Get Fit For Fido Special Guests and Events

We are happy to announce that we will have special guests every night of our Get Fit For Fido, and some will be taking the classes, some will be co-instructing and some will be there to do a signing session.  We want to thank everyone who is donating their time to come out for such a great event! Below is a schedule of who will be teaching what classes and who will be making a guest appearance. 

Tuesday, December 6th: Trainer Jason Tokun, Special guest Rams player Craig Dahl

Thursday, December 8th: Trainer Julie Hamilton, Special guest Rams player Adam Goldberg

Tuesday, December 13th: Trainer Adam Kulp, Special guest Rams player Josh Brown

Thursday, December 15th: Trainers Matt & Angie Pirtle, Special guests former Rams & Bears player
                                                 Pisa Tinoisamoa, and WWE Wrestler Randy Orton

Tuesday, December 20th: Trainer Kimberly Renoud, Special guests Rams player Brit Miller

*More Guests not listed may make appearances as well

** Dr. Lytle and Dr. Rasch, Chiropractors from Precision Health will be providing ART assessments and adjustments for all donating participants during each class.

Also, Check out Emerge Fitness along with Kim Brown, executive director from 5 Acres Humane Society on Fox 2 at 11 on Tuesday! We will be promoting Get Fit For Fido and Kim is bringing along a 4 legged furry friend that is ready to be adopted!

Couples Partner Up To Partner Train

Diane Barry Witmer and Beth & Dan Cuquet, 2 husband and wife teams who partner train at Emerge are finding that pairing up with their partner not only keeps them accountable to their weekly workout, but creates just enough competition to keep them moving forward towards their fitness goals.  Between the four, they have lost a significant number of pounds while gaining/maintaining lean muscle mass, making substantial gains in strength, body composition and overall health and wellbeing. Both couples not only see their time together working out as a key part of their fitness lifestyle, but creates time they actively spend together.




Beth Pirtle

Emerge Fitness

New Emerge Shirts

Stop by Monday and pick up the new Emerge shirts.

Don't Do What's Expected of You

In between sets this afternoon, a client of mine mentioned he had seen his doctor the day before for a routine checkup.  He shared with me an exchange he and his doctor had had during the visit that went like this.

Client: “Well Doc, I’ve been working with a personal trainer and I have been able to move around without the pain I used to have.”

Doc: “Personal trainer, huh? How old is this trainer?”

Client: “I don’t know exactly. In his thirties I guess.”

Doc:  “Well don’t let these young “trainers” push you too hard.  Old guys like us don’t need to be worked that hard.”

Wow.  Two big stereotypes given out as advice in a two sentence blurt. 

According to this doctor, age is a BIG determinant of what you are able, and not able, to do.

I was too young to understand training older populations, and my client was “too old” to be trained “hard.”

People like to stereotype. It keeps the world simple and manageable.  Things can be categorized in easy, quantifiable terms without exceptions.  That’s nice.  It’s also not reality.

A person’s age, gender etc. should not be the sole determinant of their ability to exercise.  Their fitness level and readiness to exercise physically determines this.  It wasn’t long ago that resistance training wasn’t for women. That opinion has changed.  A lot.

Nevertheless, you hear what’s good for you or not good for you based on these very limiting ways of thinking and grouping people. 

Bottom line,  DONT LET THIS WAY OF THINKING LIMIT YOU OR GIVE YOU AND EXCUSE NOT TO BE HEALTHY.  It’s not intelligent and it won’t allow you to hit your physical potential.

