Eating clean is now the new eating "dis-order?"

While getting in my cardio, I was reading an article in the latest edition of “Women’s Health” magazine.  Normally, I read short blurbs that are studies on nutrition, exercise, supplements, the normal “health” stuff.  I was reading a piece titled “The scary rise in Adult Eating Disorders.”  This interested me for the fact that I have never come close to having an eating disorder like anorexia or bulimia, yet I have come across clients with such issues.

I was half way into the story when I came to a side note in the article called “The new dis Orders”.  It involves a new catagory along side of anorexia and bulimia.  According to the magazine it is described as a disorder that “applies to patients who don’t meet the exact criteria for anorexia or bulimia but still have ber trouble relationships with food or distorted body images.”  I won’t lie, this intrigued me, just to see what their clarification is of this new “disorder.”  That’s when I read about “The New Dis-Order: Orthorexia.” Here’s is description:

“A fixation with healthy or righteous eating.  Orthoexics often eat only organic foods, eliminate entire food groups, or refuse to eat anything that isn’t “pure” in quality… Unlike anorexics, they don’t necessarily think they’re fat or strive to be thin; some are motivated by a fear of bad health, a fixation with complete control, or the desire to improve their own self-esteem.  Ironicially, severe orthorexia can lead to malnourishment” (clinicial psychologist Sari Shepphird, Ph.D.).

Needless to say, my heart rate was racing on the eliptical.


So this doctor is stating that a person who chooses to eat organic or “pure” fruits and vegetables, and grass fed meats, etc. AND they avoid processed foods or maybe a food catagory like dairy, that they now are “clinically” diagnosed with an eating disorder? SERIOUSLY???

I read this article again. And then I had another trainer read it.  And then I had a client read it.  Both of them agreed with me.  In fact, the trainer responded with “Are they trying to make fat people feel better?”

I understand the real “eating disorders”.  When people don’t want to eat, or they eat and then throw it all up. But when they classify someone who chooses to EAT and EAT NUTRIOUSLY, with a disorder, I find it offensive.  We are in an obese epedemic in the US.  Two-thirds of the country is overweight, soon to be obese.  However this article made it sound like those who do choose to make healthy food choices and remove processed foods are wrong.

As most of you know, I started a Paleo diet a few weeks ago.  It eliminates food catagories, grains and dairy.  As I have posted in my blog, I have intolerances to these.  Since eliminating them and eating organic/natural foods, I feel so much better. I don’t have the allergy reactions that I did when I consumed these foods.  Many people I know who are doing the diet as well, feel just as good.  Does that mean we have a disorder? Ridiculous.

My advice to those who are “dis-orderly” with Orthorexia, as long as you are in your proper caloric range, and protein/carb/fat ratio, keep eating the way that makes you feel good.

I would love to hear other thoughts and opinions on this topic.  If anyone wants to read the entire article, it’s in the April 2012 edition of Women’s Health Magazine.


Kimberly Renoud,
Emerge Fitness Training


Day 15: The Scale is moving to the left…

I waited to blog until I got on the scale this morning. I needed to decided if I wanted to celebrate or vent.

It has been two weeks today since I started Paleo.  I really didn’t know what to expect this time around. When I did this diet last year, I had dropped 9lbs in this time.  I know a lot of it was water and waste, however when someone sees 9lbs down, who doesn’t get excited.

Today I weighed in at half of that weight. I’m about 4.5lbs down since day one.  I’m actually pretty happy with it because my weight IS going down, but the better, more important thing is that I can see a difference. My clothes feel different on me (Thank you lord!!!) and overall, I feel much better! Anyone who is around me a lot knows I have battled with allergies for years. I was always congested and sneezing.  I would swell up and be puffy in the face and my eyes would be red and itchy.  I have none of it, at all.  I’m breathing so much better and sleeping like a rock. I’m waking up on my own around 5:15 every morning. On days I don’t have to get up early, I have no problems going back to sleep for a few more hours.  And I never get tired until 9 or 10 at night.  It is a pretty good feeling, I won’t lie.

