I am Matt Wirth, I have recently relocated from Omaha, Nebraska to be the newest personal trainer at Emerge in St. Charles.  As I am establishing my business here, I am challenging you to prove me wrong. I give you the challenge that in one session you can’t tell me that you cannot see the value of training from an accredited personal trainer.

     Many times personal training is looked at as a luxury and only for people that have high paying jobs; what most people don’t know is that training (from a accredited personal trainer) is a investment that you cannot put a price on.

     Our current clientele at Emerge are kids from the age of eight to the older adult ages of seventy eight. College kids are not known to have a lot of money, yet they see the value so much that they pick up part time jobs outside of school just for more personal training.

     These people have learned life long lessons on how to stay fit, eat healthy, avoid injury and illness, proper form/technique, and most of all, getting the most out of their time while working out. Once again, my challenge is this: if you ever have had a trainer in the past and didn’t see results; if you have ever thought about hiring a personal trainer to help motivate, educate, or for accountability.

     If you currently have a personal trainer now (that isn’t at Emerge) and just for kicks would like a free workout to compare methods, contact me. See firsthand what myself here at Emerge can show you; that you may take something away from it.  

    My challenge is simply for you to tell me that you cannot see the value and/or you didn’t take anything away from the workout, all while having a good experience. Contact me and we’ll set you up for your one free session. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.       

Matt Wirth   ‘Emerge Fitness Training 



Heres a testimonial from Kim Lemmon  ‘Omaha Ne. 

“I started working out with a trainer over 3 years ago. I had started school to become a Physical Therapist Assistant and we were working on lifts and transfers. It was when I almost dropped my instructor when we were testing out max assist transfers of 1, that I realized I needed to do more than just lose weight, I needed to become stronger as well. I always knew I needed to lose weight, but was too lazy to do so. I was a couch potato and I was good at it. My family was not active when I was growing up, ergo, I was not active and did not participate in any sports.

My initial goal was to lose 30 lbs. and gain some strength. After 11 months I had lost 50 lbs. and had gotten quite a bit stronger. I am currently the smallest size I’ve ever been and have learned better eating habits. I still struggle with falling off the diet wagon….a lot, but continue to get back on knowing that this is still a work in progress. I also struggle with getting to the gym, but because I have scheduled appointments, I go. Knowing how lazy I am, I knew that I would not go to the gym unless I was going to be held accountable and that led to working with a trainer.

I’ve worked with Matt for approximately 3 years and learned a lot from him. He helped me with proper lifting techniques and form as well as help me work on my diet. Matt has over 10 years of experience and knowledge. He has an athletic background and a strong desire to help others. He also has loads of patience! He has worked with all age groups and fitness levels from couch potato to professional athletes. He’s intelligent with a desire to continue learning. He knows what he knows and he knows what he doesn’t. That which he doesn’t he will find out. Through his guidance, I have started the road to becoming healthier (and less round….although round is a shape!)”

Burn more AFTER your cardio workout.

You can see it on the weight room floor, on tracks, and on the cardio equipment.  Interval training has slowly been replacing  long slow distance (LSD) training as the preferred route to burning calories.  And because burning calories (i.e. weight loss) is the most popular goal among those starting a fitness program, understanding why this switch has been taking place is important.

One of the primary reasons for the switch to interval type training is its effectiveness, and one of the main drivers is the concept of excess postexercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).

EPOC is the amount of oxygen an exerciser has to take in to restore the body to preexercise condition (recovery).

When interval training, often the “bouts” of action are between 15-60 seconds, thus requiring ANAEROBIC mechanisms to supply energy for the work.  Following an interval session (containing several bouts of anaerobic “sets”) the caloric cost of returning the body to it’s preexercise state is very high, and the “burning” has been observed in some studies to last up to 24 hours after exercise. 

So, although an exerciser may burn more calories DURING a steady state aerobic exercise session, the effects of EPOC after an interval training session have been shown to out-do (as far as caloric expenditure is concerned) traditional slow cardio.  Interval training is a time-efficient, effective way of burning calories.

