6 Thoracic Spine Exercises to Improve Mobility

“Most experienced coaches know one of the fastest ways to clean up a nagging shoulder, neck, or lower-back problem is to improve mid-back mobility with targeted thoracic spine exercises.

This region of the spine, from roughly the base of the neck to a few inches below the shoulder blades, has a natural outward facing curve. However, when this curve becomes excessive—due to chronic postural adaptations, faulty loading patterns or bad luck—it loses its ability to move freely.

These types of adaptations can also cause rounded shoulders, alter rib cage and abdominal mechanics, and make it difficult to raise your arms over your head without compensating movement somewhere else in the body.”

Excerpt from “6 Thoracic Spine Exercises to Improve Mobility” from stack.com

-Matt Pirtle


Keelin’s Client: Mary

So motivated by Mary’s “No Excuses” policy today!

When life got hectic as work and family schedules became busier, Mary didn’t give up on her training! When she knows her schedule is demanding, Mary breaks up her workouts into 30 minute sessions on her lunch break. That way she knows she still is making time for herself and she even gives herself “homework” to improve upon for the next time she trains so she can hold herself accountable!

Thanks for your inspirational attitude Mary!

-Keelin Russell


A Client Testimonial by Francoise McCollister

Dear Matt,

You have given me a tremendous gift!

When I came to Emerge late last year, my sciatica was producing great pain.  I couldn’t run or swim or play on the floor with my little grandson.  I couldn’t even stand up straight.  I was desperate.

You greeted me kindly, listened to my story and developed a customized plan of exercise and massage to help me regain my strength and mobility and to relieve the pain.  Not only did you know exactly what to do, but you were caring, encouraging and, very gently demanding of my best effort.  It was many months of hard work, but, today, I can swim, practice karate and chase after my grandson without pain! I am a happy wife, mother and grandmother, feeling good every day and enjoying all life has to offer.

Your gift to me was a gift to my whole family.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your skillful professionalism, your guidance, and encouragement.  I would recommend your services to anyone.

Best regards,

Francoise McCollister (the French grandma!)

A Client Testimonial by Jessica Willoughby

At 37 years old I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and a labral tear in my left hip.  I am an active mom of three, but within months walking became extremely painful.  I underwent PAO surgery in February 2014 where they cut an repositioned my hip socket.  I had my femur reshaped and the labrum cartilage tear repaired.  I was in Emerge Fitness rehabbing with Matt Pirtle 9 days post surgery.  Matt’s interest, compassion, knowledge, and experience got me through the hardest days of my life! With the teamwork of Dr. Lytle, we worked hard and I quickly progressed.  Since then I have continued training with Matt and I feel amazing! He has taught me about nutrition, weight loss, staying motivated, and exercising safely to strengthen my hip and body using correct form.  Not to mention how to do a perfect plank! I will use this knowledge for a lifetime.  This has been an amazing journey and I couldn’t have done it without the help of Matt and Dr. Lytle! Thank you so much for giving me a bright future!

Jessica Willoughby

Featured Client: Allie Christopher

Congrats to Emerge athlete Allie Christopher!

Allie will be playing Field Hockey at Bucknell University following her high school career at Villa Duchesne.

Incidentally, Allie is the second Emerge athlete who rehabbed from hip surgery to go on to play at Bucknell, the other being Tommy Stupp who is currently there as a member of the water polo team.

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Featured Clients: Jen, Annette, and Kelly

No better way to celebrate the weather than some HIIT training out back! Jen, Annette, and Kelly killed it today!


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