Taylor Showing Support for Client Sydney at Her Swim Meet

I’d like to congratulate client Sydney P. on a very successful swim meet today. Sydney swam in 8 events and got personal records in all 8. We have only been training for 3 weeks now and I’m very pleased and excited with how she is performing thus far in the gym and in the pool. In all 8 events she was able to drop a combined 24.34 seconds off her times. Congrats Sydney this is the beginning of a big year for you.

-Taylor Dalby


Weekend Workouts for Client, Chris

Weekend workouts!

Chris makes time in his busy schedule to improve his strength training and of course finish off each workout with high intensity conditioning!

Chris’s determination to correct his form when lifting has resulted in huge improvements in his core strength over the past weeks and his increased endurance makes that last sprint on the Woodway a little easier each time!

-Keelin R.


Streching Muscles with Scar Tissue

Ever wonder why it’s tough to stretch a muscle with scar tissue?

Or strengthen it?

Adhesion can impair your efforts to stretch or contract a muscle.

This is a great visual that helps to explain why.

A quick video about muscle adhesion: the most common, most under diagnosed and treatable condition in the body.
-Matt P.

Carey Davis– Whole Body stability exercise

Carey Davis performs a shoulder and core (whole body) stability exercise on a strength band.

This exercise is basically a dynamic plank (half push up), where the emphasis is on a neutral, stable spine throughout the movement.

It’s Your Turn. Emerge.

-Matt P.

Carey Davis

SmartFit– Tuesday’s 7AM Class

Check out the ladies from this morning’s SmartFit class. Starting off the day stronger than yesterday. Way to go!


Congratulations Jackie Pirtle Hall!

Congrats to Emerge athlete (and my sister) Jackie Pirtle Hall for finishing the Houston Marathon in 2:48.50. Awesome showing.
Big things are coming!
Matt P

What’s Your Reason?


nicole-reasonWe notice you.
We notice you taking strides in a long run.
We notice you pressing that barbell above your head.
We notice you deadlifting a large amount of weight.
We notice sweat pouring off of your face after an intense race.
We notice you collapsing to the floor because you’re physically beat.
We notice you “high-fiving” your trainer after a session.

But Why? Why are you pushing yourself so hard?
Everyone has THEIR OWN story; a purpose for doing what he or she is doing.
They Have a Reason.

For 2015, Emerge is running a “What’s Your Reason” campaign. We want to highlight you, the client, and promote what YOUR reason is for exercising.
Over the next year you will see photos of Emerge clients in action, showing WHY they are at Emerge along with what their reason is for being there.

We invite you to join us.

So we ask you: What’s Your Reason?

Speed & Agility Camp

Ladder work and explosiveness were the concentrations at last night’s Speed and Agility Camp. The girls are preparing themselves for spring sports tryouts by coming to Emerge every Tuesday and Thursday from 7 to 8 to work on improving their skills.

The camp runs until Thursday, February 26th, so there is plenty of time to join. If you have any questions on speed, agility, or conditioning, please contact Keelin Russell.

-Keelin R.

Speed & Agility