Do Not Wait for Tryouts to Start Conditioning

Waiting for tryouts to get your conditioning in?

That might be a mistake…

On the first day of practice it won’t be her conditioning she will be working on.

She will be able to immediately focus on her skill.

Riley Ebenroth is at Emerge killing her strength and conditioning workouts, getting ready for her senior year at St. Dominic for Soccer.

Conditioning Exercise video

A Core Stability Exercise

Cleveland Browns defensive back and former Lindenwood standout Pierre Desir works on his core stability at Emerge.

This guy needs to put his full force directly into an opposing player with a tackle. Any movement outside of neutral in his form constitutes a loss in energy and a weaker hit.

In these exercises, Pierre works on producing AND stopping force while keeping a neutral spine with a solid and stiff core.

It’s Your Turn. Emerge.

-Matt Pirtle

Core Stability Exercise

Taylor Dalby’s Client: Sydney P.’s Swim Meet

Update on cliebt Sydney P. Another very successful meet this weekend. Sydney dropped 13.6 seconds across 3 of her 8 events. She took home a first place ribbon in one event, two 2nds and three 3rds. She swam a 500 freestyle for the first time ever and placed a very close second. The biggest noticeable improvements that she is showing is her power coming off the blocks as well as on her turns. Awesome job Sydney! You are very fun to train and a great student of the gym. This is just the beginning. I look forward to your continued success!

Taylor D.


Starting This Saturday (2/21/15)

SmartFit classes are a hit a Emerge! Have you had the opportunity to take a class? Here’s your chance:

Starting Saturday, February 21st, Kathryn and Angie will be offering a complimentary class every third Saturday of the month thru May!

SmartFit classes are held in a group setting, yet are catered to each individual’s physical abilities. It’s a great combination of strength and conditioning.

Classes are limited to 15 people so stop by Emerge and sign up!


Taylor’s Clients: Brody & Ethan

I’d like to give recognition to clients Brody H. and Ethan H. I have been training both brothers for a few months now and they are showing awesome progress. Brody and Ethan just finished their monthly test outs and improved in all categories. Track and football seasons are just around the corner big guys. You are doing awesome.

Taylor D.


Mom & Daughter Work Out Session (Beth Pirtle & Jackie Pirtle Hall)

Emerge Coach Beth Pirtle and daughter (and Emerge athlete) Jackie Hall Pirtle workout together with the goal of improving hip strength and core stability.

It’s Your Turn. Emerge.

-Matt Pirtle

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What’s Your Reason: Jerry Pirtle

“What’s Your Reason”
Client: Jerry Pirtle
Trainer: Adam Kulp

When Emerge started the “What’s Your Reason” campaign, I wanted to highlight Jerry. Over the past few years, he has made DRASTIC changes and it’s always inspiring to see him training with Adam.

Congrats Jerry on all of your hard work and dedication! We at Emerge are so proud of you and we know your family is too!


-Kim R.


Keelin’s Speed & Agility Camp

I am blown away by the progress that the high school girls in the Speed and Agility camp have made in just a few short weeks!
Tonight’s workout demonstrated how far they’ve come in ladder work, strength, and core stability. And there’s no better way to cap off a great workout than with some silverback relays 

Kee Russell

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