Shout out to Barbara!

Barbara has been coming to 6AM Bootcamp for a year now and the amount she has changed is astounding!

We got to talking this morning about her commitment to bootcamp and she simply said “To miss is not an option.” She balances a full-time job that she commutes to from Emerge to downtown Saint Louis, going to grad school, studying for the CPA exam, and all other things life throws at her, but she never misses. Without her health, without taking care of herself to improve the quality of her life, none of the other things would matter.

So yes, Barbara has lost quite a bit of weight and gained quite a bit of muscle, but more importantly she has become so much more CAPABLE.

You can join Barbara at 6AM Bootcamps on Tuesdays and Thursdays, for only $11 a class!


Sport Injuries Prevention

Every single high school athlete knows a teammate who is recovering from an ACL or another sports related injury.

That athlete didn’t plan on it being that way. But it happened.

Sports injuries are common. Way too common.

Sports injuries can also be PREDICTED when a qualified movement specialist observes an athlete move within the demands of their sport.

Why wait for pain or injury to do something about faulty movement and impaired performance?

An Emerge performance and movement specialist can help screen and correct movement that could lead to injury, which will also increase PERFORMANCE.

Email to schedule a free consultation with a specialist.

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Nothing but hard work!

With a collective loss of over 300 lbs, congratulations to Emerge clients, Shelley and Sean!
You two have worked your butts off and look absolutely fantastic!!!


2016 Turkey Challenge


On Saturday, November 19th at 10 AM, we will be having 2nd annual Turkey Challenge. Compete against the clock in a 10 station strength and endurance challenge. Whether you sign up for the beginners or advanced course, you will be guaranteed a great workout. You’ll not only burn some calories but help stock the O.A.S.I.S. Food pantry just in time for Thanksgiving! Cost is 1 frozen turkey per person.

Client spotlight: Bill

Bill came to me just under a year ago searching for relief due to back pain, sleeplessness, and nutritional guidance. During our first initial meeting I could tell there was a lot of hesitation on Bills face, due to the fact that this was the very first time he has ever walked into a gym. When we met we discussed a plan that would incorporate strength, flexibility, nutritional guidance, and let’s not forget relief from pain that he accrued from 4 back surgeries. The night we met I remember Bill wanting to think about it, but it was shortly after that we got started. I can’t even begin to tell you the exercises we did to get him mobile at first compared to where he is today it is like night and day! I wanted to take a minute and give him recognition not only because he’s 30lbs down, or pumping out 30 push-ups in a row without stopping, but I want to thank him for putting his trust in me and giving me the opportunity to work with him to get him where he is today! This past week alone he trained 1:1 with me twice and came to 2 bootcamps!! We have more ground to cover but it’s amazing that I get to work with people and see change in their lives in and out of the gym! Thank you Bill! Keep working hard and soon enough there will be more to brag about!

Tyler M

Client Update: Susie

I want to recognize client Susie N. on yet another awesome and successful month! I give 100% of the credit to Susie because from day one she has been completely bought in to this program with no doubts or reservations. We have been training for exactly 3 months now and to date she is down 25 3/4 lbs, dropped 15% body fat and shed off 16 1/4 inches. I could not be any happier with the success you have reached so far and I look forward to helping you continue your transformation!!!! Awesome job Susie.

Taylor D.

Halloween Bootcamp was a success!

Thanks everyone who came out to our BOOtcamp! Sefton and I had a blast leading it, and we are looking forward to making this a frequent class/event! Keep your eyes posted and we will have another one right around the corner!
-Tyler M

Division 1 Bound: Sam

It is of great pleasure and excitement that I get to announce my client Sam C. has committed to play division 1 soccer at the University of Iowa. Sam and I have been training together for the last year and a half and I have never seen an athlete push herself as hard as she does. Between her time in the gym, long hours of practice and many long hours on the road traveling the country to compete, all while maintaining a 4.5 gpa. It is no surprise to see your time and dedication pay off. I am so proud of you and your accomplishments.

Taylor D.

Age won’t slow Mary down

Happy birthday to my client Mary G! Today is Mary’s 70th bday and we have been training together for 3 1/2 years now. Mary has been the perfect example of not letting ones age determine what they can and cannot do in the gym. There’s not a single thing this lady can’t do inside of the gym and has been fearless with everything I have put her through these last couple of years. She’ll be the first to admit that she has the mindset of a 30-year-old when she is going through her program every single day and won’t let anything slow her down. You have been so much fun to train and I look forward to your continued success! Happy birthday!

Taylor D.

15 Years

I met my wife 15 years ago today.

I also started my training career exactly 15 years ago today.

Two really big things happened on October 17th, 2001.

Angie and I met at 24 Hour Fitness, on our first day as fitness professionals, on the first day the club was open for workouts.
We also met our good friend, Brendan O’Neill (owner of the Kor Komplex) on that day, too.

We were hired by Debi Turner (Westhues) that summer, in the pre-sale trailer, to be part of the inaugural team of personal trainers at the St. Charles location.

Fifteen years ago.

Some things have changed.

I remember my first client ever. He wanted “core and functional training.” I gave him hack squats and biceps curls.
Jeff, if you’re out there buddy, hit me up, I owe you a re-do!

At the time, it was impossible to imagine the direction Angie and I would take. Fitness seemed like a stepping stone to something else, not an end in itself. Personal training really wasn’t considered a career, more of a young persons job they have fun with until they get serious and find a “real” job.

And then we realized something. Waking up for work was really easy, and this kind of “work” was invigorating.
We also realized we were pretty good at it.

Some years passed. I managed the personal training staff at clubs in Arnold, Chesterfield, and Overland Park, Kansas, before returning to the St. Charles club in 2006. Angie had built a large, loyal clientele and stayed true to her training roots while I moved from club to club.

In January of 2006, at a dinner at Grappa Grill, Ang and I started talking about our future in fitness (or if our future even involved fitness at all). The idea of a career change came up for both of us. That thought lasted about 30 seconds, both of us knowing what our true vocation really was. Fitness was where we belonged. Emerge Fitness (or at least the concept) was born at that moment. The change we needed wasn’t a career change, it was just a new direction within the field.

We opened the doors to Emerge 1 on July 9, 2007, 9 days after we were married.

Fast forward to October 17th, 2016. Three Emerge locations and 4 kids later, things couldn’t be better. I get to work with and see my family every day. We have made many good friends in the form of clients and co-workers.

Fifteen years of living the dream.

Angie and I love what we do. To all of our family, friends, and clientele, thank you for letting us do it.

Matt P.