Change of Taste: Recipes for Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Super Easy Peanut Butter Cookies – Sugar Free
20 Minutes to Prepare and Cook



1 cup Natural Smooth Peanut Butter
1/2 cup Splenda Sweetener
1 lg. egg



Preheat oven to 325. Mix peanut butter, sweetener, and egg. Roll into 24 balls, place 2 inches apart on an ungreased baking sheet. Flatten with fork. Bake for 15 minutes, until lightly browned (do not over bake). Cool and enjoy!

Recipe submitted by SparkPeople user CORRIGAN8.

Nutritional Info

·         Servings Per Recipe: 24

·         Amount Per Serving

·         Calories: 56.3

·         Total Fat: 4.2 g

·         Cholesterol: 8.8 mg

·         Sodium: 52.5 mg

·         Total Carbs: 4.4 g

·         Dietary Fiber: 0.7 g

·         Protein: 2.3 g

Frozen Berries Fruit Bars – Sugar-Free


– Frozen berry medley (strawberries, blackberries,blueberries & raspberries), 2 cup
– Splenda, 3 tsp
– Lemon juice, 1 tsp



1. Place the fruit in a blender. Cover and blend until smooth.

2. Add 1-2 tablespoons water, if necessary. Add splenda and lemon juice. Cover and blend until well mixed.

3. Pour into 4 oz. ice-pop molds or paper cups. Insert sticks. Freeze until solid.

Serves 4.

Recipe submitted by SparkPeople user GWYNNEVERE.

Nutritional Info

·         Servings Per Recipe: 4

·         Amount Per Serving

·         Calories: 36.8

·         Total Fat: 0.0 g

·         Cholesterol: 0.0 mg

·         Sodium: 0.3 mg

·         Total Carbs: 9.0 g

·         Dietary Fiber: 3.0 g

·         Protein: 0.5 g

Fresh Salsa


6 large tomatoes, chopped
1 onion, chopped
1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro
3 cloves garlic, minced
1/4 cup lime juice
1 tomatillo, diced (optional)
salt to taste
1 jalapeno pepper, minced



In a medium-size mixing bowl, combine tomatoes, onion, cilantro, garlic, lime juice, tomatillo, and salt to taste. Mix well. Add 1/2 of the jalapeno pepper, and taste. If you desire your salsa with more of a kick, add the remaining 1/2 jalapeno. If you are satisfied with the salsa’s heat, do not add the remaining jalapeno pepper. Cover the salsa, and chill until ready to serve.

Number of Servings: 6

Nutritional Info

·         Servings Per Recipe: 6

·         Amount Per Serving

·         Calories: 59.3

·         Total Fat: 0.8 g

·         Cholesterol: 0.0 mg

·         Sodium: 17.8 mg

·         Total Carbs: 13.2 g

·         Dietary Fiber: 2.8 g

·         Protein: 2.2 g

Trading Places: Stupid Scale!!! (Wednesday, August 5th, 2009)

Tuesday: The good news: I was mobile the morning after bootcamp… The bad news: My legs still felt like tree trunks. So, I took the day off from cardio and for whatever reason, all I did in my free time was sleep… I’m sleeping amazingly well every night, but every time I sat down, I was out cold for at least 30 minutes.  Again, I have no idea why.  And I had no trouble sleeping last night either.

          Wednesday:  Well, I didn’t get measurements, but the weight still will not change.  We’re baffled, simply baffled.  I know I’m leaner, and people say I look leaner but that stupid @#$%#$ scale says “You may be leaner but you still haven’t lost any ‘weight’ hahaha”.  ANYHOO, I did get some relief out of my session.  I have a week off of cardio; no cardio until next Wednesday; and I’m ok with that.  I’ve done so much running around lately, that I will be ok without having to look at a piece of cardio equipment for 7 days.  And 2 (oh this one is a good one!!!) I get to eat PIZZA this weekend… Oh yes, hello “Kimberly special” from Papa Johns… I haven’t had pizza in a MONTH.  That’s like dog years to me, really; I never go that long without eating pizza!  I would say that knowing that, I would be really, really good on my diet this week; but ya know, I’m really, really good on my diet every flipping week.  At least this weekend will be quite rewarding!  With this good news, I tried to push myself as hard as I could during the workout.  I started feeling fatigue on a few exercises so I knew I was giving it all I had. EXCEPT, there is this one exercise Pirtle makes me do that I feel absolutely ridiculous doing.  I feel like a rabbit; a jacked up rabbit.  I can’t give it 100% when I feel 100% clumsy.  I’m working on that one.  But I did get my butt kicked yet again by Matt, congrats to you for another defeat.