Matt Pirtle, MA, CSCS

I did it! Cowbell half marathon/2011

What a day! Weather was beautiful on Sunday and I made sure I arrived early at the Cowbell Half Marathon to park easily and avoid the stress of standing in too long a line for the “Johnny on the Spot”. I’m on my own today, or at least I thought, and I find myself, pre-race, standing in the middle of Frontier Park chatting with a young man from Chesterfield who had chosen the Cowbell as his first half marathon run. Ryan told me his training had been going well and I assured him that he chose a good course for a first half (later that morning Ryan would pass me somewhere around mile 8- looking towards me with a smile on his face).
I’m standing on my own again waiting for the time to walk to the line and thinking about the possible outcomes today. I’ve computed race pace to meet my best 13.1 time and to get a 2 minute PR. The last 2 half marathons I’ve done did not turn out being the best experiences for me. I not only did not meet my best time, I added minutes each time. Although I didn’t acknowledge this to anyone, today would determine for me just exactly what part running would continue to play in my life. I knew that running would always be important for me to maintain my level of fitness both physically and mentally. However, the competitive desire to continue going back to the drawing board, rethinking my training, pushing to the next level to hopefully break the 2 hour mark might not be the best goal at my age. Perhaps I’ve peaked and need to allow myself to just enjoy all the wonders and fitness advantages of running.
Ok, here I am standing at the start in the corral for those intending to do a 10 minute pace. I’m wondering, just for a moment, do I belong here, should I move further back in the herd as not to get in the way of these faster runners? I’m packed in, so I stay put. The run has started. I remind myself to glance at my Garmin to make sure I don’t go out too fast. Oh wow! It’s Jackie and Sam (my daughter and granddaughter) cheering me on. Asked everyone to stay home today, but she surprised me anyway. After the first mile or two, I stop looking at my Garmin in fear it will only create anxiety for me. I’m doing OK as I move through the miles, reminding myself that next weekend my daughter will be running in the Chicago Marathon in pursuit of a 2 hour and 46 minute marathon time. This will get her to the Olympic trials. I try to tell myself that if I can work through the points of pain during this run I can take some of her suffering away the next week. This works for me when it gets hard at various times during the run, mostly when I reach the long hill after 10 miles. Unfortunately though, we can’t take anyone else’s pain/discomfort away, we all have to do the hard- no excuses if we want the glory.
Mile 8 is significant because it’s at this mile I make eye contact with Ryan-and Jackie shows up again. I’m working hard to keep my pace and I look at Jackie and mouth the word “hurt”. She cheers me on and says “It’s supposed to hurt”. I know, I know, you have to be a distance runner to understand.
I’m getting there and my calves start to talk to me. They seem to be saying, we’re not going to hang in here too much longer. The hill is behind me and it’s pretty much down hill from here. Calves start to scream. I see the finish!! I look up and say, please don’t let my calves lock up. I can’t go down now! I shift my weight to the back of my heels to keep my calves from locking. Wow! Several feet away from the finish the clock says 2:02- 5 minutes better than my best time and I run through the finish. I’m thinking thank you- thank you to all who were in my corner in preparation for this great day!

Angie Pirtle's Guide to a Fit Pregnancy

Today is day 183 of my pregnancy which puts me at 26 weeks.  Time is flying!  I saw my Doctor 2 weeks ago for my 24 week appointment and every thing is perfect with a weight gain of 9.5lbs.  I have good and bad weeks with exercise.  Last week was perfect I didn’t miss a day of cardio or strength training and combined with very clean diet.  It’s amazing when you put the exercise and diet together how much better you feel and the surge of energy you get. 

 My new cardio is walking on the Emerge Woodway treadmill.  I love it!  If you have never trained on a Woodway Treadmill it’s a must that you try it out.  It’s the best treadmill workout you can get.  The Woodway Curve is  self propelled and used for speed training.  You can do sprints at any speed or if your pregnant like me and can’t sprint it is great for speed walking.  Speed walking on a regular treadmill does nothing for me but the curve and self propelling of the woodway makes it very challenging.  I have good energy and still keeping up with my clients and chasing Charley around.  I’m expecting the fatigue to start again soon but until then I am keeping active. 

My New found favorite is 1pc of ezekiel bread with 1 tbsp almond butter and 1 tbsp E.D. Smith peach fruit spread.  This is my breakfast every morning and then followed by a protein shake mid morning.  Did you know fruit spreads have a lot less calories and sugar than fruit preserves?  Preserves on average have about 50 cal per tbsp and 13-16 grams of sugar.  Fruit spread has 25 calories and 6 grams of sugar per tbsp.   

1 pc ezekiel bread 80 cal

1tbsp almond butter 95 calories

1 tbsp fruit preserve 25 calories

For a grand total of 200 calories.  This is great for a midafternoon snack or breakfast.

Stayed tuned for my next two weeks update.

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Angie Pirtle

Emerge Fitness Training

Boot Camp info for Monday, Oct. 3rd.