What a difference meal planning does for a diet.  I did so much better this week preparing my meals.  I was really missing the “bread” element, whether is be bread itself, bagels, or muffins.. I just needed a “texture fix.”  I got online and looked around for some Paleo bread and I came across a breakfast bread.  It consisted of Almond Butter, honey, eggs, cinnamon, and a few other things.  I’m not much of a baker, but I figured that it can’t be THAT hard.  And I surprised myself, it was actually THAT good… Really good.  And not like “oh this is good for being healthy” crap either.  I could actually eat this on a normal lifestyle meal plan.  However, I could change it occasionally by adding raisins or maybe bananas, but for now, I will take it. It will definitely be made again this week.  As well as I have almond flour coming so I will be experimenting with some other “baked goods.”

I also cooked a little, and I mean a little.  I tried cooking a spaghetti squash once before in the oven, and it was awful… Too gritty.  But, being on this diet, I figured I’d try it again.  I got a small one and this time, instead of the oven, I nuked it in the microwave and it was FABULOUS… YES… FINALLY, Convience pays off!  I went to the store to find spaghetti sauce that was “paleo friendly”.  ONE… Only ONE sauce at Dierbergs has no added sugar or regular salt to it… And it was $9 bucks a jar… My frugal grandmother would roll over in her grave if she knew I paid that much for sauce… However, being that she’s still alive, I’m just not going to tell her, because I can guarantee I’d hear “You’re an idiot” from her.  Yup, that’s Grandma.  I will say, that $9 jar of sauce was some of the best I’ve ever eaten.  I put that with some farm raised ground beef and mushrooms, and it was pretty dang good.  In fact, I made enough for a few more meals out of it. So, if I broke down the price for them meal, it would be about $5 each.  Can’t complain about that, and I didn’t have to pay a tip.

Yesterday I grilled out for the first time this year.  A Ribeye steak, and elk burgers.  I only ate part of the Ribeye (which was sooo hard because I could have easily have taken down the 16oz steak, but I refrained) and the rest is for my meals this week.  I’m looking forward to it.

Workouts have been pretty good.  I took off a couple more days this week, which I know now, is what my body needed.  I hydrated a lot, and I got a massage, and I haven’t stopped peeing since.  I’m guessing some water weight shook off of me finally.

This week’s goal is to not eat out til the weekend.  I have plenty of food prepared so I have no excuses.  I hope to get outside to do cardio this week as long as the weather stays nice.  If anyone is wanting any of the recipes that I’ve tried, just message me or email me at .

Until next week,

Kimberly Renoud,
Emerge Fitness Training

Age is just a number: Testimonial from Beth Pirtle's client, Marcia Tiemeyer

“I started working out at Emerge about 18 months ago with Beth Pirtle.  Beth is a neighbor and friend that I have known since we both moved into our homes over 20 years ago.  Our children grew up together and we are in the same age bracket.

I was over weight and having various aches, pains, and problems that I was associating with age. I had some concerns about osteoporosis and knew one of the best ways to help eliminate the risk was to do weight bearing exercise.   I was also very conscious of my body image as a working professional dealing with clients on a daily basis.  I am facing competition daily with women and men half my age.  I know I bring more to the table with my years of experience and knowledge, and if given an equal opportunity to present my information, I generally can win the business.  But, getting that opportunity, to get my foot in the door, was starting to become a big problem.  I realized that part of it was a general image perception.  I needed to do something and make some changes. You must understand that “back in the day”, when I was young, women weren’t given the opportunity to compete nor were we encouraged to work out and build muscle and stamina.  I didn’t know how to really work out, or build muscle with weights.   With what little I knew, I could seriously hurt myself trying to help myself.  Beth came to mind as someone who might understand my concerns and situation, especially with her weight loss background and personal training experience.