          As for my diet, Pirtle wrote for me to eat a rice cake with peanut butter for post workout… My first reaction to him was that there was no way in hell I was eating a rice cake… Well, I gave in last week, and with peanut butter on it, honestly, not too bad.  I’m not promising that is just tastes good b/c I’m starving when I eat it, or if it really is tasty.  Let me know your all’s opinion on that one.

          Workouts are done for the week; however, with half of my clients gone for the next 10 days, I am sure I will be using my free time being active somehow.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate.  Since I don’t have any cardio/training left this week, I may not return again until Monday (unless I’m really sore tomorrow and I want to vent… J  )

Until Next Time,

Kimberly at Emerge Fitness

Trading Places: Legs or tree trunks? (Monday, August 3rd, 2009)

It’s Monday and I still feel like I have two tree trunks as legs.  For a girl who’s never had a butt, what I do have there, hurts like no other.  This is how the whole weekend went as well.

          Saturday I slept in until 8:30am which I never sleep in that late.  From the moment I woke up my triceps, legs, and butt were throbbing.  I said that today was my day off from cardio, to just “relax”… I ended up walking car dealership parking lots for 6 hours.  It didn’t help the legs much.  (On a good note, I did get to eat lunch at Texas Roadhouse… I had a great sirloin steak, green beans, salad… And then the rolls… 3 or 4 I think).  Saturday was my cheat day and I tried to do my best at that.  For example, I stuck to my menu for breakfast, and my lunch was very good (except the rolls), my dinner was on my menu (chicken, green beans), and then I got my Doozles lite custard.   BUT> Here’s the thing about that… I ONLY HAD IT ONCE this weekend AND I got a small one.  Yes, I listened to Matt… It was the only “ice cream”-like thing I had all weekend.

          Sunday I went to another Cardinals game and yet again, I did a LOT of walking.  I ate lunch there and tried to do my best.  In the 4 hours I was there, I had a hot dog, a brat, and then a pretzel later on (it’s a tradition in my family to always get a pretzel in the 7th; I don’t know why exactly, but it’s just what we do).  When I got home that night, I went back to my menu.  So all in all, I think I got a “B” for this weekend.  I stayed active nonstop and I ate reasonably well.

          Today, I felt miserable.  I know it was a busy weekend, but for some reason, I was just extremely tired and my legs are still very heavy.  I’m not sure what the deal is.  They look lean, but walking and going up stairs feels like I’ve just ran a 5k. The scale doesn’t help either; it said I was up about 2 lbs… How frustrating.  I haven’t tried on “the jeans” this week, so maybe the scale is just being a pain and I’m still losing body fat.  I have measurements Wednesday so maybe that’ll help. I really didn’t want to go to bootcamp.  I was tired, fatigued, and just didn’t feel well.  I did drag myself and even though I got the crap kicked outta me for a good 30 minutes, I actually was glad I went.  I felt better after a good sweat and after I sucked in a whole lot of oxygen between exercises.  I once read an article that stated that no one ever says that they feel worse after working out, which is true, I did feel better and I’m glad I went.  I’m not sure how I will feel tomorrow… Even though Pirtle told me “it’s a lot of core” for bootcamp, I knew that I everything would end up hurting.  Here’s hoping tomorrow is a “lighter” day for the legs!

Until tomorrow,
Kimberly at Emerge

Not Just a Jump; The Point of Plyometric Training

Often times, plyometric training is used to describe any exercise in which jumping is involved, so the term has been associated most commonly with this type of training.  Plyometrics can involve jumping, but for athletic training, especially, so much more is involved. 

