Kathryn Olympic Lifting at 155lbs!

Pulled 155 this morning! I’ve been working on dropping below the bar as fast as possible. Keeping the weight close and moving your body around the bar are the most important things to master with Olympic movements. For more information on Olympic lifting or if you are interested in training, contact me at kathryn@emergetraining.com

Kathryn lifting 155lbs<< watch video here
– Kathryn BS, CSCS, CES

Metabolic Meals

Metabolic Meals are a great way to ensure you are taking care of yourself/health — which is often neglected during the Holiday season!
A minute or two in the microwave is all these pre-made meals require. Perfect for people constantly on the go– AKA EVERYONE.
NO prep time, NO feeling guilty, NO excuses!

Give it a go. Can be purchased at Emerge.


Chris Mileski Speed & Conditioning Camp

Don’t forget to sign up for an outstanding opportunity to get speed & conditioning training by a top-notch coach, Chris Mileski!!
Start Date: January 6th, 2015

Price: $399


Featured Client: Mel

Huge shout out to my client Mel who finished a very successful racing season!Mel started training about 2 years ago so he could continue to run injury free and work on his flexibility. Proud to say he raced in three half marathons, a 15k, and a 6k this fall and is still going strong!

-Keelin Russell

Mel’s Training


If you are static stretching as part of your fitness program, make sure you are actually getting the desired effect: lengthening of the muscle.

Most stretchers tend to stretch too far too fast, causing the muscle to reflexively CONTRACT and shorten, which is the opposite of lengthening.

When stretching, bring the muscle to the point of FIRST AWARENESS, not pain, and allow the muscle to slowly lengthen.
Then repeat.

It’s Your Turn. Emerge

-Matt Pirtle

view video by clicking here: Stretchers!

Featured Client: Kayla

Look who’s back!!!

Kayla got home from Ole Miss on Saturday and was at Emerge Monday afternoon working hard and preparing for her upcoming softball season. Show Kayla some support by liking this picture! #EMERGEstrong

– Kathryn St. George BS, CSCS, CES