After working with Beth for 18 months, I’m happy to report that I have lost 30 lbs.  I’m stronger and have more balance and stamina.  I have incorporated exercise (working out) and healthy eating into my daily life without much difficulty.  I have gone down 3 sizes and can buy and wear clothes that I wouldn’t have even thought about 2 years ago.  I look good in my clothes, and that gives me added confidence in my personal and professional life.  But most of all, I’m stronger and feel better.  Loosing the weight and working out on a regular basis has strengthened my back and knees.  I don’t have that constant lower back pain and my knees work for me again.  I can keep up with my 15 (soon to be 18) Grandchildren, and that is a considerable feat in itself.  I work with Beth twice a week for 30 minutes a session.  Some sessions are harder than others, but she is very careful to make sure I’m not over extending or hurting myself in any way.  I don’t always look forward to our sessions, but I miss them when I’ve been away for a couple of weeks. 

My Husband has noticed the difference and he has also started working out with Beth.  He only has the stamina for one 30 minute session a week, but he will tell you that it’s his schedule that won’t allow for more.  He used to be the family athlete, but now it’s my turn to take on that role. 

By the way, I’m 61 years old, with 5 Children and 15 (almost 18) Grandchildren.  You’re never too old to be the best you can be!!

Marcia Tiemeyer

Paleo: One Week down…

I’m officially on day 8 of the Paleo diet, and frankly…. It’s not too bad.  Of course I miss a few things, but the phrase “food is for fuel, not fun” keeps going thru my head. I had a lot of positive responses to my first blog and a few shoutouts from others who I’ve helped lose weight. It has all been motivating and it definitely pushes me to achieve my 60 day challenge.  Here’s a recap of my week:

Tuesday thru Friday: Breakfast and snacks have been wayyyy too easy.  Lunch and dinner have been tough.  I’m not a cook either, in fact, I hate cooking.  I think its because since I make food for one, whatever I eat, I have to generally eat for 3 or 4 more meals.  Another reason is because I have crazy hours.  3 days a week I’m up at 5am for work, and M-Thursday, I’m usually at the gym til 8-8:30pm.  When I get home at 8:30 and by the time I shower and eat (just eat, not cook), it’s 9. And this girl  needs her 8 hours of sleep. The last thing I want to do when I get home from work is cook and clean.  So> I have to do a better job at preparing meals.

My workouts have been very consistent, so no problem there.  And with the warmer weather, it was very easy to stay hydrated.  I was easily taking in over 100 oz of water.  Ha, that reminds me. For one of my meals last week, I went to Chipolte for lunch.  I got my usual, fajita burrito bowl, with steak, veggies, mild salsa and lettuce only.  I’m not sure what they did different, but my mouth was on FIRE! I took down over 80 oz of water trying to eat it! (I’m being serious about the water). I love spicey food, but holy cow… I was red in the face and I was sweating profusely.  I felt like my intestines just had a high intensity workout… Talk about curbing the appetite.. I didn’t want to eat for many hours later.

 After a late night at work, I used to pick up food from Lions Choice or Olive Garden.  Now it is harder. I went to McAlisters one night and I ordered a “Grilled Chicken Salad, No cheese, no croutons, no tomatoes no cucumbers (I hate tomatoes & cucumbers)”.  The guy behind the counter said “Seriously?”  So this is what my life has come to.  The McAlisters guy actually found humor in my order. I hope I made his freaking day.

I have found some relief in baked fish and some roasted chicken from the deli.  I picked up a roasted half chicken from Whole Foods and for anyone who doesn’t think there’s a difference between regular chicken and “cage free/grass fed” chicken, is off their rocker.  I can tolerate the latter by far.  It has such a cleaner taste, and it isn’t as dry.  And I feel better knowing I’m not putting chicken in my mouth that has been fed concrete, feces, and hormones (gross, but true).

I haven’t had too many cravings, but I do miss cheese.  I could eat nearly anything as long as it had cheese on it… I asked the lady at the Cheese Counter at Whole Foods if they had non dairy, and she pointed it out to me… She told me the brand that “tastes the most like cheese.” In other words, it was all crap, but this was the least of the worst.  Ugh it looks like rubber.  But I put it on Taco shell-less tacos and I couldn’t even taste it. 

Temptations have been pretty minimal.  I went to the Movies the other night.  I packed some almonds with me in case I was starving. As we were walking into the theater, I got the overwhelming smell of popcorn.  After being asked if I wanted anything and I gave a grumbling “No….” We made our way to our seats.  He didn’t get popcorn or soda either.  I think he was afraid to.  After we sat down, the previews were showing and all you could hear was people rustling in their bags of popcorn or the straws in their sodas moving.  To me, it sounded like all the snack eating was amplified… Jerks.