Matt Pirtle, M.A., CSCS

Emerge Fitness Training

St. Charles, Missouri

Program With a Purpose

“The CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. We’ve used our same routines for elderly individuals with heart disease and cage fighters one month out from televised bouts. We scale load and intensity; we don’t change programs.” –

Ok “Mr. Crossfit,” let me get this straight.  You’re telling me that you will have an elite cage fighter (with tight hamstrings and lats, horrible pelvic tilt, and tight IT bands) do the same workouts as an elderly individual with heart disease, (a herniated L4-L5, patellar arthritis, and forward shoulders)? Anyone with ANY fitness knowledge would know that you are an idiot.

Exercise should NEVER be “generalized”. 

Think about why you work out.  What are your goals?  Maybe you want to lose 20 pounds for a class reunion?  Maybe you want to improve your balance and strength so you can continue to do daily activities as you age?  Maybe you are an athlete who needs to increase your agility, power, and size?  Each person should have a reason why he or she wants to work out.  And as a client, you deserve to have a program designed just for you

Once a client has a program, they should ask a lot of “why” questions.  “Why do you have me doing a lot of upper back exercises?” “Why are we starting out with body weight?” It’s very important that a client asks questions because a better understanding of a workout makes a more effective workout.  If a trainer explains to their client that they are doing a lot of upper back/shoulder exercises to correct their forward shoulder problem; they are doing body weight exercises to check for any muscular imbalances or a deviation, a client is more aware of how important form and posture is in order to progress towards their goals. 

After reading a couple of “WOD”s, I ask myself “What is the purpose of doing 30 snatches (WOD Isabel,, a very technical power lift that should be no more than 6 reps? (anaerobic threshold reached at 6) The correct form and speed of a snatch makes it by far, the hardest exercise to perfect.  They should only be taught in a one on one setting, focusing on the breakdown of each biomechanical movement, falling into a synchronized pattern.

 A power movement should never be used in an aerobic form due to the high impact of pressure from the weight on multiplanar joints (shoulder, hip).  So in other words, unless you want to separate your shoulder or tear up your rotator cuff, (aka, your “Supraspinatus-InfraspinatusTeres Minor-Subscapularis” muscles) don’t do more than 6 reps of a power movement.

 “Those athletes who train for function end up with better form than those who value form over function. This is one of the beautiful ironies of training.” –


Repetitive bad form= habitual bad form= nonessential pressure on unsupported joints=injury= job security for orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists. Need I say more?

A lot of times we get requests from clients to just “kick their butt”.  They want a hard workout.  Sure, no problem.  I can easily get you sweating profusely and crawling on the floor without having to run 800 meters 3 three times and do a hundred burpess for time.  Because what’s the purpose of running 800 meters three times and doing a hundred burpess? Will that specific workout get you closer to your goal? 

My point of this blog wasn’t to bash Crossfit, even though I would never recommend anyone to do it.  My point is that program design should never be generalized.  Every person is different.  They walk differently, run differently, sit differently, and stand differently.  In order for a person to continue to successfully progress, each must focus on strengthening their weaknesses. The human body is like a car; no matter how big of an engine you have in it, if you have a bent frame, you have a totaled, non-drivable car.


Kimberly Renoud & Matt Wirth, Emerge Fitness Training

Gateway Naturals – 4 Weeks Out

Tickets for the show are expected to sell out due to the size of this year’s event. Please buy them early

Emerge Compete shirts are available at Emerge for $15. Please wear yours to the event to support me and Nick!

For the next 4 weeks I will be documenting the rest of my journey to the Gateway Naturals Bodybuilding/Figure Competition. The last time I competed was in 2006; I got 1st place in Xtreme Fit. Here is the video, taken by my sister 😉

After that show I had pulled my hamstring and so I decided to focus on training competitors for shows and experimenting and formulating pre-competition strategies. Since all of my competitors have been extremely successful, I decided it was time to apply what I had learned through their success to myself and take the stage again. What some people don’t know is that 2-3 times in the last few years I have begun to diet down for show, but once I had gotten 6-7 weeks out I felt like I wouldn’t make it and my physique wouldn’t be where it needed to be. This time, I am not going to be a quitter 🙂 You can ‘t know how you will end up til you put in ALL the work and just see where you are. My updates will be brief, but I wanted to share with you what goes through the mind of competitor those last vital weeks. 🙂 Stay tuned for updates, and thanks for all the support!

Sat, Sept 11 (EXACTLY 4 weeks away!)