It’s been nearly 10 years, but I FINALLY get to go on a real vacation! I will be getting back late Monday, Oct. 3rd, so I will not be having my 5:30 advanced boot camp.  HOWEVER, whether you are a regular or you are looking to try a boot camp, I Highly recommend coming to the 6:30 class because Matt Pirtle will be subbing for me! He’s one of the original trainers to have boot camps at Emerge and it’s been a year since he’s taught one so I guarantee he’s got some great stuff planned! Monday… 6:30… Boot Camp.. Be there!

Emerge Fitness

Angie Pirtle's Guide To A Fit Pregnancy

Three weeks later and I am back.  Today I am 23 weeks and 5 days and the baby is roughly 8.5  inches and 1.5lbs.  I have definitely made some appearances changes compared to my photos 3 weeks ago.  My belly has arrived.  I’m not sure on my weight gain at this point but I’m sure it has gone up.   I will be seeing my doctor on Friday so I will be blogging about my doctor visit next  week.  Diet is still the same and staying very strict during the week and adding more calories on the weekends.  I have made some changes to my exercise program as of this week.  I am no longer running just walking on the treadmill on an incline.  The baby feels like it is sitting very low and putting lots of pressure on my bladder.  Which makes for having a very weak bladder and not very fun with all the sneezing with the weather changes.  My energy is still good considering I am working very long days.  I saw Dr. Marcy Cooper last week for acupuncture and managed to get all my workouts.  Makes a considerable difference on my energy levels.  I have started to feel the baby kick!   I laugh because when I first started feeling Charley move it was intense movement and hards kicks and this baby is very gentle and light movement.   I am wondering if this baby will be a little calmer than Charley:). 

I love nutrition and finding new healthy recipes and want to share some of my recipes and also share the diet of my 14 month old daughter Charley.  It can be very stressful feeding babies, toddlers, and kids.  Before having Charley I already knew her diet and how she was going to eat and couldn’t wait to put it into action.  I have always been obsessed with how parents feed their children and the bad choices they make for them.  I will admit once I started feeding Charley solid foods it was a lot harder than I thought. 

I feed Charley the exact same way I eat. I   Focus on a balance of nutrients from all foods.   I am finding that she is getting pickier with foods the older she is getting.  I make sure she gets 5-6 meals a day and each meal is a balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fat.  Her breakfast always consist of  3-4  egg whites and either fruit, whole grain pancakes or oatmeal.  Mid Morning options range from 8oz of almond milk, fruit, or vegetable.  A typical lunch is 2 pc of whole grain bread with almond butter with  a fruit spread and a fruit or vegetable.  She also gets on occasion rice pasta macaroni & cheese with low fat kosher hot dog and a fruit.  I’m not super sold on giving her hot dogs but she likes them and it is protein.  I buy the kosher hot dogs that have no fillers or artificial flavors.  She only gets hot dogs once or twice a week.  Mid Afternoon I always give her 8oz of almond milk with 2 tablespoons of protein powder and either fruit or animal crackers.  It’s a great snack for her after her afternoon nap.  Dinners are always whatever Matt and I are cooking.  We eat lots of guacamole, lean protein, and vegetable.  She finishes the day off with 8oz. of almond milk before bed.  That is a brief breakdown of Charley’s diet.  

I will be back blogging my 24th week next week. 

Guacamole recipe

Combine all ingredients

1 lg avocado

1 tbsp lime juice

1 small jalapeno

1 Roma tomato

1tsp hot sauce

1 small onion

1 garlic clove

salt to taste

Whole Wheat Pancakes

  • 1-3/4 whole wheat flour
  • 2 tablespoons stevia
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon (optional)
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 egg
  • 1-1/2 cups almond milk
  • 3 tablespoons cooking oil

Angie Pirtle

Emerge Fitness

Emerge Welcomes New Trainer Julie Hamilton

Julie came to Emerge from Lifetime Fitness in Chesterfield.   Julie has a an extensive resume with lots of experience and education in the field.  The Emerge staff is excited for her to join our team of trainers.

