VERY FIRST thing we hear is “I don’t want to work out in an intimidating place.” I get it. Who really wants to be in a place where you feel like people are staring at you or secretly making hurtful comments from other members? Nobody does. Unfortunately these places exist. Obviously, this trainer’s gym is one of those places.
People are their own worst critics. No one gives them a harder time than themselves. If people are overweight or underweight or not in their “ideal shape” they already are aware of this. They don’t need others pointing it out. And when they are tired and fed up of feeling that way, they will make steps in order to change. THAT is when a real trainer comes into the picture. We’re here to help you and guide you and pretty much set up a game plan for you to reach your goals.

To the woman in the picture: You’re doing everything right. And I commend you for having such grace and class in how you handled all of this. There’s no way I could have kept my composure like you did. You inspired me this week. Keep that head up and keep kicking ass.

To the “Trainer”: I’m so sorry I have to be considered your colleague. I’m sorry that people will hear this story and now have a little resentment towards all trainers. I’ve read other comments you have made on your Facebook page and I’m sorry you have to pride yourself on being such a jerk who is obviously in this business for the wrong reasons.

To the Readers: You don’t have to like where you’re at right now and that’s ok. But it’s not ok for someone to tell you they don’t like where you’re at right now. If you want to make a healthier lifestyle for yourself, AWESOME. Great trainers are out there who will help you (ahem, Emerge Fitness) and will encourage you, motivate you, and you won’t just leave with a healthier image, but a stronger confidence as well.

It’s Your Turn. Emerge.

Kimberly Renoud,
Emerge Fitness Training


Client Update!


It has been a little while since I have posted a client update but wanted to put the spotlight on a very special client of mine who has been such a great joy to train and I’m sure a lot of you have followed her success over the last year. It has been offically one year last week that Linda M. and I had started her physical transformation to a better lifestyle and body. Meet the new and much improved Linda! We had met in January of 2014 when her son had purchased her 3 sessions as a Chirstmas present. However due to a small bump in the road we didnt really take off on her training until last April. Linda started off with the mindset that whatever happens with her success happens and anything would be an improvement from where she was currently at. However she never imagined the great success that she was going to achieve just after 12 short months. Each month she got stronger, leaner, became more confident and more determined than ever. We have had a handful of ups and downs throughout the entire process but Linda never lost sight or focus of what her goals were and why she was here. To date, Linda is now down 81 1/4lbs, down 44 inches and down 11% in body fat. Its not just the numbers that are so impressive either. She is well under 200lbs for the first time in 30 years and completely off of her blood pressure medication for the first time in 10 years. I cannot begin to put into words just how much enjoyment I have had in training you and getting to know you during this whole process and watch you both physcially and mentally transform your life. I look forward to the upcoming phases of our training together and the continued success that I know you will soon show. I cant thank you enough for the trust you have in me and for allowing me to help you. I am truly humbled and honored. Big congrats Linda!

Taylor D.


New EMERGE Strong T-shirts!!

Come get your EMERGE Strong T-shirt for the 10th Annual Karen 4 A Kause at Frontier Park!!

The Race includes a 5k Fun Run, 1 Mile Walk, & Children’s Mad Dash, beginning @ 9:30AM on Saturday May 9th, 2015. We are selling these T-shirts at Emerge for $20 each, and you can also get one before the race at our tent!

All proceeds are going towards the Karen Weidinger Foundation.

IMG_6273 IMG_6274 IMG_6275

Inside Emerge: Meet Keelin!

Inside Emerge: Meet Keelin!
*Name: Keelin Baine-Russell (pronounced Kay-lin)
*Job Position: Personal Trainer, Coach
*Hometown: Lake St. Louis, MO
*How Long Have You Worked at Emerge: November, 2014
*Favorite Exercise: Sprinting
*Least Favorite Exercise: Anything Bicep
*Biggest Gym Pet Peeve: Not wearing the proper shoes. Running in Converse 🙁
*Best Part About Working at Emerge: Always learning and having fun
*Most Memorable Thing That Happened at Emerge: How fast everyone welcomed me into the Emerge family.
*Favorite Healthy Meal: Chicken Fajitas
*Something Random About Me: I’m in the Guinness Book of World Records for being part of the largest group of people dressed as “Where’s Waldo” in one place. Dublin, 2011!


Champaign, Illinois Races

Congrats Chad Eckley and Beth Pirtle (and all of the runners) who both ran strong half marathons Saturday in Champaign, Illinois (despite some crappy weather conditions).

It’s Your Turn. Emerge.


Jackie Pirtle-Hall Does It Again!!

Emerge athlete Jackie Pirtle-Hall won another marathon over the weekend.
But that’s just a small bit of the story.
HOW it was won makes this one special….

“Pirtle-Hall spent the majority of Saturday’s race in second place among the women’s runners — approximately 25 miles worth of second place, actually. She steadily gained on eventual runner-up Truphena Busienei with a mile left to run and passed Busienei a half mile from the finish.”

Inside Emerge: Meet Adam!

*Name: Adam Kulp
*Job Position: Personal Trainer
*Hometown: Lake St. Louis, MO
*How Long Have You Worked at Emerge: 6 years
*Favorite Exercise: Walking lunges
*Least Favorite Exercise: Chin ups
*Biggest Gym Pet Peeve: Weights left on barbells
*Best Part About Working at Emerge: The people-both clients and staff
*Most Memorable Thing That Happened at Emerge: When the balloon lady that worked below the original Emerge location came up yelling obscenities about the gym making too much noise.
*Favorite Healthy Meal: Chicken Fajita salad- See me for details.
*Something Random About Me: A couple of years ago, my wife and I spend 3 weeks living out of backpacks traveling through Europe


Planking Roll-Out

Drew performs a 4-1-4 planking roll-out.

He begins with a neutral and stable plank .

He then rolls the ball away from his body to the count of 4, pauses for 1, then returns to his starting position with another 4 count.

If at any point he feels a tug in the lower back, he doesn’t roll any further out.

On a side note, this particular demonstration is awesome because Drew came to Emerge with a painful disc herniation. He has strengthened his hips and core to the point that he can perform difficult planking exercises like this with precision and with ZERO pain.

It’s Your Turn. Emerge.


Corey nailed his presentation on his internship at Emerge today at Lindenwood!

Corey Parr did a stellar job at his presentation highlighting his internship at Emerge. Look for Corey at his new role coming soon.

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Proud trainer moment!

I train Brittany once a week and she takes my boot camp twice a week. It had been months since we had worked on bench press. Today I decided to test her out. Not only did she crush 135, she ended up doing 145 right after! Way to go Brittany!