Saturday started with walking the dog, a few clients, and then 45 minutes of low intensity cardio. Today was a high calorie day. Good thing because there were two big temptations to overcome: the Emerge BBQ and a wine party. We have been following our meal plans for 3 months, and haven’t had alcohol since then (minus the dirty martini that was calling my name after a Cardinals game) so we made sure to bring our food with us. Nick and I do 3 days of lower calories, then one day of higher calories. This is not a “cheat day”, mind you.. but a planned and very specific meal plan that we still follow exactly. Having the higher calories really helped with not pigging out on the really delicious looking BBQ and desserts at the Pirtle residence and the mass quantities of wine and finger foods at the wine party. We brought our new puppy with us, so he served as a welcome distraction from the off-limit foods. I only had half of my evening shake and was pretty hungry when I got home so I cooked up some spaghetti squash and snacked on 3 hard boiled egg whites. Sounds appealing, right? 😉 I ended up on track at 1800 calories for my high day.

Sun, Sept 12

Today we woke up and took Drake on a walk. I usually have soy milk in my morning shake, but instead I got a soy latte at The Bridge in New Town. Latte’s are really a nice treat when you are eating the same thing everyday. They’re great because you can flavor them with calorie free sugar free syrups, so the only extra calories you are getting come from the milk. All I had to do was deduct the milk from my shake, and I am still following my meal plan! I LOVE finding ways to divert from the plan but still be completely on track. When we got home from our walk we turned on a DVD of a previous year of the Gateway Naturals and followed along with the poses that the judges called out.  A great trick is to put the TV behind us and a mirror in front of us. That way we can do our poses and quarter turns and compare how our own physiques are coming along compared to the competitors in the DVD. Also, people don’t realize how difficult it is to tighten every muscle you can think of in your body for long durations of time…. practicing with the DVD helps to condition us to these very difficult isometric contractions. I still get pretty sore from them. My shoulders especially start to BURN while I am holding my lats out. Imagine holding a plank position. You start to burn, then you start to shake, then you start to sweat…. all you want to do is move around or drop out of it but your trainer is telling you just 10 more seconds!!!!  Now, imagine that in your whole body.. and in heels! Nick and I are going up to Emerge today to meet with Matt Pirtle. Matt is going to give Nick a little guidance on his posing while I get 45 minutes of low-intensity cardio. Next week I am going back to intervals. Start weight: 146 Current weight: 131 Desired show weight: 123-125

Mon, Sept 13

So today I messed up my diet. GRRRR. I make a double protein shake and have half at 4:30AM for breakfast, then the other half around 8-9. That leaves my oatmeal patty and banana for pre-workout around lunchtime. When I wokeup I felt particularly hungry so I had my oatmeal patty and banana for breakfast instead. The shakes just dont cut it before my workouts, so I felt super tired during cardio. I did 30 minutes on the bike at a moderate intensity. Then I told myself I would sprint outside when I got home after getting my next meal in. Got home, took the dog on a short walk, ate lunch, then I fell asleep. A little frusturated with myself so as soon as I get done typing this I plan to hit a little extra cardio. Well, I guess it isn’t “extra” since I am supposed to be doing 45 minutes and I am short 15 for the day.

Not only did my own screw up get to me today, but scales are the devil. The scale read 131 yesterday, but the beef broth I had last night to help fill me up at dinner is probably the culprit behind my 134 weigh in today. Super high sodium, but it kept me from eating something I shouldn’t have last night. Do I know better than to trust the scale? Absolutely, but it is still disheartening. I see Pirtle tomorrow for a training session, so that will break me out of this minor funk. I go through strange emotions when I evaluate my physique for show. I am happy with my progress, and feel like I am in great shape – but “great shape” for a figure competition is such a different level. My legs and hips need to trim down quite a bit for show. I hope they change enough!!! I am curious to see what my body does in the next few weeks.

