Find Your Route

There is no single route to fitness.

Whatever path you take, DEDICATE yourself to the journey.

DON’T take any shortcuts, even though they promise any easier trip.

BELIEVE your destination is waiting for you at the end.

It’s Your Turn. Emerge.


Inside Emerge: Meet Beth!

*Name: Beth Pirtle

*Job Position: Personal Trainer
*Hometown: St. Louis, MO
*How Long Have You Worked at Emerge: Going on 8 years
*Favorite Exercise: Anything that pushes/challenges me
*Least Favorite Exercise: Full Turkish get ups
*Biggest Gym Pet Peeve: People who leave their equipment (dumbbells, boxes, balls) laying around, thinking someone else should pick up after them.
*Best Part About Working at Emerge: The diversified clientele & staff
*Most Memorable Thing That Happened at Emerge: Client/Staff get-togethers.
*Something Random About Me: I have running buddies that I train, trail, & road run with: Heather (33), Jennifer (33), Amy (42), Dorothy (50).beth

Let Us Help You Reach Your Goals!

If you just wanna be beat, we can strap you to a treadmill for an hour and throw some burpees in here and there.

If you’re looking for specific results from your workout, let us design a program for you.

It’s Your Turn. Emerge.


Round 2 for Eric!!

Eric, post show, 15 pounds heavier and energetic…Time to get after it for round 2!


Emerge Athlete Chris Massey Induction!

Emerge athlete and close friend Chris Massey is being inducted into Marshall University’s Hall of Fame.

A former St. Louis Ram and Chicago Bear, Chris’s football story is one of perseverance, tenacity, and near perfection.

Congrats Chris Massey!

It’s never a dull moment with Kelly and Annette!

These two friends motivate each other and are kicking their workouts up a few notches as they prepare for The Battlegrounds in May! Being sure they have strong cores and stability is key for them to race an obstacle course injury-free while still having fun.

No matter if it’s a road run or an obstacle course, Emerge Fitness Training can help you take your performance to a new level.

Contact USATF running and conditioning coach Keelin Russell to help you achieve your racing goals!



Missed a workout this week?
Get it back tomorrow at 6am in our SmartFit class.
You’ll perform Olympic lifts, strength exercises, and conditioning with a supportive and encouraging group!

It’s Your Turn. Emerge.


“Former Quadriplegic Conquers Metropolitan Square Fight fo Air Climb”

“Never ever give up.”

Great local story!

Emerge at the Honduran Street Party

It was a chilly morning but we had a great time down at the Streets of St. Charles. Thanks to everyone who came!

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Facebook Follower Contest

Happy Friday! We have had a great week at Emerge and we’d like to share the good vibes by giving away a $25 gift card* to one of our Facebook followers!
All you have to do is “like” our picture, “comment” on what is your favorite exercise, AND “Share” this on your Facebook page! After doing all 3, you will be entered to win the gift card!
Drawing will be next Friday (April 3rd) at noon. Good luck and Like,Commemt, & Share away!

*Gift card can be used towards any items/services at Emerge except for charity events.