Alli Reimer performs a plyo tire jump.

Alli Reimer performs a plyo tire jump.

The whole point of plyometric training is to train the ability to rapidly apply force and provide and overload to the primary muscle involved.  Elastic energy is briefly stored in the prime mover (through a stretch in this muscle), and is rapidly released by a concentric shortening (flexing) of the same muscle. 

For example, a plyometric box jump involves a small squatting movement where the athlete pauses only briefly or not at all at the bottom of the squat, then releases the elastic energy in the quadriceps along with a contraction of that same muscle to explode up.  The potential elastic energy built up in the quad can dissipate very quickly if too much time is spent at the bottom of this movement, therefore resistance should be appropriate to allow a quick change in direction. This goes for all plyometric training.

Plyometric training is not limited to jumping.  The same principles apply to pressing (chest, shoulders) core training (crunches, cable rotations) etc.

Plyometric training has consitantly been shown to improve the production of muscle force and power, and can be a great supplemental training technique for those just looking to burn calories and increase their fitness level.

Examples of plyometric training exercises include the squat/jump, lateral box jump, depth jump, med ball throws and presses, plyo push ups, and plyo crunches.

Watch for exercise of the week updates that include plyometric exercises explained in video format.

Matt Pirtle

Emerge Fitness Training

Trading Places: Tylenol, Advil, be on standby (Friday, July 31st, 2009)

Just put me out of my misery…  I seriously feel like someone beat the living snot out of me.  Yesterday my legs were dead, the back was sore and my triceps began to hurt like no other.  So of course, what do I do, 50 minutes of cardio.  I knew I was going to the Cardinals game last night so JUST in case I was to slip a bit on my diet, I did a little extra to make up for it.  To keep my legs working I changed machines every 10 minutes and jumped from one to another.  I stuck with my diet perfectly until I left for the game… Oh, the game…

I got there a little early so I walked from the parking garage where I always keep my car, 3 blocks to Max and Erma’s restaurant.  After meeting up with friends, we walked ALL the way back to the stadium.  We had club seats so we had to go up.  Of course, I took the stairs (and I got a lot of crap about that too).  I did VERY well on my diet there.  About midway into the game, a friend and I went to find me something to eat (It was amusing when my friend Jared said “You’re going to make me take the stairs, aren’t you).  He willingly did and I got a hotdog with just the basic condiments on it.  I must have been starving because it was gone before we got back to our seats.  After all of the walking and cardio I did during the day, my body started getting pretty run down and I could tell my blood sugar was a little low by the 8th inning.  I went to get another hotdog they were closing up, so I had to settle with a pretzel (again, I have no idea how it tasted, it was eaten quite quickly).  I was VERY tempted in the club rooms with the food that was around me.  One of the rooms had EVERY type of food on the menu.  As I was talking to a friend of the family, all I could do was stare at the cheesecake he was eating.  Then another friend came up eating a pork sandwich, chocolate cake, and cookies… I was TOTALLY being tested.  I got away from that food as fast as I could.  I won’t lie though; I was THISCLOSE to nabbing one of those oatmeal raisin cookies, BUT I didn’t.  As for beverages, I did water the entire time, and a LOT of it.  I got home around midnight, ate a protein bar and called it a night.

I woke up at 7am this morning with the most ridiculous tricep soreness I’ve had in a LONNNG time.  The traps in my lower neck and back weren’t any better, and just forget about the legs.  I couldn’t even decide if they were sore or not because they are just either that numb or dead, can’t tell the difference. 