Tues, Sept 14

Today was a looooooooong day! I woke up and walked the dog for 40 minutes, which felt like a great start. I had a few clients and then Matt trained me – I should be sore! I absolutely HATE doing pullups, and he ALWAYS makes me do them. Grr! Then I did just 15 minutes on the treadmill before having to go with my husband to the car dealership. 4 hours of sitting that I did not count on, but we got a new truck. 🙂 When we got home I was super duper tired feeling, but I went outside and ran for 25 minutes then walked for 30. Nancy (one of my clients who has competed in three shows and is now expecting her 6th baby! yay!) brought up two of her posing suits for me to see if I would like to borrow them for show. Kerry also brought hers up, so I have three suits to choose from. Very nice of them, because suits can be SO EXPENSIVE. It is really insane how much money such a little bit of fabric can be! Ordered a pair of 5 inch heels, and those should come in the mail in a few days. 🙂 It feels very scary to say that we are just a few weeks away. When I think of the small amount of time, I get pretty scared about getting on stage with a jiggly butt. So, I am still going through waves of feeling prepared and waves of feeling way not prepared. I really feel anxious at times, but I am very excited to be doing this with my husband. 🙂 He has been doing everything perfect and really looks great. He will absolutely be ready to compete! I am proud of him!

Wed, Sept 15

The very best way to indulge, but not really! ;) Protein shake!

The very best way to indulge, but not really! 😉 Protein shake!


So I feel GREAT today. The last couple days my energy was declining more and more. After logging my food and analyzing things a bit more, I think I know what the problem was. Since I had been forgeting to bring some of my food with me, I would just drink a protein shake from here. The shakes are really good tasting, low calorie, and have tons of protein. What they lack, however, is the carbs that my own shake had. I would then make adjustments to my calories later by subtracting things from my diet. I tended to subtract things like fruit and keep my protein. DUH Nicole. So I was only getting in about 1/3 of the carbs I wrote into my diet. Last night I PREPARED and packed all my food up and made it. My energy is really good today. Of course, I still am worried about the progress of my physique – but I feel better having the energy I have today because it makes me feel strong and capable! For those of you that are curious, here is my meal plan:

4:30 AM
1 cup 8th Continent Light Vanilla Soy Milk
10 Strawberries
3/4 Scoop Whey Protein Powder

8:00 AM
1 cup 8th Continent Light Vanilla Soy Milk
10 Strawberries
3/4 Scoop Whey Protein Powder

11:00 AM
1 Serving Oatmeal
3 Egg Whites
1 Banana

2:00 PM
3 Cups Spinach
Broc, Red Pepper, Yellow Pepper, Orange Pepper Veggie Mix
4 oz 99% Lean Ground Turkey Breast
2 tbs Balsamic Vinegar

5:00 PM
2 Regular Rice Cakes
2 tbs Almond Butter

8:00 PM
1/2 Scoop Whey Protein
1 cup 8th Continent Light Vanilla Soy Milk

Since my energy is good today I did great cardio (like I am supposed to!)
15 min walking on an incline
5 min jump rope
15 min burst cardio, 30 seconds sprinting 30 seconds break
5 rounds of 60 second jump roping with 30 seconds rest
5 rounds of 30 seconds boxing 30 seconds break
5 rounds of 60 second jump rope with 30 second break

Now… if I could only wake up tomorrow and tell the difference 😉 I see Pirtle again tomorrow so that will keep my anti-funk mode moving right along.

Wed, Sept 15th Afterthoughts…

I need to focus on some positives. I keep forgetting that for all the shows I have ever done before I was doing insane amounts of cardio, never truly following my diet, and then pigging out every once in a while because I just couldn’t stand it. Show prep in the past was SUPER hard. This time, I have been able to live my life fairly normally, I have stayed on my diet and never had a pig out binge moment, I am not really craving anything besides some good wine or a dirty martini alongside some greek food. My actual weight is the same as it was for my Xtreme fit competition but since I am doing so good I just want to do even better. I don’t have crazy headaches or unmanageable weak feelings, and I still have over three weeks. No matter what, I have proven something… and that is that getting ready for a show doesn’t mean waking up and doing an hour of cardio before breakfast, working out, doing an hour of cardio before bed, minimal carbs, not eating fruit, or any other crazy thing like that. With my clients I always wanted to show them that they could do a show and not rebound or end up with eating disorders like so many competitors. They all successfully competed and maintained their healthy lifestyles and weights. Thats what I am going to do!!!!!! So.. I sure hope my butt doesnt jiggle too much on stage, but even if it does I am very happy with what I have accomplished and I will just have to make some modifications next time to my program and come into show even leaner! Someone’s facebook profile recently read, “When in doubt, workout!” 🙂 I like that!

Thurs, Sept 16

Matt Pirtle wants to kill me.

