Yet Another Word From Matt P.

Working out is hard.

Being aware of your diet, I now remember, is hard.

Doing both of these things (well) with a busy schedule is very hard.

Typical daily nutrition: (The goal of all of this is LBM gain with minimal BF gain)

Breakfast: 5:30 am

30g whey protein isolate

2 turkey sausage patties

1 whole grain english muffin

Mid- Morning Snack: 9am

60 grams whey protein isolate

1 cup Raisin Bran Crunch

Lunch: 12:30 – 1:00

2 Lions Choice roast beef (on wheat, no butter)

-or- 1 Healthy Choice french bread pizza with 25g whey protein

Mid- Afternoon snack: 3:00- 3:30 pm

50 g whey protein isolate

2 slices healthy life whole wheat bread

1 tablespoon peanut butter

1 tablespoon low sugar jelly

Dinner: 6-7pm

varies, but usually

6-80z lean meat

50g carb (brown rice, sweet potato, whole wheat bread or pasta)

1-2 cups green vegetable

(Dinner can be WAY off this, about every 3 nights, (i.e. a whole pizza)

Before Bedtime: 9-9:30 pm

50g whey protein

This can vary, and I will post some examples of this variance in the future, but it is typical of a routine weekday.

Workout Wednesday 6/24:

Two kettlebell preacher curl on stability ball– all sets (4) 12 reps with 24lb. kettlebell

Stability ball freemotion cable skull crusher– 8/12   10/12   11/12   12/12

Standing barbell curl–  85/12   105/10   115/10   85/15

Rope triceps extension with emphasis on kick-out at bottom– 50/12   60/12   70/12   80/10 drop set 40/10

2 kettlebell snatch– 24/ 10   24/10   24/10

Kettlebell one arm swings (alternating with toss)-  73/10   73/10   73/10

Still need to up the intensity a bit but it’s been a good start….

More updates forthcoming.

Matt P.

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