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 *Emerge Fitness Offers Speed and Agility Training for a variety of sports and applications

Speed and agility training is important for both athletes and individuals. Athletes need to be able to move quickly, change direction on a dime, and explode out of their stance in order to excel at their sport. Individuals can benefit from speed and agility training as well- from doing domestic tasks like mowing the lawn to preventing injury during an unexpected fall.

Speed is among the athletes’ most important assets. By working on speed and improving the overall speed, an athlete can improve performance in his or her sport.

How Are Speed and Agility Different From Each Other?

Agility and speed are often used as synonyms of each other or used interchangeably, but in the world of sports performance and training, they are markedly different. Speed is simple: it’s how fast you move. For example, if two sprinters start running, the faster one will most likely win because they can move from the starting line to the finish line faster than a slower sprinter. So then, how is agility different from this? Agility is the ability to change direction quickly. This attribute is important for athletes as it allows them to make quick adjustments while running or dodging an opponent. To use the analogy of a car, your car not only has a top speed, but also acceleration and even handling. Agility could be seen as acceleration and handling.

Agility can be improved by working on specific drills that focus on cutting, jumping, and landing, and these are the kinds of drills and training we provide at Emerge Fitness.

Speed and Agility Coaching for Sports

It goes without saying that speed and agility are crucial for sports. A faster sprinter will beat a slower one, a faster football player can outrun the players on an opposing team,  and a quicker basketball player will outmaneuver defenders more easily. And to focus more specifically on basketball, speed is extremely important for defenders as well. The quickest players are able to keep up with their man, cut off passing lanes and block shots by anticipating where the ball is going next.

Consider the importance of speed in football. Defensive backs need quick feet in order to stay with receivers that run routes across the entire field. They also must rely on speed when trying to tackle.

Our trainers boast over 100,000 hours of experience with personal training, meaning we know how to help athletes improve their speed and agility

These are just some examples of why speed and agility training is important for athletes. The same principles apply to individuals who may not have aspirations of being an elite athlete but still benefit from the effects these exercises have on their body in order to function better.

Speed and Agility Training Facility

Emerge Fitness is a great training facility for athletes who want to be faster, stronger, and more agile. We have a team of expert trainers that will work with you one-on-one to help you reach your goals. Our program focuses on improving strength, power, explosiveness, speed, endurance, and mobility so that our clients can perform at their best in any sport or activity they choose. Whether it’s football or baseball; basketball or soccer; hockey or track & field – we train all types of athletes from all sports!

You don’t need to be an athlete to benefit from our services. Anyone who wants to get fit fast can come to see us because we offer personalized programs designed just for them. If you want a workout plan that works around your schedule then look no further than Emerge Fitness! Everyone deserves a chance at greatness but not everyone has the time it takes to achieve it – let us do the hard work for you! All we ask is that you show up ready to give 100% every day so together we can make this happen! It won’t always be easy but if there was ever an excuse not to try harder today then there isn’t one tomorrow . . . so what are you waiting for? Let’s go!! Come join us today and start seeing results right away!


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