Matt Pirtle wants to kill me.

Today I felt like I could die after leaving the gym. That’s a good feeling, I swear! 🙂 My hammies were already sore from this weeks cardio but Matt worked my legs. Feeling pretty weak during my workouts, but still feeling like I have good energy in general. My cardio was killer and I am super proud to have finished it because I really really really really wanted to quit.

20 minutes treadmill. 30 second sprint, 30 second rest. Each sprint I changed my speed: 9.0, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4, 9.5, then back down to 9.0 in .1 increments. After that I went back up but went all the way to 10.0. On the final 5 minutes I jumped it down by .2 each time so that I ended at 9.0 again.

15 minutes walking 4.0 – 4.5 on an incline. My heart rate was hanging around in the 150’s.

5 minutes running

5 minutes of pushing the sled with 25lbs on it. I would push it every 30 seconds, no matter how long it took for me to push it down. It got pretty tough because as I got tired it took me longer to push it down, which gave me shorter breaks.

After leaving Emerge I went to go tanning. Usually I just do mystic tans so I don’t end up really wreaking havoc on my skin, but it is important to have good color on stage so I want a good base tan. Why are those hard plastic beds so comfortable? What sense does that make?! I reeeeeaaallly wanted to take a nap in there. I was pretty worn out though. In fact, I had to sit down to put my tanning lotion on because my legs were screaming at me. Poor Drake only got a 15 minute walk out of me today because my legs just couldn’t walk that puppy any more. I plan on walking him a little longer tonight when my hamstring feels like it isn’t ripping away from my body. 🙂

Talked to Matt about my concerns with my stomach and hips. Of course I am very happy with how I look in general, but expectations on stage are veeerrrrryyy different. I keep imagining standing on stage doing our rear facing quarter turn with my booty being compared to everyone else’s booty. 🙂 It just has so much fat still, and I need my screaming overworked hamstrings to show up instead of my butt hiding the shape of them. In order to ensure that I lean up to where I would like to be, Matt recommended adding 20 minutes of interval training in the morning. In the morning means 3:00 AM for me when we start work at 5:00 AM. Dang it 🙂 But, I guess I won’t be standing on the stage saying, “If only I had…..”

Not only will my cardio increase, but on Saturday my calories drop down one more time. So… If I don’t change DRASTICALLY in the next 10 days, I don’t know what I will do!

Fri, Sept 17

Busy, busy, busy! Work, home to take dog out, work for meeting, workout, errands, home, volleyball game, sleep. Not much for breaks in between! Sorry to just be posting my Friday update on Saturday. 🙂

I woke up Fri morning with the best of intentions. I figured I would walk the dog first and then do my 20 minutes cardio. Me and Drake headed outside, started walking around, and I got really scared because it was so foggy! Is being scared in the fog a worthy excuse to not do cardio?! YES I think so!! There could be bad guys hiding in the fog! In reality, no… it’s not a worth excuse because I have show in three weeks. No excuses!

I should have gone down in the basement and jumped rope or boxed. In fact, one of my clients (Thanks Sue!) gave me a bunch of workout DVDs to borrow and watch. From now on, I am just going to watch and follow along to those in the morning. It will be fun, different, and perhaps I will learn a few new creative moves in the process! The day was busy, which made sticking to my diet easy! Low energy, so my workout was a little weak sauce.

20 minutes bike
3 rounds of a circuit of 10x Ring pullups, 12x TRX pushups, 15x squat jumps
3 rounds of a circuit of each arm completing 1 arm 15x DB bench press, each leg completing 1 leg 15x power step up on plyo box, each arm completing 1 arm 15x DB row, and 30 total alternating lunge jumps.
5 rounds jump rope (60 seconds on, 30 seconds off)
25 minutes of the interval program on the stationary bike.

I wish I would have gotten a little bit more in, but I knew I had a busy day so I hit all the major movements and tried to keep the heart rate up. Some is better than none! According to my bodybugg, I burn a lot of calories when I play sand volleyball. Though I wasn’t wearing my bugg, I am confidant I had a pretty high calorie burn because of the busyness, the workout, and the the volleyball at the end.