I went out to lunch at Ruby Tuesdays with my parents yesterday.  They have been eating healthier (not AS healthy as they should, but it’s progress).  I did well, I had a (1/2)sirloin, grilled green beans and a salad.  Mom had a burger without the bun and vegetables.  Pops went all out with a burger and fries… I’m glad my food was good or I probably would have caved and knocked dad over for his fries (my weakness).  And now, Ruby Tuesdays is giving out those biscuits, those oh so tasty biscuits.  Both of my parents each ate theirs, and then mine just sat there… Staring at me… I didn’t eat it…

The rest of my week was just fine.  One of my best friends has to go on a “Raw Food Diet” for 21 days, so, being that misery loves company,  I have someone to complain to who will understand (except I get meat… hahaha).  She’s going to be blogging to me  how she feels. BUT after 3 days, she already cheated.  I’m on date 8, and I have not… = Winning

After 8 days, I can already see changes.   I’m 3 lbs down,  that’s always a good thing.  By day 3 of my diet, my allergies were GONE.  No sneezing, no sniffling, no congestion.  Oh it’s fantastic.  I’m sleeping much better, except my body is waking up EVERY morning at 5:15… Not so cool.  My energy level is way up.  I was on the go all last week and I was all over St. Louis this weekend and it wasn’t until last night around 5, that my body said “slow…down”  I am seeing hormonal changes as well (I won’t go into too much detail there).  But my skin is clearing up. Not that I had bad skin, but it’s just not dull looking like it was.  I can also tell that I’m a lot calmer and I’m not so edgy or cranky, and I can focus better. 

It’s only one week down and about 8 weeks to go, however I’m pretty pumped to see what’s to come (or go, in my case).  I need to focus this week more on cutting down salt and changing from higher calorie cashews to lower calorie pistachios.  And I need to PLAN my meals better.  I have a client who has been doing Paleo for over a month and has seen great results.  He brought me Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies today and it was the perfect reward for my first week.  And they were AWESOME!!!

I will probably blog a little more often than once a week because there’s so much information that I left out. 

Until Next time,

Kimberly Renoud,
Emerge Fitness Training

A Message For My Fellow Baby Boomers (Effective Exercise Training)

I’m currently working on an additional certification “Physical Activity Instruction of Older Adults” (50 – 100). Yes, I do fall into this category despite the fact that I do not feel the least bit old and am fitter and in better shape today than I was 30 years ago. Every day for the next 17 years, 10,000 Baby Boomers will turn 65 and despite the fact that the level of fitness can vary dramatically from person to person, as a group, we boomers are living longer and making quality of life a priority. This makes us one of the most significant groups in our population/economy and warrants our getting consistent, accurate information on what the most effective exercise training is for us as individuals.

“Effective exercise-training programs may prevent or reverse bone loss at the lumbar spine and femoral neck (hip) of pre- and postmenopausal women by almost 1% per year. For bone modeling to result from exercise, however, the intensity of the stimulus appears to be more important than its frequency. Greater loads and fewer repetitions result in greater gains in bone mass than lower loads repeated more times. Weight-bearing endurance exercise and resistance exercise have both been found to increase bone mass at clinically relevant sites (hip, spine, wrist) in older men and women, but only when the exercise is quite vigorous. Activities of low to moderate intensity have had mixed results in elderly adults; appreciable gains in strength but variable changes in bone density have been documented.

Exercises that introduce skeletal stress through ground-reaction forces (e.g., walking, jogging, and stair climbing) appear to be more effective for building bone in the femoral neck, a common fracture site, than those that introduce skeletal stress through joint-reaction forces (e.g. weightlifting and rowing). Both types of exercises, however, effectively increase bone density of the whole body, lumbar spine, and proximal femur.

