Sports Performance Training in Wentzville, MO

Are you looking for

youth sports performance training near Wentzville?

Athletes, now is your time to make your move.

Introducing Emerge Performance Training.

It’s not just a speed and agility workout. It’s a comprehensive PROGRAM designed to enhance your all-around performance as an athlete.

The program has 3 phases:

1) Screen for Injury.

2) Assess Athletic Movement.

3) Strength Train.


Screen for Injury:

We start with a movement screen to determine the likelihood of future injury in your sport.

Any red flags are noted and exercise is then prescribed to address these potential problems.


Assess Athletic Movement:

We then perform an athletic movement assessment to identify any deficits you may have in your basic

movement patterns.

These deficits will eventually keep you from reaching your greatest potential as an athlete, so identifying

them early allows us to program specific exercise to address these strength deficits and remedy them.


Strength Train:

Now you’re an athlete with a green light, ready to get strong.

We prescribe strength training exercise especially for your needs and the demands of your sport.

Emerge Fitness can improve the strength, power and athleticism of any athlete or performance participant.


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