I believe in our session, I used the word “shot” to discuss my triceps and “dead” to mention the rest of my body.  And what do we start with; power cleans.  I’ve never flipped a bar or jumped something so much during a workout.  I was a lifeless body that somehow moved for a solid hour (and a half if you count cardio immediately after).  Let’s just say it was a rough workout week.  Tomorrow I am taking the day off of cardio… I’m on day 14 or 15 of continuous workouts/cardio and my body so I’m due for a rest.  I may do some walking or staying active, but nothing intense.  At this moment, I’m thinking if I can get my body off of my couch tomorrow to even fix breakfast, I will consider it a success.  Tylenol, Advil, be on standby because I will need you about ever 4-6 hours; That bubble bath I was advised to take last week may happen this weekend; except minus the bubbles and add LOTS of Epsom salt.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Until Monday,
Kimberly at Emerge Fitness

Trading Places: "I'm going to be sore tomorrow." (Wednesday, July 29th, 2009)

I’m going to be sore tomorrow.  I had that feeling after 15 minutes into our workout this morning.  I am going to be hurting, and I’m going to assume it’s going to start at the shoulders and ache to my feet.  I would almost put money on it.  The workout went much better that last Fridays (at least I can remember this one).  But man, everything is starting to get tight.  It’s definitely a “pain reliever pill” kind of night.

We started with pull-ups.  Have I mentioned I have ridiculously long arms?  When hanging from a bar, it looks like I’m miles away from that bar.  With a little assistance from Matt, I completed 4 sets and my lats were BURNING.  Then I had my 2nd attempt to learn power cleans.  It’s one of those exercises where there’s so much going on, that you just do it until you can’t lift the weight.  You don’t think about much else except how to get that darn bar flipped up.  Let me tell you, you use EVERY SINGLE muscle in your darn body to get that bar up.  I know this because I feel every single muscle right now. 

After cleans we did some power chest presses and kettle bell work, and by this point, hanging on to a bar/weight was hard enough!  After 6 exercises, I was done… Oh, wait, no I wasn’t, I had to get in cardio… 30 minutes.  After that, I really WAS done.  It ached to get off of the elliptical.

Diet has been going really well today.  My diet generally goes really well during the week, I never have a problem.  Except, I have noticed that my appetite has been pretty big and I get hungry more often.  I’ve been trying to keep it to a protein based snack (milk, chicken, protein bar).  So far it’s helping.  I’ve been on the move all day so I’m sure I’m burning more than the normal calories which is ok by me.

I have to figure out how to go to a Cardinals game tomorrow night and stick to my diet nearly perfectly.  I don’t drink so that helps, but I’m in a party room and free range of food, generally means trouble.  The last time I was in one, I stuck with lean deli meats and did ok.  I think it will help that I will be around old friends-co-workers that I haven’t seen in years.  They know I’m a trainer, so I will have that pressure of “Oh, she’s a trainer, she must eat healthy 24/7); hehehe shows what they know.  BUT I will let them think that.  No harm no foul, right?

I blabbled to Matt, yet again, that I had Doozles twice this past weekend.  I just can’t lie or keep my big mouth shut.  I don’t know what it is with me and summer time and ice cream.  It’s my sole weakness.  Not pizza, not pasta; ice cream.  Even trying to justify that it was “light” still didn’t help me feel any less guilty.  When my client Jim asked why light frozen custard is so bad, my subconscious reply was “Because it’s so darn good!”… Which is true; if you’ve had it, you know what I’m talking about.  Either way, I have strict rules… ONE TIME A WEEK MAX… Ok ok ok…  That’s my homework for this weekend… Try to stay busy and TRY to stay away from Doozles. 

Until tomorrow,
Kimberly at Emerge Fitness

Change of Taste: Recipes for Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Healthy Veggie Dip

Serves 1


½ c low fat cottage cheese

2 tsp. chopped chives

2 tsp chopped fresh parsley

2 tsp chopped fresh basil

Dash of pepper

Fresh Veggies


Blend cottage cheese in a blender until smooth.  Scrape into a bowl, and stir in chives, parsley, basil and a dash of pepper.  Serve with cut up vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, red or yellow bell peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, and celery

Nutritional Info:

85 calories, 1g fat (1g Sat fat), 5mg Cholesterol, 1g Fiber, 14g Protein, 4g Carbs, 463 mg Sodium


Honey Mustard Pork Skewers

Prep: 20 min Cook: 15 min

Serves: 8

Cost per serving: $1.70


¼ c Dijon mustard

2 Tbsp. honey

1 Tbsp. olive oil

1 Pork tenderloin (about 1 ½ lb.) halved lengthwise, cut into 1-inch squares

2 bell peppers, cored, seeded, cut into 1 inch squares

Salt and pepper



Stir mustard, honey, and oil in a large bowl until smooth.  Add pork cubes and toss to coat.  Set aside at room temperature.  Soak 8 bamboo skewers in cold water for 20 minutes.

