Nothing but progress

Chandra trained for her first full marathon over two years ago. During her training she encountered hip and low back pain which did not stop her. She completed the race but was out of commission for the next two years and left with chronic back and hip pain.

She spent some time doing physical therapy and found no relief. This past May she started seeing Dr Lytle for soft tissue work and started a strength training program at Emerge in August.

Today she performs a stationary reverse lunge, which seems simple to most but for Chandra a huge accomplishment.

Our focus from day one was learning what it meant to keep a neutral spine and braced mid section while strengthening her glute, core, and hips.

Today she is pain free for the first time in two years. Every week is a new progression from what we did the week prior. First week was glute bridges off the floor, standing planks, and light band walks. Now her workouts consist of heavy step ups, front squats, lots of hip hinging, and the list goes on. Our #1 main focus is strength with neutral spine.

We have recently dove into nutrition and made some big eating changes that has helped with reducing inflammation in her back and increased energy.

Chandra has slowly introduced running back into her schedule and doing it pain free. There is no stopping her now! Our hopes are to first train for a 5k and keep on a running program while forever keeping strength training a huge part of her routine.

This is one of Emerge’s strongest areas of fitness. If you enjoy running or any activity that is causing you chronic pain, schedule a free consultation with us and we will help. We are experts in the area of identifying what is causing pain and teaching you how to strengthen and get back to what you love.


What does Emerge do?

Emerge specializes in personal training. That’s what we do.

Every single day, for hundreds of hours a week.

Our attention is 100% focused on being extraordinary at this one thing.

We don’t have our hands in 100 things because we focus on standing out in one thing; personal service that yields results.

It’s Your Turn. Emerge.

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Danielle is a lot of things

Danielle is a nurse, a mom of 4, a soccer coach, and a competitive former college athlete.

She also recently rehabbed and recovered from 2 hip dysplasia surgeries.

These videos show her lifting and moving awkward weight, something that she has to do in life every single day.

From getting her kids in the car seat, to moving patients at work, this kind of training is functional for her.

Plus, it’s just hard exercise that burns energy.

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Shout out to Carter

Here is another Emerge client showing how hard work inside the gym, on the baseball field, and in the classroom will pay off! Carter entered his senior year of high school this year and has already committed as a scholarship athlete to Longview! We started working together over a year ago and the amount of dedication I see from him is outstanding! I am very proud and thankful that I am able to work with Carter and watch him grow!



Cross training you should try it

The payoffs of cross training are outstanding, no matter what your sport!

Emily is a swimmer for the Rec Plex Sharks and Incarnate Word Academy. She started training with me a month and a half ago, focusing on strength, explosiveness, and flexibility. This past weekend she competed in her first meet of the season and has already dropped 5 seconds off her 200 meter butterfly, and has obvious improvements in the underwater portion of her swim and her stamina!

I cannot wait to see all the improvements in her performances as the season progresses throughout the Fall!

Shoutout to Jolee!

Jolee is an elite figure skater who is heading into her championship season looking and feeling amazing! She just completed her last competition of the regular season and placed 4th out of a huge number of participants, despite coming down with the stomach flu just hours earlier than she skated!

We like to keep Jolee’s training fun and interesting, so her workouts include standard weight training, Pilates, speed and agility, gymnastics, and restorative movement patterns. This variety not only keeps it fun, but ensures that she is a well-rounded athlete capable of so much more than skating.

Regionals is just three weeks away and she’s more than ready!

Checkout Jolee’s latest workout-

-Kee Russell


Persevere And Overcome

Yesterday, a woman who began her rehab journey at Emerge brought me a bracelet that says “PAO” on one side, and “Persevere And Overcome” on the other.

I have been working as part of a team in the rehabilitation process following hip procedures, particularly periacetabular osteotomy (PAO) and hip replacements for the last 4 years.

PAO’s are a major hip surgery for hip dysplasia which involves a fairly invasive operation to correct.

Nine days after surgery, I meet for the first time with the rehab candidate, who, on crutches and with help, make their way into Emerge

Dr. Matt Lytle and I have together brought over 20 recipients of the surgery from crutches to a return to activity with an accelerated rehab protocol.

The work has been some of the most rewarding and challenging in my 15 years as a health professional.

I love it.

For all the incredibly brave work by all of the rehab participants, and for anyone who has faced BIG adversity and has persevered, keep going.

It is not easy.

Thank you for letting me be a part of this incredible process!

Matt P.

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Get stressed out!


Not all stress is bad.

DISstress is potentially harmful physical stress that can cause injury.

EUstress is physical stress put on the body to encourage POSITIVE changes.

That’s the difference between Smartfit and a poorly constructed workout program.

Work hard. Get better. Repeat.

If you haven’t yet, come try out a class and get some positive stress!

SmartFit Class Schedule:

MWF 6-7 AM
MW 7-8 PM
TR 7-8 AM
R 7-8 PM
Sa 9-10 AM

Always a way

It’s a terrible moment.

The moment when you think you may have to stop doing something you enjoy due to injury.

Sometimes, it’s a hard fact of life.

Many times, there are other options…

Here, Drew performs a landmine RDL.

Performing an RDL with a barbell would leave Drew VERY uncomfortable for days.

This version is a fantastic exercise for those dealing with lumbar disc issues (for example, bulges and herniations).

With a strong core brace, Drew pulls the weight from the floor with his hips.

The path of the weight on the landmine delivers the load CLOSER to his body. And, the plate resting on the floor at the bottom temporarily unloads the back, relieving some of the shear on the spine.

Classic barbell RDLs are the thing of the past for Drew, but this variation works for him.

There is usually a way. Let us help you find it.

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Results speak for themselves

This weeks training spotlight is with client Jeremy B. Jeremy and I are just a couple days shy of training 2 months together and so far his results speak for themselves. Jeremey has followed a very strict diet and lifting program that I have altered a couple times as his body has been changing and responding to. In just 7 weeks Jeremy has lost 22 lbs, dropped 4% body fat and shed off 12 1/4 inches. I couldn’t be happier with your results so far and look forward to seeing the continued success. Great job buddy.

Taylor D.