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Meet the Coach:

Jackie Pirtle-Hall- NASM certified strength and conditioning coach, camp and race director, speed and agility coach, nutrition and fueling coach for endurance events. Jackie’s personal experiences as an athlete and competitive runner gives her a unique perspective to apply to her clients. Jackie’s highlights accomplishments: State Champion in the 4x800m, multiple marathon road champion/course records,  2xOlympic Marathon Trials Qualifier, 3rd Pikes Peak Trail marathon, FKT for a 50-mile trail race in 2020: 1st/ course record holder at Tunnel Hill 50-mile trail, All time fastest time ever run list as the 8th female in the U.S. for 50-mile trail), USATF Half Marathon championship, 1st overall at Disney Princess half marathon. Jackie spends her days as a teacher coaching high school female athletes and personal fitness and speed and agility courses for teens, and afternoons at Emerge Fitness Training in St. Charles worked closely with her virtual coaching athletes in the weight room to enhance injury prevention, strength, biomechanics, speed, and joint/ tissue mobility. She is also the Co-Founder of the local elite running team RunnaBabez Elite link here. 

Services: In person Strength and conditioning 30- and 50-minute sessions along with personal coaching towards any running goals.

Setting Apart:

Training competitively for over 25 years, my own journey and longevity in the sport of distance running (400m to 50 mile) provides me with a unique knowledge and perspective to apply to my athletes’ goals and process.. I not only know all the science and philosophies, I have trained using the best under the guidance of the best distance coaches in the country. I really do not know very many athletes who have competed at my level at so many distances for as long as I have. I have an inside knowledge of what running might look like for a 10-year-old vs. an 18-year-old, versus a 30-year-old, versus 40+ runner. And for all my master’s runners out there, I am not immune to injury, so I am determined to continue to explore, execute, and evaluate how to stay healthy, happy, and relevant in the sport we are passionate about for as long as we can.