Need to cool down in a hurry?

Need to cool down in a hurry?

A handy trick I picked up over the years when I had to cool down quick after a workout (before a meeting or a client session) was to run my wrists under cold water for 20 seconds.

Blood runs close to the surface of the skin in your wrists. The “cooled down” blood will then circulate. Works great when you have only a small amount of time to cool off.

It’s Your Turn. Emerge.
Matt Pirtle MA CSCS PN1


Metabolic Meals are back!

Our Metabolic Meals are now sold in bulk packaging– get more for your money!

– Coconut Crave Bar (AKA the well-beloved Paleo Bar)
$15.99 for 4 bars; this is $8.00 in savings!

-Almond Butter Cookies (8 pack) = $13.99
you SAVE $10.00!

-Snickerdoodle Cookies (8 pack)= $13.99
you SAVE $10.00!

– Chocolate Banana Muffins (4 pack) = $13.99
you SAVE $10.00!

-Cinnamon Roll Loaf (4 servings)= $13.99
you SAVE $10.00!

-Paleo Blueberry Muffin (4 pack)= $13.99
you SAVE $10.00!

-Apple Chunk Coffee Cake (4 servings)= $13.99
you SAVE $10.00!

Check back in the next few weeks for our lunch/dinner entrees to arrive!!

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Apirl 18th, Kids Camp!

Save the date! Saturday, April 18th: The kids take over Emerge!

'Save the date! Saturday, April 18th: The kids take over Emerge!'

Lifestyle Changes– Featured Client: Lindsay

Hey Angie! I weighed in today and was down 3.6 lbs for a total of 24 lbs so far! I got the 10% award for losing 10% of my body weight. Super happy today!
Here are a few of our meals the past couple weeks, yummmm. (Reference pics at the bottom)

This is an email from Lindsay who emailed me in January looking for some help with weight loss.

Lindsay has a two year old son and has been struggling with loosing her weight after he was born. Life becomes very hectic when adding a new family member and trying to find time for yourself and even simplest things like grocery shop. Routine, organization, and planning ahead are the biggest keys to a successful nutrition plan.

In 10 weeks Lindsay has made some big changes in her life and is in a place of no going back. This is all from 1 hour of nutrition counseling with me and taking Emerge Boot Camps with Kimberly.

If you are looking to make a lifestyle change and interested in learning more about nutrition planning email and schedule a session at Angie@EmergeTraining.


-Angie Pirtle

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Mike Greene’s Granddaughter, Charley

Miss Charley Greene came with her Papa to his boot camp class.

Now she’s excited for her turn at Kids Camp!

Your kids should come too!

Sign them up by commenting below or at Emerge!

-Kimberly Renoud


Congrats to the 10K A Day Competitors!

Challenge Complete!

Congrats to everyone who completed the 10k a Day Challenge!

Emerge client Linda Meuth recorded the highest amount of steps at 394,359 (Average 14,084 a day!)

Your shirts will be ordered this week.

-Kim R.


Declining fitness with age is a choice, not an affliction.

Declining fitness with age is a choice, not an affliction.

On average, people have a 2-4% decline in metabolic rate EVERY decade after the age if 25.
The average resting metabolic rate at age 25 is 1500 calories per day.

At 35, that number drops to 1400.

At 55, that number drops to 1200.

What does that mean in terms of weight gain? Approximately 31 pounds over that 30 year period.

At the same time, the average muscle mass loss is approximately 5 pounds per 10 years. That’s 15 pounds of muscle by the age of 55!

The good news?

The metabolic loss is most likely a result of the muscle loss, which IS NOT AGE DEPENDENT, but is rather LIFESTYLE dependent.

High intensity exercise can stave off muscle mass loss, and hence the loss of metabolic rate.

So, make exercise part of your lifestyle now to avoid weight gain and health problems in the future.

It’s Your Turn. Emerge.

-Matt Pirtle

Emerge Kids Camp to Raise Money for the Boys & Girls Club of St. Charles

Help us raise funds for the Boys & Girls Club of St. Charles!

Invite everyone you know! You don’t have to be a client in order to attend.

-Kimberly Renoud

Emerge Fitness Training Kids Camp

3 ADDITIONAL SmartFit Classes

You’ve asked for it!
Next week we are adding 3 SmartFit classes to the regular schedule.
Come check out what this killer workout program is all about!

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Beth Pirtle’s clients: Russ & Virginia

“Russ actually started with me on his own. He’s changed his diet, works out 2x a week with me and had a great cardio walking program going with his dog. Lost over 16 pounds. He hurt his knee when another dog got into it with his dog when walking and has been rehabbing his knee with Physical therapist. We have changed our training to support getting his knee back in shape. Even with some of his exercise being interrupted, he’s continued every other component of his fitness plan and his wife Virginia joined him in training several weeks ago. I think this has been an eye opener for Virginia and she is getting stronger (she’s a golfer). They are a really neat couple.”

Beth Pirtle