The Dirty Dozen- A Brand New Way to Challenge Yourself at Emerge

Here’s what the format looks like.  The fastest time so far is less than 28 minutes!

The Dirty Dozen: Series 1

The Dirty Dozen: The twelve most hated & fear inspiring exercises found at Emerge performed circuit- style in sets of 3, 2 sets each exercise.


Directions: When first rep of first set starts, so does the timer.  Timer does not stop until last rep of last set is completed.


1)   Bulgarian Lunge on Smith Machine- 10 reps each leg back 2 back

2)   Wheel Walking Plank- 12 “hand walks” forward, 12 back

3)   Pull Ups- Assisted or bodyweight (assisted to failure at 10)

4)   Pneubounder- 20-10-20-10-20 (20=bound, 10=bounce recover)

5)   Up down planks (on bosu)- 30 seconds (15 each hand leading)

6)   Slide board mountain climber- 30 seconds

7)   Power clean and press- 6 reps

8)   Burpee Jumps- 10 reps

9)   Med ball side to side push up- 10 reps

10)   Reverse ball crunch on smith12 reps

11)     KB Deck Squats- 6 reps

12)     Jumping Platform DB Push Press- 10 reps




Total Time:


 Ask your trainer to try the Dirty Dozen at Emerge!

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