Thinking about Smartfit

“I’d love to try the SmartFit class, but I don’t think I’m able to do some of the Olympic lifting, I don’t think I’m ready for that.”

That may be true.

No problem.

Those lifts aren’t for everybody.

We will assign you a comparable, safe lift designed to get you to your goals.

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One month in

I want to give some much needed recognition to my client Susie N. Susie came to me a month ago with a goal of losing weight. Susie is no stranger to macro nutrient based dieting which is what I put her on and it was very obvious she was disciplined since day one. Between her perfect diet, strong workouts with me at Emerge as well as following her cardio program outside of Emerge Susie had one hell of a month. To date, she is down 15 3/4 lbs, down 13% body fat and lost 6 1/2 inches. Awesome job Susie! This is just the beginning for you. I look forward to your continued success.

Taylor D.

Client update: Theresa Sextro

It’s time for a client update… And this one keeps trimming up. Theresa Sextro is at it again as she hit her big goal to achieve One-derland! She is now down to 199lb as she has lost over 53lbs while gaining some great muscle and losing 33 inches. That’s an additional 12 lbs and 10 inches since her last client post 6 months ago.

It hasn’t happened overnight as she is now going on a year and a half of starting her program. A word of encouragement for those in a similar position of where she started, she says “You are so much stronger than you think,” and “this is not a sprint, it’s a marathon!”

Hard dedicated work and the correct approach have certainly paid off. Theresa you are dominating this and you are an inspiration to those watching! #proudcoach – Adam K

What does it mean

“What does it mean to be a human animal?”
-Kelley Starrett

-Moving in multiple planes of motion.

-Running. Jumping. Throwing. Carrying. Crawling.

-Training in the full spectrum of potential human movement.

Plan at least part of your fitness routine to include some of these basic, primal movement patterns.

Incidentally, children move like this every day for FUN.
Give it a try, you’ll remember.

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One special Hall of Fame client

Orlando Pace was part of the Class of 2016 Pro Football Hall of Fame a couple weeks ago. Orlando was inducted with some phenomenal players and coaches, and it has been amazing having him at Emerge!

Congrats to Emerge clients Orlando and Carla Pace, and their entire family.

We were honored and humbled to be part of an inspiring and memorable night in Canton, Ohio. The experience was beyond what was expected.

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Thump, thump, thump

Can you hear that?

That’s the sound of basketball season fast approaching.

To prepare, Danny has improved his deadlift, vertical jump, and bench press significantly.

Now, it’s time to make him explosive.

2 month countdown….

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Family Friendly Workout

Families can be active together at Emerge Fitness! We had a blast at our family-friendly workout this past Saturday morning powered by FIT4ME FOODS. If you missed this morning, be sure to stop by FIT4ME FOODS in store for their FIT4KIDS menu launch! And if you haven’t checked out Tyler Martin on Fox 2 Now, you can do so by following this link:

Speed and agility for youth athletes

Too often coaches focus on their athletes performing drills because it’s what they see others doing or because of the certain drill’s “wow factor.” Unfortunately, if the athlete does not possess the basic muscle strength and stability to perform the drill efficiently, and when over the top movements are encouraged over accuracy, the athlete is at a high risk of being injured and never truly progressing.

Tommy and Becca utilize a mix of stabilization, strength, and postural movements as well as agility progressions based on accuracy and efficiency to help them build the correct speed and power needed for their sports. Check out Tommy and Becca’s workout by clicking on the link:

For more information on speed and agility training contact Keelin Russell.

-Kee Russell, Ph.D., Head Cross Country and Track and Field coach, USAW-1

Keep It Up Danny

I wanted to give some special recognition and big congrats to my client and friend Danny D. Danny is a nationally ranked professional table tennis player and 2 time state champion (hopefully soon to be 3 time). Danny came to me as a referral back in January looking to shed some unwanted weight that he had put on the previous year that was limiting his high level of performance. I told him from day one as long as he listened to exactly what I told him he needed to do that he would be successful both in the gym as well as on the court. I knew from day one I was training someone special. He has put in great amount of work in my program both during sessions and outside of here with his own workouts I had assigned him. It is by no accident that Danny has seen a significant change and improvement in both his body as well as his performance during competition. Danny’s level of speed, strength, agility and endurance have gone through the roof since implementing a program designed just for him. To date Danny has shed roughly 13 lbs. of body fat, dropped 6% body fat, added roughly 6 lbs of muscle and dropped inches everywhere that he has needed to. You have been a great joy to train and I am proud to call you my friend. When you get back to in the fall we will pick up where we left off and you will continue to get leaner, quicker, faster and stronger. Best of luck at your next competition in Vegas big guy!

Taylor D.

2016 Emerge Olympics

The 2016 Summer Olympics may be in Rio, but they are also happening right here at Emerge! Starting Saturday, August 6 and lasting until Thursday, August 18, clients will have the chance to be in the Emerge Olympics!
It will be broken into 3 “classes”: SmartFit, Bootcamp, and Personal Training. Within each class, there will be a Men’s and Women’s division. Each “class” will have a specific decathlon of events to complete before the “closing ceremony” on Thursday, August 18th. The 10 events DO NOT need to be completed in a single day; however, if all 10 events are not completed, then you will not qualify.
Each event will have a specific qualifying time or amount of weight to lift to complete the event. An event may be repeated in order to receive a better score. Once you have completed and qualified all 10 events, you will be entered into the Emerge Olympics drawing. The drawing will be taking place Friday, August 19th. We also will be keeping track of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each “class”.
You do not need to sign up for the Emerge Olympics, nor do you have to participate. All of the exercises for each “class” are designed for everybody, and they are designed to be treated as a friendly competition. If you are wanting to do it, tell your trainer.
For questions, you can contact Kimberly at or Ben at
Are you ready?
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