Preheat broilers to high and line a broiling pan with foil. (Alternatively, light a charcoal fire and let it burn to gray ash.)  Divide pork and peppers into 8 portions and skewer cubes, alternating with squares of pepper (begin and end with pepper; use about 6 pepper pieces and 5 pork chunks per skewer).  Thread each skewer as close as possible to center of pieces, to facilitate turning.  Season with salt and pepper.

Broil or grill 6 to 8 inches from heat source, turning often, until slightly browned and pork is cooked through, 12 to 15minutes.

Nutritional  info: Per serving- 148 Calories, 5g fat (1g Sat. fat), 55mg Cholesterol, 1g Fiber, 18g Protein, 8g Carbs, 369 mg Sodium


High Protein Oatmeal Pancakes
11 Minutes to Prepare and Cook


4 ounces Low fat Cottage Cheese
3 large fresh egg whites
1/2 cup Quaker Oats Old-Fashioned Rolled Oats
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon



1. Preheat griddle or nonstick skillet to 375 F.
2. Place all ingredients in a blender container. Blend on medium speed for 1 minute, scrap contents from sides of container, pulse another 15 seconds.
3. Lightly spray griddle with cooking spray. Divide and ladle batter onto hot griddle (about 1/4 cup each). Cook until bubbles appear on top of pancakes and edges appear dry (about 2-3 minutes). Flip pancakes and continue cooking another 2 minutes, depending on thickness.
fresh berries or bananas on mine.

*Servings 1

*Note: This makes about 6 4-inch pancakes and is supposed to be one serving, but half this much fills me up. The calorie count does not include toppings. I use butter spray, warmed sugar-free syrup and

Recipe submitted by SparkPeople user STA8LEAN.

Number of Servings: 1

Nutritional Info

·         Servings Per Recipe: 1

·         Amount Per Serving

·         Calories: 304.6

·         Total Fat: 5.0 g

·         Cholesterol: 15.0 mg

·         Sodium: 380.5 mg

·         Total Carbs: 37.5 g

·         Dietary Fiber: 7.3 g

·         Protein: 24.0 g

Trading Places: The legs still work (Tuesday, July 28th,2009)

I woke up this morning just praying that I could walk… Luckily I could, I just felt like I had sandbags attached to my legs.  As for sleeping, I was OUT last night.  Generally I never have a problem sleeping Monday nights.  I figured since I was up and mobile, I may as well go get in my cardio.  I got in 20 minutes of sprint intervals (not nearly my fastest capacity, but I did what my legs would allow me to do) and finished with 10 minutes of walking at an incline on the treadmill. 

As for my diet, I’m sticking to it really well, but my appetite is going CRAZY.  I could seriously put down some major food… but I don’t… I just nosh on my yummy chicken (insert sarcasm).  Actually, I must admit, rotisserie chicken isn’t so bad.  I can do it.  I’m lucky mom loves to can fresh garden green beans so I have a endless supply of those.  (My trade off for helping them lose weight). 

I got in another 30 minutes on the bike at Emerge this afternoon since I had some time to kill and another 20 minutes of casual walking when I was done training a client.  She needed to do her cardio and I thought she may want some company.  Besides, if I didn’t do it, I would have just come home and sat around.

Tomorrow I train with Matt at 9am, and I can only assume it will go better than my 7am fiasco… I still don’t remember that workout.  I found out I have a wedding coming up in September where I will be seeing a lot of friends I grew up with that I haven’t seen in years.  I have to buy something to wear for it (if you looked in my closet, I don’t own dress clothes or dress shoes… I work in a gym 5-6 days a week) So, I figure that my goal will be to keep slimming down so I can buy a stupid dress for this thing.  And maybe heels, but I have to learn to walk in them (I haven’t tried walking in heels since my knee injury 3 years ago).  I’m sure I will have some other type of reward than just the “stupid dress” because frankly, that’s not much of a “Woo hoo” kinda thing, ya know?

