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 *Emerge Fitness Offers Sports Performance Training for a variety of youth sports.

Our athletic training programs help youth athletes to improve their physical abilities, so that they can have the best sports performance possible. By focusing on speed and strength as well as injury prevention, we can create long term results for each individual student who participates in our program with an emphasis on developing stamina now while also preparing them for future endeavors like playing college ball or making it onto a USA Olympic team someday!

With over 12,000 SQ FT of custom fitness & training equipment we are able to tailor our performance training to youth and student athletes. Our sports performance training program addresses speed development in young athletes, agility drills for sports success , speed training, and more.


youth sports performance training

Young athletes are typically classified by their development level. There are four general categories of youth athletes: beginners, intermediate, advanced and elite. Each type has unique characteristics that should be taken into account when training them as part of a sports performance program.

We take into account that our young athletes are still growing and developing, so the sports performance training we do with them needs to be sports specific, but also needs to take their development level into consideration.

Our trainers have over 100,000 hours in personal training experience, meaning we have the mastery to help your student reach his or her sports performance goals.

soccer performance training

Soccer is about more than talent and skill. It’s also about more than just speed. Strength is a crucial factor when it comes to playing soccer. You simply won’t be the best player unless you focus on strength training, too.

Some people think of soccer as solely a “running” sport, in which endurance training is the one and only important factor. The idea of strength training, or working out with weights, may conjure up images of bulky muscles that would make a player slower.

This is not the case. Soccer is a very muscle-dependent sport in which a player’s success depends on strength. Without strength training, it becomes harder to win tackles, beat defenders 1-on-1, and position oneself to control a ball in the air. Being stronger than your opponents is always a great advantage. It goes without saying that you want strong legs, but you also want a strong core and upper body.

Other benefits of strength training for soccer players include the following:

  • A decreased risk of injury. Functional movements like squatting and deadlifting help strengthen the muscles that will stabilize joints, such as hips and knees. (And we know how knee injuries affect soccer players, so it should be obvious why this is important.)
  • More powerful movements overall. Explosive power is needed for a variety of movements, striking the ball, making a change of direction in the field, making a last-moment save, heading the ball. All of these require strength.
  • Better balance. Developing strength enables a player to better control the body.

Youth soccer performance

It’s important to note that in order to build strength, you don’t need to lift the heaviest weights. Light barbell lifts, dumbbell lifts, and kettlebell lifts, even simple bodyweight exercises can really help strengthen the legs, arms, and most crucially, the core. Focusing on proper form and continuing to stretch before and after a workout will ensure that flexibility is not lost in an effort to increase strength.

baseball training & performance

It is important to understand the demands of a sport when it comes to developing an athlete. Baseball players need exercises that are not only focused on one particular aspect but also ones that will enhance their strengths and mitigate their weaknesses to help them perform at the height of their abilities.

Emerge Fitness’s baseball training programs are designed with this idea in mind. We do more than just build strength or agility. It is our goal to improve all aspects of athletic performance!

Youth Baseball performance

Youth athletes can develop a sense of confidence and self-esteem by getting the most out of their talent. We offer programs designed for each individual’s level, from beginner to pro athlete – helping build speed and strength, with injury prevention training that also helps improve stamina so you have more energy when it matters most on game day!

With a focus on all aspects of athletic performance, from strength and power to mobility and speed, the programs at Emerge are designed with the athlete in mind. Understanding how different unique demands affect your game will help you tailor yourself towards success on the field (and off).

Youth baseball sports performance training at Emerge Fitness is perfect for students wanting to improve. We train and record results in order to instill confidence in your athlete as they see and experience improvements in their overall fitness and strength.

Sports Training

You can spot the athlete on the field that spent time getting stronger and more explosive in the off season.

Practicing your sport makes you a more skilled player of that particular sport, but it won’t make you a significantly stronger and powerful athlete.

In fact, at a certain point, one more rep with a ball begins to return less and less performance increases.

At this point, the return in performance that a smart strength training program can give far outweighs more and more practice reps.

The off-season is the time to improve your athleticism.

Devoting this time to strength training will SHOW UP next season in your sport.

Emerge has a program to increase strength, power, and athleticism for athletes in ANY sport or performance activity.


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