Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science

EMAIL: dan@emergefitnesstraining.com

PHONE: 314-973-1959


My love for fitness started back in my freshman year of college. My friends suggested to join them at the university’s gym a couple of times, but due to the fear of being judged on how small I was, I kept declining the invite. One day I mustered up the courage, and tagged along. After a few weeks of consistency, I saw my body start to transform. I was immediately hooked, and haven’t stopped since. 

After coming back home and taking a break from school, I acquired my NASM CPT, but after doing so, I explored the opportunity to further my knowledge. I continued my education at Lindenwood University studying Exercise Science, and was exposed to an overabundance of learning. During that time period, I got into the sport of powerlifting, which advanced my love for fitness even more. In my time, I have also worked with high school athletes to increase their performance on and off the field. 

I have seen my confidence change drastically as a result of living a healthy and fitness-filled life. Now it’s your turn. Emerge!