Beth Pirtle

Vicki Rodell After 8 Sessions Working With an Emerge Trainer

  I am very proud of Vicki’s first 4 weeks of training and already reaching goals.   She has lost 7lbs, 8 inches and her body fat went from 32% to now 28%.  When a client has this big of changes in the first 4 weeks that tells me she has followed her program with out fail.  This involves some diet changes, cardio 5x a week and strength/functional training with me 2x a week.  One of my goals for Vicki when we first met was to get her running.  She has spent a lot of time in the gym doing cross training machines.  She has healthy knees and there is no reason for her not  to run.  Running is one of the best ways to burn calories and even better  you don’t need a gym to do it.  Anytime you can take exercise outside it makes it so much more enjoyable.  We have slowly been adding running into her cardio workouts 5 minutes at a time and doing lots of sprints during her sessions at Emerge.  On Vicki’s 45th bday she ran for 45 minutes!  Already achieving goals.  First four weeks have been a huge success and can’t wait to see the changes in the next four weeks. 

Angie Pirtle

Emerge Fitness Training

Taking on the Paleo Path…

It was almost exactly a year ago when I was at Emerge when one of MP’s clients was talking about a “diet” he had tried. He said he had lasted only 7 days, however he felt great and lost a substantial amount of weight while on it.  If one has read my random blogs over the past 3-4 years, I’m always up for trying a certain “diet.”  I’ve tried going sugar free, meat free (never again), among a few other things. I never felt good while on them. So, after talking with Josh, I decided to do some research on this “Paleo” thing and see if it’s something I could do.  Two weeks after my “start date” I felt amazing. I was 9 lbs down and I was sleeping so soundly, I always woke up before my alarm clock, my allergies were controlled without medication and I had so much energy. It was fantastic.  My lack of discipline and having a busy travel schedule had caused me to completely fall off the diet. I definately felt it, and so did my waistline.

February 2012:
I feel miserable. My diet has been awful, I’ve had sinus issues daily, and my energy level went kaput. I was swollen and bloated, and it was taking it’s toll on me. Immediately I knew what I needed to do. So, after weeks of mentally preparing and menu prepping, yesterday, March 12th, I went back to Paleo: this time for 60 days…minimum… 

Paleo, also known as the “Caveman” diet, is eating “off the land” like they did millions of years ago.  There are several versions of the food guidelines, but the one I found looked like this:

Foods you can eat:
Tree Nuts
Honey, Agave nectar, or Stevia

Foods you can’t eat:
Grains of any sort (wheat, oats, rice, corn, etc)
Peanuts or any legumes (beans)
Sugar or artificial sweeteners

Are you thinking “Seriously?? No way”.. Don’t worry, I did too.

So, after reading the food guidelines and some informational reading on the diet, I decided that it’s something I really should do…  I have a sensitive stomach when it comes to foods (I’m lactose intolerant and I get a bad reaction to grains and refined sugars) so I believed this route would be great for me.

Sunday, March 11th:
I had my final “hurrah” day. I ate everything I thought I’d miss on my diet. I ate a big cupcake… I ate a couple of cookies… And I ate half of a Papa Murphys pizza. And I felt sooo gross that night.  Ok, mentally, I was ready to start Monday.

Monday, March 12th:
I decided to track my food log on an app called “My Net Diary.” I wanted to make sure that my calorie intake was in a healthy range and that my carbs/proteins/fats ratio was on track. 

When I told people about this diet, the immediate response is “Oh, so you’re doing a no carb diet?” or “Isn’t this like Atkins?” And the answer is not at all.  We live in a society were people instantly think grains are the only way to get carbs in. However, we overlook fruits and vegetables. And the great thing is, I get to eat a LOT of both on this diet.  My carb intake averages about 40% of my diet, which is pretty good.

Another question was about calcium and fiber. Again, fruits and vegetables have quite a bit, but we instantly think of grains and dairy for these. And with all the fruit I’ve been eating, it’s a LOT of fiber…

Tuesday, March 13th:
I’m halfway through day two and I’ve seen immediate results.  I slept a full 8 hours last night and I woke up 10 minutes before my alarm went off (at 5:15am, mind you) and I wasn’t groggy or tired. I was really surprised with this, since the time change always throws me off. Secondly, I haven’t felt bloated.  That weighted down feeling always made me feel miserable and tired. I actually have a lot of get up and go energy.

