My Weight Loss Journey in St. Charles, MO

My Weight Loss Journey in St. Charles, MO

Weight Loss in St. Charles, MO

Suck it in or Suck it Up!

Hello to all!
I am Maria and I train with Matt at Emerge.  I have had such a long fitness journey (Don’t worry, I’m gonna make a long story short!)

Ten years ago, I was fat…really fat…the “Oh you have such a pretty face; if you just lost some weight…” kind of fat.

Weight Loss – The Beginning

I started at a size 18/20 and weighed about 230.  I got tired of people asking when my baby was due, so I began to work out.

Nine months later I lost about 90lbs and was comfortably wearing a size 6/7.  Fast forward a bit…I became a trainer and aerobics instructor for about 3 years…took an eight-month hiatus for school; gained 40lbs…came back to aerobics; lost 30lbs…started training full-time for another 3 to 4 years…fell into a fitness routine and gained about 10lbs.

Weight Loss – The Continuing Journey

For the most part, I was in good shape.
I always thought of myself as a fit fat girl.  Yeah, I was in decent shape, but I felt I could do so much better.

I didn’t want to be average anymore.  I wanted to look like one of those fitness models!…or at least shut up that fat girl inside me that wanted go for a burger and fries after a workout!

Fitness for Weight Control

I started working with Matt about three years ago.  I got in the best shape of my life!!!  I was doing more than I ever thought I could!  I lost well over 20 lbs and really toned up!

Then…I switched careers and began to sit most of the day.  It was fine, at first, until the lbs slowly started to creep up on me.

Suddenly, the fat girl inside me, that Matt helped me silence to a whisper, started getting a little louder.  Especially around the snack table at work!…No big deal though!

I just stepped up the cardio and kept the extra weight at bay…Then…I decided to get liposuction.

It was something that I always wanted to do and being so close to my goal weight I figured it would be an enhancement.
…Fast forward about five months to a conversation between myself and a co-worker…”Girl!

How does a person workout 4 days a week, eat…hmmm…somewhat sensibly, AND has had liposuction GAIN 25 lbs!”  She said it in the most humorous and loving way…really.  It got me thinking…

So here’s the thing…I got comfortable, I decreased my workout intensity,  I let my inner fat girl have her way at the snack table at work a bit too often…but most importantly I lost sight of my goal.

As 5lbs turned to 10, then to 15, and quietly crept to 20; I thought “mmm, it’s not that bad.  I’ll just camouflage with clothes and Suck it in!”

Losing Weight to Look Better

Yeah, I thought that too…YIKES!  I realized “What am I saying?  This isn’t me!  This isn’t what I want to see when I look in the mirror!  I’ve come too far to let another pound creep by!”  Instead, I’m gonna Suck it up!  Stop making excuses and exceptions and just friggin do it!

I know the journey…VERY WELL…I know it has ups and downs, but here’s what…I’d rather enjoy the ups than settle in the downs!  I know what I need to do…I’ve been there…I’ve done that…I’ve climbed that mountain before…and so I’m just gonna do what I know!  I know that it will take dedication, I know it will take patience, I know that it will take everything out of me at the end of a workout…but I ALWAYS know this…I KNOW how good it feels in that moment when you know you’ve accomplished something great! The moment you put on those skinny jeans that you haven’t worn in YEARS and they’re LOOSE! The moment when someone stops you to tell you how great you look and how inspired they are by your success and my personal favorite! The moment you put on a bikini and you don’t want to slink behind something and hide!

I’m gonna get back there folks…and then some!!!  I’ve decided to go public with my journey for many reasons.

Accountability to help lose more weight

One, is because I want to stay accountable to my goal.

Secondly, it’s great to have the support of others on a similar path to motivate you.  Also, I hope to inspire someone else to become greater than they thought they could be.
I will post a weekly updated picture along with a blog about my journey throughout the week.

I may blog a time or two throughout the week as well, as there is always something entertaining and interesting, about life and fitness, on my mind.

So!  Here we go!  Week one.

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If you are looking to start your own weight loss journey here in St. Charles County and you need more help and accountability, it might be time to visit us here at Emerge.