BS Analytical Chemistry

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Glenn Ezell is a St Charles /St Peters personal trainer that specializes in functional fitness, weight loss, mobility, balance, and nutrition for a lifetime of physical independence. Training for all ages with emphasis on adults 50+ years.

Why Iā€™m a personal trainer at 61. I worked in the corporate world for over 30 yrs. My wife and I adopted a healthy lifestyle including exercise and nutrition. I started weight training, and I was blessed by nature with the gift of endurance.

My wife passed away from colon cancer at age 52. My world and everything I believed in was shattered. I felt I lost my purpose. I decided to turn to the one thing that was still consistent. I never lost my fitness. I once read that you cannot find your purpose, it finds you. So I studied hard and long to become a certified personal trainer.

So now I focus on helping anyone, especially the 50 and older generation, with simple exercise. It is the magic medicine to lose weight, lower blood pressure, strengthen your heart, and help control many of agings issues. My passion has always been science, my talent is in communication, and my purpose is to teach exercise science. My purpose is to help you feel better.