While I was doing the bike I looked up “inspirational stories” on the internet. Inspirational stories really keep me thinking positive and sending out positive vibes to everyone around me. They keep me from feeling sorry for myself when I can’t drink wine while dieting down 😉 I found an article about an armless fitness competitor – wow! 🙂 She lost her arms when she was two, got into aerobics when she was older, then weight training, and then decided to be a competitor and fitness model. This is her blog

How Bootcamp Scheduling and Packages Work

Bootcamp scheduling and packaging have become streamlined.

It’s pretty easy. Any package, from 10-50  can now be used INTERCHANGEABLY between all currently offered classes, no matter who the instructor or what the class emphasis is. 

The bootcamp pricing has changed as well, with a more economically feasible package cost.  Now it’s possible to attend multiple classes per week targeting a variety of fitness goals. It’s a lot more interesting than staring at a TV for 40 minutes as you walk in place. It’s a great compliment to your individual personal training hours!

Check the “Bootcamp Schedule” blog post for current class offerings and times.


50 sessions: $8 per session

30 sessions: $9 per session

20 sessions: $10 per session

10 sessions: $11 per session

Emerge Fitness Training

St. Charles, Missouri

Bootcamp and Personal Training

Supplements + Sports x Media= Confusion

In recent headlines, nineteen high school football players in Oregon suffered severe cramping/swelling. These kids were taken to a hospital for tests and hydration, via fluids. The media, once again, points a finger at supplements, in this case, creatine for the cause of the athlete’s hospitalization.

What the media failed to do was get thorough facts on what had actually happened. According to ABC news, the athletes who suffered the heat exhaustion and dehydration hadn’t taken any supplements, including creatine which was addressed in the original reports. In fact, only a few of the players mentioned they used protein shakes. That didn’t stop ABC from making the allegation and showing footage of creatine used in 1997 with an athlete showing these similar symptoms; the athlete had reported he had cramps and dehydration after a long intense practice in extremely high temp. In comparison, the athletes in both cases are dealing with non qualified, improper tactics of coaching. These coaches pushed their athletes in what they call “immersion camp” where these athletes are subdue to highly intense practices and staying overnight at the school. Also, some of the practices were in 115 degree rooms and water was not readily available. This raises a personal thought of my own that if these students were staying at the schools overnight, how much rest are the kids getting and what are their diets like? Besides the other added variables of what could have added to the incident, lets see what creatine really is and how is supposed to be used.

Creatine is found naturally in our bodies. It is made up of three amino acids: arginine, glycine, and methionine. The combinations of the three are the building blocks of what develops muscle. We also consume creatine in foods such as meat and fish.
An average person expends about 2g of creatine a day, whereas an athlete expends a greater amount. That is why athlete’s are recommended to take a creatine supplement. The supplement allows them to get the proper amount needed without the excess calories one would gain if they only consumed creatine through food.
If you’d like to learn more on this topic or any other supplement, ask your trainer at Emerge. We will be happy to give you more in-depth information, as well as if its safe and beneficial, of this supplement or any other. So before we quickly blame supplements, I suggest that you look at all the variables. I think everyone can agree that practicing in high temperature rooms with little water, limited rest, and malnourished isn’t the safest way to get athletes in shape.

There's More to Personal Training than being "Just a Trainer".

Over the decades, society has frowned at the occupation of a personal trainer.  Whether it was because of a bad experience, a story in the media, or even by visual perception, the term “personal trainer” isn’t taken seriously.   In eleven years in the fitness industry, I have been around hundreds of personal trainers.  I often asked them why they chose to be in this business and I received multiple reasons.   For some, the position is a stepping stone to another career; then there were others who nonchalantly said they are a trainer because he or she likes to workout.  It is those “others” who lack the true passion of wanting to help someone better his or her life.  It’s those “others” who get into the fitness industry for the wrong reasons, and give the profession “personal trainer” a bad reputation.

    Like any career there are exceptions to the rule.   Whether it’s a doctor, lawyer, or even a hair stylist, each occupation is really up to the individual and what and how much they put into it. Personal training is no different; you can go to dozens of gyms and training studios, and if you watch closely, you can find maybe a handful of trainers who love what they do.  As long as I can remember, health, wellness, and fitness has been my passion; it’s the only career path I wanted to follow. I’ve always been told that if you can do something you love and get paid for it, you’ll never work a day in your life; you’ll never have a “job.” In all of the years I’ve trained, I haven’t “worked” a single day. 

