Team Training!

It’s never too early to start strength and conditioning training as long as a few things are at the forefront of the training program. Proper programming, variation, and technique are some of the most important things to consider when training any client but...

Toys for Tots Was a Success!!

Emerge family!! You have all been so wonderful in your contributions to Toys for Tots and I cannot wait to take what we have so far to the BRRBASH drop off event tomorrow night! This has been one of the best collections I’ve seen at the participating St. Charles...

Determination > Age

Just another day at the gym with 68 year old Mary G. She is a perfect example of not letting your age determine what you can and cannot do. We have been training for well over a year now and day by day, week by week, month over month she has gotten stronger, leaner,...

Be Extraordinary!

Do the “little bit more” it takes to be extraordinary. Usually, the difference between mediocre and something much more is a relatively small amount of effort. It’s Your Turn. Emerge.

Champaign, Illinois Races

Congrats Chad Eckley and Beth Pirtle (and all of the runners) who both ran strong half marathons Saturday in Champaign, Illinois (despite some crappy weather conditions). It’s Your Turn. Emerge.