Time for change…

Getting in better shape is always a popular goal or resolution for New Years. Why not start at Boot Camp? Come to Emerge Friday morning at 9am and I will put you through a great workout! No signup is required.



St. Charles Stars Volleyball Club Boot Camp Video

Here is a look at some of the strength and conditioning exercises the St. Charles Stars have been learning to prepare them for their upcoming volleyball season.

The girls have been learning weighted, bodyweight, and explosive movements in order to ensure they’re well-rounded athletes and to lessen their chances at injury.

watch video>>St. Charles Stars VBC

-Keelin Russell

St. Charles Stars Volleyball Club

Another successful night of strength and conditioning for the St. Charles Stars! The girls put in a lot of hard work over their holiday breaks to be ready for season. So impressed with the amount of progress the girls have had over the past month!

-Keelin Russell



Christmas Eve Boot Camp Video

T’was the day before Christmas and all through the gym,
Boot campers showed up to class with Kim.
Kettle bells swung and dumbbells were pressed,
But the love for burpees was never confessed
They hurried and scurried yet not one shout,
But they huffed and puffed as they worked out
Lunges and planks were getting so tough,
When finally Kim said they had enough.
They had made it without anyone one complaining,
Another success boot camp at Emerge Fitness Training.

Merry Christmas!

watch video>> Christmas Eve Boot camp with Kim

-Kimberly Renoud

Remember Dawn!

Remember Dawn!

She’s now 70 pounds lighter and progressing steadily in her health and fitness program.  If you’ve been following Dawns progress in the past two years you know that Dawn’s way of eating has been periodically altered to suit whatever her lifestyle commands, staying ever focused on healthy, fit food choices with some occasional indulgences.  She’s persistent in her “realistic” cardiovascular workouts and is “accountable” to her workouts X 3 and weigh in each week at Emerge.

In the past several months, Dawn has added an additional motivator to her desire to stay healthy and fit – meet Al, Dawn’s other half and partner in her pursuit of a healthy, fit lifestyle.  Al has lost 80 pounds and recently started partner training with Dawn at Emerge on Wednesday evenings.   Together, they are not only working out but running 5Ks.

-Beth Pirtleimage1

Volleyball Conditioning

Video from last night’s conditioning with the St. Charles Stars volleyball teams!

Including conditioning and cross training into youth sports is VERY important because of the high amount of stress put on youths’ bodies while they are still developing and growing at different rates. Learning and performing exercises outside of their sport helps lower youths’ chances for injury and improves their all-around skills.

Contact me if you are Interested in improving your athletes’ conditioning, speed, and agility!

Volleyball Conditioning

-Keelin Russell

ATTENTION: Spring Season Athletes

Spring season athletes!

What are you doing over winter break to prepare for your upcoming season? Are you ready?

Kayla is more than ready. She was in the gym early this morning working hard. She finished off a great workout with some woodway sprints and seated sled pulls. Great job, Kayla! #EMERGEstrong

– Kathryn BS, CSCS, CES10882287_10152932994214824_134876964069699174_n