 I’ve trained in gyms and studios in six different cities in four states, and each place continues to allow me to do what I love. Personal training is a lot more than helping someone lose weight, gain muscle, or improve his or her fitness level. It’s teaching someone that has been heavy their whole life how to gain confidence and self esteem that was crushed during childhood. It’s gaining lean muscle on a skinny kid that was picked on or picked last on a basketball team.   It’s very common to have someone rehabilitating from a recent surgery and teaching them how to gain strength; in turn, helping one to overcome the fear of re-injury and accomplish something he or she had never dreamed. Sometimes it’s someone that has lost everything, and the only thing they can salvage is their health.  They are the clients who thru training, learn to believe that they have something or someone to live for. I see these people transform from a timid client not knowing what’s in store for them to become a strong, confident, amazing person.   I’ve been told multiple times by my clients that they get asked by other gym members, “What are you training for?” Each client has responded the same way; their answer is “life”.  The gym member walks away puzzled not knowing exactly what that meant, but for a lot of my clients, being physically and mentally stronger has translated to other areas of their life. Whether it’s co-workers, friends, and/or family, people associated to my clients see a different human being.  Over the years, each and every client I have trained has become a friend, if not, like family.

I consider myself lucky to work with the ones I have, both co-workers and clients alike. From the ones that get into the business for the wrong reasons, I feel sorry that they missed this opportunity to change a person’s life.  I have and have had the pleasure of working alongside of other trainers that share the same passion as I do, to influence a major change in a person’s life.   There’s no better feeling of gratification and satisfaction than receiving a message from a client that says, “Thanks for helping me overcome my fears and reach my goals, you have transformed my life.”


     Matt’s client, Anna, giving fitness testimonial

Matt Wirth, Emerge Fitness

What's Your Cause?

I’ve been training a long time.  In fact, it has now been almost 9 years and 12,000 sessions ago that I showed up for my first day as a trainer at 24 Hour Fitness.  In that time, I’ve cycled through many “catch” phrases.  Any client that has ever trained with me has heard me say “see, easy as that,” or “child’s play” or “that’s cake.”  There are many more, some extremely cliched that have lasted only a couple of weeks, and a few gems that have survived the years. 

One of my favorites is “It’s all for the cause.” I usually save this particular one for a retort when a client moans, complains, or asks themselves mid-set why exactly they have decided to be voluntarily tortured.  A few weeks a ago I reminded a client of this, stating that the extra three reps I asked of her was “all for the cause.”  She immediatley asked me what the “cause” was.  I answered her by saying that I could not define that for her, it’s something that drives and motivates her, something special to only her, that helps her continue her fitness journey even when it gets really hard.

Defining a cause, or several causes, is an important aspect of goal setting when it comes to achieving a fitness goal.  What really got you serious about changing your life through fitness?  What was the underlying motivation?  It could be simply fitting into a pair of jeans (which is a noble cause in itself) or staying healthy enough to keep up with grandchildren.  Whatever the cause, it important to identify and then remind yourself of it when it gets tough, when motivation may be a bit lower or when discouraged over slower than hoped for results.  Achieving a fitness goal is rarely an easy or a quick path, but it is “all for the cause,” and the cause is worth it!

Matt Pirtle MA, CSCS

Emerge Fitness Training

St. Charles Missouri

Emerge's New Facility on Schedule

We are on week number 4 of construction of the new facility and things are going as scheduled.  Our contractor Mike Clark with Armor Construction has been putting in long hours and working hard.  The demo work and clean up is complete, the sprinkler heads have been moved up to there positions, our 2 new HVAC units have been installed and now this week it’s the electricians turn.  He will be in there most of the week getting all the lights wired and completing the rest of the electrical work that was needed.  Next phase  we will start the painting.  The ceilings and all walls will be painted about 1oo gallons of paint.  Once the paint is done the last of big projects is the FLOOR.  Yes the floor is going be a huge project.  We have 6,000 sq ft of floor to lay, which mainly consist of the heavy rubber flooring.  Along with laying the floor is all of the prep work on the concrete floors to get them ready to be laid.  This will take all of about a week to do the flooring.  After that all the small projects will begin.  We are strategically planning all of this to keep on schedule for our first day of business August 2.



Emerge Fitness Training Saint Charles, MO