Until Tomorrow,
Kimberly at Emerge Fitness

Trading Places: I'm not a morning person (Monday, July 27th, 2009)

Weekend Recap: Brace yourselves, it’s a doozy.

Thursday: I get a text message from Pirtle that evening asking if I could do a big favor for him.  He asked if I could train at 7am Friday morning this one time.  Now, I’m not a morning person, I don’t even talk to anyone at 7am.  I’m even crabby into the 8am hour a lot of times.  There’s no way I will have any strength or energy at 7am, so what do I do, I tell him ok… Well, actually, I said that it’s almost a given that I will probably puke.

Friday: Of all nights I can’t sleep, it’s the night before I have to get up at 6am… Rediculous… There’s still fog outside!!! So I walk into the gym I think at 7:01am… I walk in and Pirtle is all “chipper” and what not, and he said “Good morning” as I just gave him a “you owe me BIG” look and walked into the office.  Matt did admit he didn’t know if I’d show.  I may kick and scream but I will always show up.  My pet peeve is a no show by a client, so that is the last thing I’d ever do to a trainer.  To be honest, I only remember one exercise during the entire session.  Power cleans.  I had never felt so wimpy in my life.  At 7am, everything feels about 10 times heavier than it is.  I do remember not saying much and Pirtle kept asking me if I was feeling ok… It’s 7am on a Friday and you are kicking the crap outta me, HOW DO YOU THINK I FEEL…  I was too tired to even be sarcastic.  At this point I just looked at the clock and prayed for it to speed up… I had never wanted out of a session more in my life.  Then lucky me, I got to train a client at 8am… All I wanted to do was sleep.  I came back that afternoon and got in my cardio (No really, I did… Ask Adam, he saw me!)  My diet was fine Friday. I wrote down everything I ate.

Saturday: The Good news, I slept in… The bad news, I don’t remember still what all we did in our session but my legs, my upper back and my arms are FREAKING KILLING ME.  Holy crap I didn’t want to move.  I did move, in fact after I had breakfast and got a few household tasks done, I went up to the gym and got in my 30 minutes of cardio.  The weather Saturday was amazing.  The only thing that kept me indoors that day was the Cardinals game.  I had really wanted Red Robin for dinner. (Here’s a secret, they have a plan burger called “the Natural Burger” where everything comes on the side… It isn’t on the menu but every place has it).  Anyhoo, I told myself that if I got outside and was active for 30-45 minutes, I could get a burger.  So I went down to Katy Trail and I walked-ran for about 50 minutes.  It wasn’t too crowded and the weather was AMAZING.  So after my 2nd cardio for the day, I got in my car and picked up my burger and it was SOOOO stinkin good!  I didn’t even finish the fries that came with it!

Sunday: The weather continued to be gorgeous, so I took full advantage and instead of taking my day off of “working out” I got my bike and headed down to Katy Trail.  It was the first time I had ever biked there.  It was my first time in a year that I had ridden my bike. The bad thing about riding a bike is that you feel great until all of a sudden you feel your legs start burning and you get pretty exhausted; then you realize you have to turn around and ride your bike alllllll the way back.  My bike ride was plenty long enough at 40 minutes for my first ride in a long time.  It felt great… Until 2am when I had the worst hamstring and calf cramps.  Diet was so-so today.  Oh Doozles, you will be my downfall in the summertime.

Monday: My legs felt as if they weighed a ton.  I was TIRED today!  I wanted to get in cardio today, but frankly, I was pretty busy with the “paper work” side of work.  Besides, I knew I was going to bootcamp tonight, so I figured that would take care of it.  I wasn’t too worried about my legs because even though they were worthless, we normally don’t do much with them in bootcamp; it’s mainly “core specific”.  WELL GUESS WHAT.  I get to bootcamp and tonight wasn’t core specific at all… Legs were nearly in EVERYTHING.  Oh it gets better; instead of our 45-50 second stations we were there for a MINUTE.  You may say “It’s 10 seconds difference Kim, it can’t be that big of a deal…” Don’t knock it till you do it bucko.  My poor legs were SHOT after round one… I still can’t feel anything below my knees.  So I’m home, Stuck in the chair, and if I can fix myself dinner and get myself into the shower, it will be a successful evening… I just hope I can walk tomorrow because I really look stupid when I’m wobbling around.