I plan on posting once a week on my progress, and other changes I have felt due to the diet.

I do want to say that this diet isn’t for everyone, nor do I believe everyone should be on it.  Some people need grains or some forms of dairy.  Just like every thing else, is person’s body is different and can do different things. 

Also, I am working out an average of 6 days a week. I do weight/circuit training 3-4 days a week and I get in high intensity cardio 2 days a week, and moderate cardio 2 days a week. I will continue with this schedule throughout the diet. Keeping up with my workouts is just as important as the diet itself.

And if anyone has questions about the diet, feel free to ask! This is as much of a research project for me as it is research information for the readers. It’s a continuing learning process.

1.5 days down, 58.5 days to go!


Kimberly Renoud,
Emerge Fitness Training

Julie's Figure Competition Blog- Week 8

We are 8 weeks out!! I apologize for not getting any blogs up the last 2 weeks… Things have been very busy at work (which is a great thing!!!) Since I last blogged we have switched up a couple components in our prep. So, starting with diet since it  is the biggest component in preparation for a competition, we are now carb cycling. Basically this means we are consuming 3 days of low carbs (about 100g) and one day high (about 300g) keeping fat and protein the same each day. Our average  net calories come out to 1,700 cals for the day so that breaks down to 1,500 cals on low days and 2,300 calories on high days. By having such a huge jump in calories this keeps the metabolism running high and acts as a refeed keeping leptin levels high (see my previous blog about refeeds and leptin levels if you have not read it already). Before starting the carb cycling I was feeling a little unsure about where I would come in at for the competition and was starting to doubt myself that I would do as well as I wanted so we decided to kick it into high gear a week early just to be safe. This is a HUGE competition so I really want to place top 5 in open and novice categories 🙂 We took measurements before starting the carb cycling and I was 15.7% with a steady drop in body fat and keeping a consistent gain in lean muscle from the previous weeks. Now after 2 weeks of the cycling, I am feeling like I am close to where I was the week before my last competition except carrying more lean muscle and I’m 8 weeks out still, whoo hoo!! I will be looking forward to taking measurements next week to see exactly where I’m at now! One thing I will say about carb cycling is that I am starving on the high carb days!! I would have thought it would be the opposite…Goes to show you carbs make you crave more carbs even if they are “good carbs”! 

Now for cardio, I have switched It up to where if I am feeling good (let me rephrase that… If I am not feeling completely run down and sore) I am doing HIIT which stands for high intensity interval training. On the days that I am feeling  beat down I am doing 45-60min steady state cardio. I did a lot of research on the interval training verses the steady state and what I have found is that they are both good but for the purpose of doing cardio and my end goal in mind, the HIIT is going to be my best bet. Interval training is good because can be done in a shorter time frame, I do a  5-10 min warm up, then 20 minutes of 20-30 seconds all out as hard as I can go immediately followed by 40 to 60 seconds rest, then a 5 to 10 minute cool down. My favorite piece of equipment to do this on is the bike or step mill… The hardest is doing sprints on the woodway curve so that probably means thats where I need to be doing them the most 🙂 I can’t wait for the weather to finally get warm out so we can do this outside on a track! Anyways, HIIT training very beneficial for people, like myself, that have a greater amount of fast twitch muscle fibers verses slow twitch fibers. These types of fibers hypertrophy (grow bigger) greater than a slow twitch fiber and by doing the intervals at such a high intensity it stimulates these fast twitch fibers that the steady state cardio does not stimulate. By doing all steady state you can actually start to convert the fast twitch fibers in your body to more of an intermediate fiber type. Lastly, the statement that made switching my cardio to mainly HIIT a no brainer was ” why burn fat for 40 minutes when you can be burning fat ALL day?!”… I think that pretty much says it all! 

