Boot Camp

Emerge Boot Camp is more like a group personal training session than an impersonal, gym style boot camp. The exercises involve more than just jumping rope and running around. Emerge Boot Camp has equipment specifically designed for all of the fitness emphasis areas listed above.

Individual consultations before the actual boot camp begins are important for any medical issues to be surfaced and for measurements to be taken. This meeting is also important to establish goals and to develop a rapport with your trainer. 

Establishing a specific fitness goal from the outset will keep you and your trainer accountable to your target.

Each Camp begins with a brief description of each exercise for that day's class. Some of the exercises can be complicated, so this initial demonstration is very important. A warm up will then precede each class.


Trainer Spotlight

Keelin Russell

Phone: 636-219-6001

Certified Personal Trainer

USA Track and Field Coach-Level 1

USA Olympic Weightlifting-Level 1

Speed and Agility Specialist

Certified Nutrition Coach

Junior Fit Certified Youth Training Specialist

Pregnancy and Post-Pregnancy Specialist

Meet the Trainer