Until tomorrow,
Kimberly at Emerge Fitness


*Don’t forget! Every Wednesday I post healthy recipes, so feel free to e-mail me your favorite ones!

Trading Places: Chicken…. (Thursday, July 23rd, 2009)

Man, I hate chicken… After about 2 weeks, I’m burnt out.  I’ve gone from BBQ chicken breasts to KFC grilled chicken (which is good, but getting old), and now I’m to eating rotisserie chicken… As I eat it, I can only help to think “Pretend it’s a Red Robin burger…”  If that was the case, then everything really would “taste like chicken.”

I had my measurements taken Wednesday morning.  I’ve come to learn stressing about them doesn’t help whatsoever, because it didn’t help me drop weight or body fat for that matter.  A VERY frustrating day… I’m eating very well thru the week and most of the time on the weekend and I am keeping up with my cardio and I strength train 3x a week… I’m just at a point where I’m completely lost at what to do and frustrated because we can’t find an answer… It’s as if my body is saying “ok, you hit 136, now you’re done… No more weight loss for you, and IN FACT we’re gonna mess with you a little bit and put 3 lbs of junk on you every couple of days.  Talk about stressful!

We’ve decided to keep this diet going 24/7 for a few weeks.  And it’s pretty strict.  And I’m dealing with this mental battle because I used to find enjoyment in eating, and now, it’s so hard to make myself eat because it’s no fun anymore.  I could easily bypass dinner just because I’d rather not eat than stare at “blah” food… Ha, surprised hearing this from a trainer?  Well, we are human, and anyone who says they could do this 24/7 is blowing smoke up your butt.  I would never tell anyone not to eat… And trying to practice what I preach, I do choke the stuff down.  I just try to keep myself busy so I don’t have time to ponder on it… I just try to eat fast and go.  There are definitely ways to changing up your meals, but since I fix food for one, to be economically savvy and not wasteful, whatever I fix, I end up eating for 4-5 days… 5lbs of chicken lasted me almost 2 weeks… 2 weeks of BBQ chicken is enough to make a person senile.  And the big kicker; red meat once a week… That’s like asking a drug addict to cut back to once a week… By day 7, it could get ugly. 

I’m logging EVERYTHING I eat and drink on my Blackberry for Matt… So if you see me in the gym on my phone, more than likely, I’m not texting (no one dares to talk to me when I’m grouchy); I’m probably inputting what I had just eaten or drunk (yep, I have to do H20 intake as well). 

I’ve started to notice that this weight/scale obsession has started to take over my life.  I nixed plans to go “jeeping” with a friend back home in Illinois because I was afraid I would be off of my diet and I wouldn’t get my cardio in.  I also was told by my mom to “chill out” after some comment I said (normally she never says anything).  I’m hoping to avoid the scale for about a week and see if that helps get rid of the anxiety I start to feel when I get on the thing.  I just need to do what I tell some of my clients who are freaking out “Calm your S*#%”… That or I was told by one of Pirtle’s clients today that I just need to take a bubble bath to relax (Thanks Scott), haha.

Yesterday’s kettlebell workout was a pretty rough one (I hate those things), so I was pretty quiet during the hour (some get loud, I get silent).  Matt mentioned tomorrow’s (Friday) will be the entire hour and it’s going to be a rough one.  Maybe it’s something I need, just another total ass-whipping to alleviate some of this stress.  At least it’ll burn a few calories. 

I have to head back to Emerge this afternoon and get in my 30 minutes of high intensity cardio… If I can fit my bike in my car, I may head down to the Katy Trail… Today may be one of those days where I could definitely get some fresh air.

Until tomorrow,
Kimberly at Emerge