As for lifting, our intensity level is insane! We are going hard 6 days a week, still keeping our 2 leg days and 2 shoulder days. One of our shoulder days has been all Olympic (power) lifts that really bringing those fast twitch fibers in to play and the second shoulder day being more of our small joint movements like dumbbell shoulder presses, handstand pushups, lateral raises, etc. As for legs, we are going super heavy one day and more of a cardio/plyometric style the other day. On our heavy leg days we have set new records of 315lb top half barbell deadlift and also 495lb drop set leg press. I can really see huge changes in my shoulders and legs going into this competition so I am beyond excited about that! One thing here I will mention is how important it is to do corrective exercise and activation sets to prevent/avoid injuries to be able keep the intensity high! I’ll also give Dr. Lytle a shout out here… The Activation Release Techniques he performs at my visits have kept my body pain free and capable of lifting heavy loads 🙂

A Previous Shoulder Injury Won't Stop Emerge Athlete Josh Matejka From Pitching in Top Form This Season

Christian high school senior, Josh Matejka, pitches for his schools varsity baseball team. After injuring his shoulder during his sophomore year, Josh noticed decreased strength, endurance, and pitching velocity during his junior year. He started training with me after a year of not meeting his expectations. He wanted to regain the range of motion back in his throwing arm and build muscle and strength to come back at the top if his game for his senior year.

We started with 4 weeks of hypertrophy training; I had him super set push movements with pull movements. We would do 10-12 reps at 67% of Josh’s one reps max with a 30-90 second rest. Next I had Josh focus  on strength training for 4-5 weeks. We used more core lifts with some assistance moves. We would do 6-8 reps at 85% of his one rep max and a rest period of 2-3 minutes. Lastly we trained for power using reps of 2-5 of 90-95% of his one rep max with 3-5 mins rest, also including intense upper and lower body plyometrics.

After these 3 periodization cycles of hypertrophy, strength, and power Josh has begun throwing in preparation for the upcoming season and says ” I feel stronger than ever, my mechanics flow much smoother because of the stabilization and core strength, and my coaches are very impressed with the speed of my pitches”. Josh has gained 11 pounds of muscle in his off and pre-season training, and has made significant gains in his strength and power since he has begun with Nick at Emerge.

Emerge Fitness Training

Nick Dudas CSCS






Return of an Ex Client

My ex client Vicki Rodell is back training with me.  I met Vicki roughly 10 years ago when I first started as a trainer at 24 hour fitness.  I was fresh out of college with not much experience in the personal trainer field but could rehearse front to back an anatomy and kinesiology text book.  I had a couple things right:  I knew how to motivate people,  the basics about nutrition for weight loss, and how to put together a cardio program.  The one important thing I didn’t know a lot about was program design for an exercise program.  There must be a plan based on a clients goals, proper progressions, and other changes along the way.  Just doing random exercises because they are hard and arbitrary sets and reps is not a very well designed plan.  I use to train like this before I had much experience .  I would squeeze as many exercises as I could in an hour  and the goal was to always make the client sore.  I can’t believe I am admitting this but I guess everyone has to start somewhere.  I didn’t know much about posture and corrective exercises and the foam roller was not even a part of my vocabulary, Oh and one more thing, core training was doing sit ups on a ball and using the abdominal machines.   I gave good service and had good client retention but my training skills could have been a lot better. Needless to say 10 years of experience later and more education I am excited to show Vicki what real personal training is.

Vicki is new to Emerge last week and I am excited to put her on a functional training program for weight loss.  We are on session number 2 working on technique,  core assessment, and posture correction exercises this week.  Today’s workout we stepped the intensity up for pure calorie burning by adding extra conditioning exercises such as the woodway treadmill and sled pushes on the turf.

Vicki has tried lots of things over the last couple of years and just can’t get the extra 10lbs off.  I’m excited to not only get her weight down (already down 2lbs today since we started last Monday) but also get her in the best shape of her life.    I will be periodically blogging her progress.  I’m so excited for my new challenge!  Every new client of mine is a challenge, a challenge that I will get them in their best shape ever.

Be careful when choosing a personal trainer and do your research.  Obviously education is always going to be number one but make sure that your trainer has experience.   One thing we pride ourselves with is that Emerge trainers  have both.  We are all highly educated and constantly continuing are education and all of us have 5 plus years of experience.  That is hard to find at most gyms.

Angie Pirtle

Emerge Fitness Training