Julie Hamilton

Julie Hamilton









 B.S. in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from the University of Missouri-Columbia

Strength and Conditioning Coach for all University of Missouri-Columbia Athletes, 2007

Strength and Conditioning Coach for UMSL- Men’s Golf, 2011-2012

NASM CES Certified Personal Trainer

ACE certified personal trainer

CPR and AED certified

Kettle Bell America- Kettle Bell Certified

BOSU certified

Core Fundamentals Academy- Power Plate Certified

Pre/Post Natal certified

6 years experience personal training

Gymnast for 11 years and Swimmer for 6 years

Ran Chicago Marathon in 2008 and have run several Half Marathons, 2006-2008

3rd Place NPC, Missouri State Bodybuilding- Figure Class- B, July 2011

Training for October 1st, 2011 Gateway Naturals Figure Competition

 I live, eat and breathe nutrition and fitness. It fascinates me to see how different ways of training affect the body to produce such different results. I have trained for competitive swimming, gymnastics, marathons, weight loss, gaining muscle and most recently for figure competitions. I enjoy researching and experimenting with different avenues of training to see what it takes mentally and physically to reach those goals.

 My career in the fitness industry started at the Boxing Gym in 2005, the instructor did not show up for class and being that I went 5 times a week the owner asked if I would step in and teach the class. I did and I absolutely loved it! I began teaching a few of my own classes there and decided to go to the University of Missouri-Columbia for my Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. My first semester at Mizzou, I got my ACE certification and became a personal trainer at the Recreation Center. In 2007, I started strength and conditioning coaching for all the athletes at Mizzou. I can not begin to explain how much I learned from both aspects of training whether it was coaching a team through workouts or working with an individual to reach their goals. I also taught 3 semesters of an in house ACE certification course for students that wanted to become personal trainers at our Rec center. Upon graduation, I moved to Dallas, Texas where I helped open an Equinox. I was the highest level trainer, allowing me to work with special populations and number 1 trainer at the gym for production. There I continued my education and became pre and post-natal, power-plate and kettle bell certified as well as completed their extensive in house EFTI training. After almost 3 years of being in Dallas I moved back to St. Louis to be close to family and worked for Lifetime Fitness for a year where I completed my NASM corrective exercise specialist certification. A friend of mine introduced me to Matt and Angie Pirtle, owners of Emerge Fitness. It could not have been at a better time, I was fed up with the “corporate” gyms only caring about how much revenue I was bringing in and not on my clients and if they were happy and reaching their goals. I am so glad to be at Emerge and be in an atmosphere where the trainers are all here for the right reasons- to do whatever it takes to see their clients succeed! Whether your goals are to improve athletic performance or just being able to function and have energy for everyday life, I am here to motivate, guide and implement a program to reach those goals.

Cow Bell right around the corner

Just under 4 weeks until the Cowbell Half Marathon and I’m 5 days away from my last and longest “long” run. I’ll be 3 weeks out from the run and it’s taper time. I did lots of things different in my training this time around. My primary goal is to feel confident and good at the start of the race. There’s no getting around that I will also be competing, primarily with myself. I’m still trying to get myself to buy into the “just have fun” place, but realistically I know that at various points of the 13.1 mile run I will be doing whatever I can to transcend the pain of “hard” and just forge ahead. The most fun part of the whole experience will be when I cross the finish and the endorphins are popping all over the place in my head. It’s hard to make sense of it all, but physically and mentally pushing yourself to the limit can bring you a sense of well being that stays far beyond the day of the run.

Although I have a training plan, this time I am trying to stay more in touch with my body and how I am feeling with my runs and workouts. I know what it is like to push myself to a point where I am mentally and physically burnt out and I have learned a lot about how to avoid that place. As usual I’m right on with my diet and find that at 57 I’m probably, “relatively speaking”, as strong and less likely to be injured than many of my much younger counterparts. I can lift, press, etc what I need to enable me to live a quality life and stay in the game.

What I’m doing different this time is I run more hills outdoors. I use the treadmill for training runs only when the temperatures are soaring. Most of my running has been on concrete and trails. I’ve put a little less emphasis on speed workouts for the sake of speed and put more time into just running. I am also doing more strength training with my trainer (my son) so as to enhance muscle to hopefully push through when I need to. My running coach (my youngest daughter) has suggested I do some of my longer runs by time, not by distance. I won’t have my oldest daughter running with me this year and I will miss her. My most recent training runs indicate that I am faster, stronger and enjoying my runs more. I’m hoping that when Cow Bell gets here my training will prove to have been the best for me.