American Council On Exercise Health Coach (ACE)– accredited by both NCCA & EHFA
American Council On Exercise Personal Trainer (ACE)– accredited by both NCCA & EHFA
Specialty Certifications:
Weight Management Specialist
Senior Fitness — Training adults over 55
Exercise and Diabetes

B.A.: School of Business & Technology

Trainer/Area Manager of Weight Watchers of Greater Mo. and Southern Ill. (1984-1994)
Regional Manager Weight Watchers of Greater Mo. and Southern Ill. (1994 – 2004)

EMAIL: info@emergefitnesstraining.com

PHONE: 636-500-1093


Health Coach

I have worked in the personal training industry for over 12 years. I have trained a diverse clientele with diverse fitness goals. I’m not your typical personal trainer. I am 62 in an industry where the average age is probably 30. 

Despite being from a generation that discouraged woman from being athletic, much less using weights to build strength, I realized around the age of 50 that a long, quality life depends on not only a strong heart, but also strong bones and muscles to allow me the freedom to participate in life as my life evolved. It was and still is important to me to be able to safely pick up and hold my grandchildren from a standing position among other life movements that become more challenging as we get older. 

Although I have a long, successful background in nutrition, weight loss and functional strength training people of all ages, I currently specialize in nutrition, weight loss, and strength training people who are 50 plus. After working in the weight loss industry for 35 plus years, I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of the ever-changing world of diet and nutrition. It’s a nutritional “Wild West” out there and a nutrition/exercise style that works for one does not necessarily work for another. 

Feeling/being fit, healthy and vital after 50, 60, 70 or 80 is not that daunting. I’ve been on the healthy, fit journey for many years now and I can assure you of 3 things.

+ I love to eat. Food is one of my primary sources of pleasure. And, although what we eat is an important component to good health and fitness that doesn’t mean that we must give up all our indulgences.

+ I love exercise and moving even if I don’t always want to do it. It not only keeps me in shape physically but it’s a big part of my psychological well being. It definitely plays a part in keeping depression and poor stress management at bay.

+ I understand how connection with others supporting my pursuit in meeting my goals is crucial in maintaining my goals. I know in my 62 years what hormonal heaven and hormonal hell is. I also know that it does not necessarily dictate the outcome of my fitness program. Having another or others who have or who are living this lets us know anything is possible.