If I hear one more gym “expert” break down form on what they consider a bad exercise, I will literally have a heart attack.


These people know the basics and stick to them because that’s safe and it’s all they understand.

“A proper lunge is done ONLY this way. Squats MUST go this deep. You’re NOT locking out. You ARE locking out. Etc, etc…”


When Mr. Lunge developed his famous exercise, I didn’t realize he had done an assessment on every single person with every existing condition.

These exercises can and SHOULD be modified to meet client ability AND objective.

A squat for someone rehabbing a hip will look different from a powerlifters squat.

A lunge that is attempting to improve hip extension will have an exerciser flexing forward before coming up (a huge no-no in the “experts” book)
Nonetheless, this is a hugely effective way of improving hip strength while moving.

A barbell hip hinge with limited range may look like a deadlift gone wrong, but for someone with a disc injury, it’s the ONLY plausible way of loading the posterior chain while standing.

Moral of the story, use human MOVEMENT to improve yourself (or client) not “by the book” exercises designed for the faceless masses.

Please, break the rules now and then. Prescribed form for everyBODY doesn’t work, and FOLLOWING the rules sometimes has consequences.

Matt Pirtle MA CES CSCS

It’s Your Turn. Emerge.


Featured Client: Jerry

Big shout out to Jerry Pirtle. He’s turning the clock back a few decades as he has returned to a weight that he hasn’t been at…since college @ 164lbs! With a little exercise and nutritional changes, he’s making it happen. Nice work Jerry!


– Adam Kulp



Trainers Training Trainers: Matt P training Kim

Another installment of trainers training trainers at Emerge.
Kimberly’s clients should especially enjoy this one…

Here she performs a compound set of 6 high pulls, 6 goblet squats, and 6 resisted incline push ups.

It’s Your Turn. Emerge.

check out the video: Matt Pirtle Training Kim

Client Update: Jessica

Client Update!
On the left, Jessica walks 20 yards.
Doesn’t sound like much, but this was huge at the time.
She was 7 weeks outside of major hip surgery.

It was a big day.

On the right, Jessica shows what 6 months of strength training and healthy nutrition can do.
Jessica can deadlift 160 with ease and has lost 21 pounds in the process!

it was a big day. Again.

It’s Your Turn. Emerge.

Check out the video:

Featured Client: Rickie

Check out client and basketball stud, Rickie. We have been working hard on her strength and conditioning. We have also been working on Olympic lifts which she loves. She completed some clean and jerks this past Friday with a smile on her face. Keep up the good work, Rickie! #EMERGEstrong

– Kathryn BS, CSCS, CES10690169_10152914515964824_4064990797928249388_n