Train Like a Ram- The first two functional workouts at Rams Park

The first two weeks of training the Rams out at the Russell Training Facility went great.  All of the exercises were chosen for either their core stabilization or multi planar function.  These types of exercises tend to have a high transfer rate to field performance (getting better at these types of exercises usually correlates with better performance on the field).  The exercises are as follows:

Week 1:

Toe plank on ball– core musculature, especially transversus abdominus (TVA)

Kettlebell high pull with catch and deceleration– explosive acceleration with eccentric deceleration of weight

Bosu reverse chop with medicine ball– multi planar movement with internal oblique

Bosu bodyweight triceps extension– core leveraged triceps power

Plank with rear delt dumbbell fly– TVA, rear delt, lower back

Plyometric push up to side plank– multi planar movement with chest, TVA, oblique, shoulder


Week 2

Dumbbell push pull rotate and extend– multi planar, full body integrated movement

Waterball twist and slam– isometric hip and abdominal with oblique

Push Pike on ball– multi planar movement with hip flexion, TVA, chest

Ball crunch with medicine ball– upper abs, neck flexors

Kettlebell get up sit up– hip flexion, upper abs

Circle plank on ball– upper abs, TVA, shoulder stabilizers

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